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來自義大利的新玩具!Favero ASSIOMA功率踏板開箱體驗

來自義大利的新玩具!Favero ASSIOMA功率踏板開箱體驗

Today, I will unbox a new item that I just received. This item came far away from Italy Let’s find out what is it Here’s a letter I’m kind of … hard to understand what’s the letter writing about Here it is This is our ket point today This is an… New released power meter From Favero They I saw that I attend in triathlon So they especially sent me a set of pedals And hope i can unbox and experience it So today let ’s find out What’s the great point about this power pedal? Let’s unpack the contents first Oh ~~~~~ Two power meters very handsome one And under this power meter Wireless wire It looks like it ’s charger with two packs Then there are some plugs Then there is a stack of Manual Here is one charger There’s one more thing I had already disassembled This is it Uh, what’s this Look stepping Let’s install the power meter in the car first I have a question The old power meter Seems more install on the crankset but is this power meter different from the others? This is a pedal power and it’s biggest benefit is If you have multiple cars to replace today Is more convenient Because there is no need to replace the entire set of crankset okay Now that the pedals are installed, Let’s have a ride and find out where’s the difference between this power meter and others Before we go My watch is already connected to the pedal Then … Because it’s the first time So it needs to correct it first And I just sucessfully corrected it Now This outlier value is zero So we should be ready to go Ok go It really display the power My current power 90 74 And FTP It can even display the drift of my pedals Let’s try to step a little bit hard if it’ll be different Oh ~ my power suddenly up to 300 280 250 220 So cool it can really display how much power am I alright now I just stepped more harder and kind of sprinting for a short while my average power is more than 200 watts. So There is a difference in power When I step harder Let’s try to Step easily when we go back When i step lighter compare to I just came The power is much lower Now the average power is only About 60~80 Let’s try again later Slightly accelerated And see if there is any change in power so tired too rushing It’s really windy now When I step with full power It’s has instantly raise up to 300~400 By the way let’s share the advantages and benefits about it Let’s go Ok I have some questions to ask When I was riding Power displayed by my watch Actually even more than 600 watts Is it .. possible? Is this database are real? because I don’t know much about the power so is this normal? This is actually normal When you are going uphill or.. When drawing a car It is possible that the power is greater For some people it will be possible to accelerate to kilowatts instantly. Then I just took a look at my Garmin data After syncing Besides his usual The large-scale power meter will have these Beyond normal power without my expectation Because this is pedal power it has more Like riding dynamics with PP What contain your arc length Or average PCO Because I don’t know much about the data yet But i may share with you after i spend some time doing some homework and understand the data a little bit But for the broader market power meter The difference between this pedal power meter it has a lot of data I think this might be very useful for those data-controlled trainer Let me show you what else I think it’s pretty good about it Ok let’s see this Part of the pedal This pedal is actually a pedal of the Look system When he was leaving the factory Comes with a bonus Two Look Buckles Allows you to fit directly on your card shoes Then see this place it charging method Is using magnetic charging What about magnetic charging? Actually for you during charging Can be completely waterproof Then if you promote again You do n’t need to take it down all the time Battery replacement In addition to the benefits of the magnetic charging just now In fact, it is very powerful According to official data His battery About 40 to 50 hours Before you do the next charge But this I have not tested I might test it and tell you But in terms of official data In fact, the performance is very good That in the weight part He is also better than some of the past The large disc power meter is much lighter I remember it was about 300 grams Very lightweight So burden on your car Won’t feel too much What about this power pedal According to these official data His power error Can actually do ± 1 This kind of pedal power I went to study crawling a bit It’s around 3 to 5. ± 3 to 5 But he can do ± 1 I think it is very powerful Of course this accuracy I have to ride for a while Share with you Is it really so accurate Then this pedal type is also very convenient If you are the owner of two or three cars It will be very fast if you change it directly No need to remove the big disk every time before replacing So to summarize these data I think he is a very good power pedal For my gear that has no power test at all He can provide me with a lot of data To provide me as a reference during training Then I will link the official information Under the information bar If you are interested, you can also click to see it. I continue cycling Bye Bye

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