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【旅行気分】讃岐まんのう公園で電動サイクリング【香川へ、広島より。】/ English subtitles

Kompira Shrine Let’s go to Manno Park A place where nature spreads. Meadows, playground equipment, live venues, etc. are dotted. There is a large waterfall at the entrance “Ryuzu no Sato”. If you play on the meadow, you’ll find hills and forest athletic. There are also lakeside forests and natural ecology gardens where you can enjoy a relaxing walk. “Hot Stay Manno” at the campsite.
Opening hours are from 9:30 to 18:00. Manno Park is 350 hectares. It is the only national park in Shikoku. It was built using the cultural soil of the country, which produced the Manno Pond and surrounding nature. The basic theme is “Talking with humans and interacting with nature and the universe.” Opened in April 2013. It is a place where children and adults can enjoy it, where various plants can be appreciated and events related to seasonal flowers are held at any time. The cycling course is 5.88km in length. Rental bicycles are 260 yen for 2 hours.
Electric bicycles can also be borrowed. Cross bikes and mountain bikes are also available. We arrived! It is vacant today. Let’s go around the garden slowly! By the way, a free shuttle bus runs from Kotohira station. All three of us have never been on an electric bike and we are looking forward to it. The price is double, but still about 600 yen. A realistic dragon statue at the entrance. The mascot character is Ryu’s “Dorayume” Cycling entrance.
Let’s move by bicycle immediately Depart from upper left. I went round and round. With an electric bicycle, you can go around in no time. You can also play simple bouldering. Discover a slack out leaning forward.
Let’s play a little. I’m back! Let’s go to Ritsurin Park, where we were going tomorrow. It is a place where the vast nature spreads at the edge of the center of Takamatsu city. Previously there were zoos with “human cages” and gorillas. You can also view the park slowly on a boat. For Takamatsu sightseeing, many people go to Yajima or Ritsurin Park. It is a masterpiece of the daimyo garden with 400 years of history. A place with many young people and foreign tourists. “Kagawa Bussankan Ritsurin-an” attached to Ritsurin Park It is a souvenir shop known to those who know it. It’s a place you’ll want to stop by because there are a wide range of souvenirs from Kagawa Prefecture. The park requires admission, but the souvenir shop is free. By the way, Kagawa has collaborated with Pokemon “Yadon” and sells many goods here as well. I also recommend Sanuki Beer. Also pay attention to souvenirs using standard products, traditional crafts, and special products such as olives and garlic. A selection of special items are available. It’s just the right place to buy souvenirs for yourself and for your loved ones. There are also items that can only be purchased at Ritsurin-an, such as udon pattern ties and premium plum wine. It seems that you can buy unique souvenirs that are excellent in design such as approach. Business hours are from 10:00 to 18:00. I can’t imitate the voice at all. I think the person who can do imitation is really amazing. Under the guise of “Crayon Shin-chan”. There are many udon shops along the way.
Since it can be eaten lightly, what about a snack?

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