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welcome to TTI welcome to a whole new
world of science fun and unusual motorcycles longest motorcycle this
anaconda looking Indian bike is the most extended motorcycle in the world in 2016
it’s eighty six point three feet long and even four meters longer than the
previous rightholders bike it’s 30 year old creator the Hudson Parmar has to
drive 100 meters without any help to register the bike into the Guinness Book
of World Records as the longest bike in the world well driving this anaconda is
not a piece of cake apparently driving this bike is so difficult due to its
crazy length and highly unstable nature guys don’t drive it on the road because
it has some balancing issues number nine monster motorbike imagine what will happen in a collision
between a car and a motorcycle I feel sad for the car owner who will dare
against this crazy bike which is designed by an Australian actor ray
Baumann this monster bike came from hell to revenge against four wheels it was
created in 1998 as the biggest bike at the time mr. Ray broke a world record
after breaking his bones – and spent a lot of years and a huge amount of money
this monster wastes 30 tonnes and is 9 meters long and 3 metres tall which is
capable of crushing anything below its gigantic tyres it is powered by 400 horsepower Detroit
Diesel engine and having 14 liters of capacity number
eight steampunk scooter if you love music then of course you’re gonna love
this outrageous creation constructed by a music enthusiast Arthur Popple from
the Netherlands this steampunk vehicle is a hybrid between a scooter and a
submarine and this curvaceous scooter is a movable Orchestra music machine which
is decorated with the musical instruments of very fine details where
many instruments are functional while few are not functional the scooter is equipped with the guitar
a barometer and amplifier a horn section and the high quality loudspeakers all
these functionalities combined make it a perfect vehicle for the musician who has
to perform musical concerts frequently in different areas well I love this
scooter a lot number 7 sky rider 1 the sky rider 1 is the first prototype of an
electric scooter which is developed by a great German physicist Thomas Senko well
we should be thinking less about flying cars and more about affordable flying
aircraft the sky rider one has two motors the first motor is 8 horsepower
all-wheel drive motor and the second motor is 17 horsepower propeller motor
which is installed at the rear of the vehicle there are two lithium-ion
polymer batteries which allow the vehicle to fly for 30 minutes with this
flying toy you can drive up to 75 miles on the road but in the air you will get
the maximum speed of 35 miles per hour for 30 minutes of a flight this crazy
flying scooter weighs just 220 pounds and has a seat belt and emergency
parachute for safety the main feature of this paraglider is that you can fly it
from any possible flat terrain you just need proper wind speed and climate to
enjoy the flying and natural wind number 6 warhorse this is a warhorse the same vehicle used
in the movie men and black the monowheel is created by automobile enthusiast
Kevin Scott moreover the warhorse recorded a
staggering speed of 99 kilometers an hour or 61 miles per hour that’s why
it’s registered in the Guinness Book of Records in 2015 I bet you’ve never seen
anything like this before Scott’s motorcycle weighs about 220
pounds without a driver and the diameter of the wheels is 60 inches will the most
terrifying thing about this vehicle is that it doesn’t have any brakes to stop
the vehicle because of that you have to use some common sense I mean your feet
to stop this vehicle the warhorse has 200 cc car engine and apparently it is
difficult to ride because it’s highly unstable number 5 night shadows Maiden’s
designed by the berend hammers and built by the Marcel concept cycles a company
that creates unusual motorcycles this is an aggressively styled bike having
Jaguar mouth headlights and there’s only one model of this iron beast in the
world the Jaguar cycle looks like the logo of the British automobile company
Jaguar and I think Black Panther definitely would like this bike moreover
this iron Beast is equipped with 1.2 litre v-twin engine that provides the
excellent speed of 120 miles per hour without any blinking in addition this
dream bike intentionally equipped with an exclusive power system which is
capable of producing the exact growling sound of a Jaguar moreover this seat was
made from scratch and it looks like that of a chopper number forms
truck tryke if you have a big family and still you want a motorcycle then
probably this motorcycle is created especially for you it combines the
details of a motorbike with a design of a truck including some massive metal
pipes it has a powerful engine which can withstand heavy weights behind the
driver’s cabin and obviously this motorcycle can carry more than one
passenger and there’s a comfortable seat for multiple people number three King
skull motorcycle if you missed any orthopedic lectures about exoskeletons
in your class then probably this is for you the classic harley-davidson FLH tcy
decorated with the metal details made by hand is really awesome way to learn
Anatomy what do you think where did you first see this bike well I saw its
predecessor motorcycle in the movie Ghost Rider the best part of this
motorcycle is hit some massive silvery skull which is precisely built on the
rear section of the bike and emits red light to mimic bloody terrifying ghost
eyes whew I’m terrified now number 2 dragon fire bike probably you know that some ancient
Chinese dragons exhale fire from their mouths but here
you can see a great passionate person showing his fire-breathing motorcycle to
the world behind the driver there’s a massive dragon head which is a unique
artistic masterpiece there’s a special type which is connected with combustible
fuel tank and on a press of a button you can awake this fire dragon in addition
there are two machineguns over the handlebar it’s really cool number one
the alien bike many people believe that old cars and motorcycles are worthy to
become scrap metal or being sent for recycling meet room groans ah a Bangkok
based artist who creates all kinds of impressive metal sculptures based on
popular monsters using discarded parts from cars motorcycles and bicycles
he created a sci-fi bike using scrap metal it seems to be an alien from
Transformers movie as well as Tigers alien from the movie alien covenant
thankfully this impressive piece of metal work is actually writable so you
can enjoy its ride mixing scrap metals and the artistic knowledge lead the bike
to a fascinating and unusual hybrid between an alien predator and a modern
gasoline engine thanks for watching which motorcycle did you find the most
impressive and why let me know in the comments below if you’re new here then
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