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영화 「해치지않아」 실사판..? 직립 보행으로 자전거 밀어주는 댕댕이┃Dog Pushes Owner’s Bicycle While Walking Upright

영화 「해치지않아」 실사판..? 직립 보행으로 자전거 밀어주는 댕댕이┃Dog Pushes Owner’s Bicycle While Walking Upright

Next to the bicycle, There’s training wheels… No, LEGS?! Whose legs are those? With lighter steps than anyone, dog pushes the bicycle on the road Kerry / Bike Pushing Dog
“Kerry hard carries the bike ride!!” Straight Back & Strong Legs Now? He never misses owner’s cue! The Old Man and the Sea, and a Dog Never seen anything like this Every time they pass by, all eyes are on them Is the dog pushing the bicycle? How amazing I’ve never seen a dog like that, and I’m 70 years old They exercise 1-2 hours a day like this… For reals? Even though Kerry’s pushing the bicycle fast, he maintains his elegant posture Ring Ring
Please make way~ No Seat Belt, or Grab Handles Veteran driver with 0 accidents for 4 years! Foreign tourists are mesmerized Production Crew/ Are there any dogs like that in Taiwan? Surprised Taiwanese Tourist/ No, how could there be a dog like Kerry? Production Crew/ Can Kerry be a superstar if he goes to Taiwan? Taiwanese Tourist (Reserved No.1 Kerry Fan)/ Of course! The dog’s really cute and smart Birth of a K-wave star dog
“Call me if you wanna make me a star” Is Kerry the only dog that can push bicycles? Please judge objectively [Training Center Chief]
Got his sharp eye on Training Center Chief/ Kerry’s behavior can’t be done through forced training He voluntarily pushes the bicycle, because he enjoys it He wags his tail & there’s a big smile on his face This isn’t work for Kerry, it’s pure joy What about other dogs…? Fail Not my style
Fail What about the smartest dog in the center…? (Our center’s honor depends on you…) Sorry LOL Fail Only my Kerry can do it My Kerry’s No.1, he’s the BEST! Training Center Chief/ His leg muscles are so firm, I can’t poke it with my fingers His inner & outer muscles are 2X bigger than regular dogs Yo, check out my dog thigh Training Center Chief/ It seems like Kerry’s fed well What does Kerry eat? We went to their favorite restaurant Kerry waits patiently Gulp Steamy pork rib hangover soup Where’s he going with the bones? (I’ve been waiting!!!) Bones are all Kerry’s? He just eats soup and rice and prioritizes the dog He only came to this restaurant for Kerry! Since when did they live like family? 15 years ago, he ran a business & had a happy family But when his business failed, his family fell apart For him who was left alone, Kerry was always besides him like his friend & child, as family The next day, they’re riding the bicycle again Where did they go…? Not Human It’s more fun if we do it together (Not Human) (Not Human) Adorable dog that rides the seesaw together We exercise together, I love it One pulls in front & one pushes from behind We hope you guys always stay the same

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  1. 진정사랑하시네요 복많이받으세요 그리고 하시는일마다 축복이가득하시길 기원합니다 백구야 할아버지하구 건강히 살아라

  2. 자전거 속도에 맞춰서 미는것도 힘들텐데ㅠ 나중에 자전거도 직접 타보렴 아저씨가 밀고ㅋ

  3. 자세가 안좋다고 하시는분들 특징
    연약하디 약한 집개만 키워서 그럼..
    마치 자신처럼…온실속에서 커와서..
    잡개는 집개보다 내구성도 능력면에서도 우수함..
    연약하디 약한 중국내구성보이는 집개랑 비교좀 그만하셈..
    저 개가 몇년째 저생활을 할텐데..
    안좋아졌으면 벌써 탈골됬음…

  4. 강아지가 귀엽긴한데 학대같은 느낌도드는데..강아지는 네발로 엎드려서 걸러다니는 동물인데 저렇게 두발로 서서 뛰어다니거나 걸어다니면 무리가오고 무리가커지면 뼈에 안좋은데..디스크도오고 주인분 좀 자제해주세요 강아지가 밀고싶다고해도 시키지 않으셨으면 좋겠습니다..그리고 좀 씻겨주세요 아무리 밖같에서 자란다고하지만 너무 안씻겨도 병생깁니다..

  5. 강아지:해치지않아 그러니 자세히 보기 눌러

    +구독자 1000명 감사합니다

  6. 한 때' 전원주택살때~이웃의 백구에게 삼겹살도 구워서 갖다주고 사랑해주니까ᆢ눈에서 안보이니~어느 날' 아침에 창문을 여니ᆢ우리집에 찾아와서 쳐다보고 있습디다ᆢ영특하고 의리도 있구믄~☺️🐾

  7. 저는 한성화교 초등학교 가요 그리고 토요일 치어리딩가요 그리고 9살인데 키 130이에요 그리고 현금용돈 20만원있어요 그리고 금요일에 드럼가요

  8. 민하야 너 이 영상 보고 있는거 아니깐 롤러장에서 사준 크림떡볶이 값이랑 시내에서 쓴 주디 가방 반값내라

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