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– [Samantha] From the world’s tallest bike to a bike with a flamethrower, here is our list of 20 crazy bikes. Number 20, the ice-wheeled bike. Amateur inventor Colin Furze replaced his bicycle’s wimpy rubber tires with something far more
dangerous and fleeting. After making the icy bike wheels in, no surprise, the freezer, he takes his creation
on a tour through town and ultimately on top of a frozen glacier. You can see more of Colin’s creations on his awesome YouTube channel. His link is in the description below. Number 19, the Zenga tall tall bike. Created by Benny Zenga
of the Winking Circle, a group of self-proclaimed creative fools, rebuilt their bicycles
to epic proportions, decorate old unwanted bikes
to make them into art bikes. Number 18, the Stoopidtaller,
created by Ritchie Trimble. Coming in at just over 20 feet tall and featuring 36-inch wheels
and eight bicycle chains and parts of a monster beach cruiser, this bike holds the current world record for tallest ride-able bicycle. Ritchie built it over four days, then took to the streets of Los Angeles on December 28th, 2013. Number 17, the longest
bicycle in the world. A cycling organization in the Netherlands built this custom bicycle in order to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s longest bicycle. As it’s 117 feet and five
inches long, it succeeded. The bike is made of the same
sort of aluminum trusses used in concert lighting rigs. One person steers from the front, and another pedals from the rear. There are no stabilizers,
so it’s a real bike. You can ride it as long as you like, as long as you don’t
need to turn a corner. Number 16, the monster bike. Motorists might think twice about cutting this monster
bicycle off the road. This beast took three months to build and is made from steel tubes, bicycle parts, and a tractor tire. This intimidating bike weighs 450 pounds. The speed of this bike
is quite low, however, because to drive the mechanism
into action by pedaling is quite difficult,
especially if you’re not in good physical shape. Number 15, the forkless
cruiser phantom bike. This forkless cruiser,
also known as phantom bike, looks at first glance like front wheel is being steered magically;
it’s a cool effect. Even when you know how it works, it still looks strangely cool. Number 14, the backwards tandem bike. This strange bicycle has attracted many surprised looks from passers-by, as the rider in back is facing backwards. The cleverness in this design lies in the chain and transmission system which has been modified. The rear seat and front seat seem to be going their own ways, but actually the bicycle can
move in only one direction. And as for the rider in the back, he may not know where he’s going, but he surely knows where he’s been. Number 13, the sideways
bike by Michael Killian. The inventor says the
lean-forward, lean-back balance you use on the sideways
bike offers finer control than the side-to-side
lean of a normal bike. Whether or not that’s true, it sure looks like a ton of fun. Number 12, the backwards bike. How long did it take you to
learn how to ride a bicycle? How long do you think it would take you to unlearn how to ride a bicycle? Is it true that you can never
forget how to ride a bicycle? How do these biases on
your brain actually work? With the help of a group of welders, engineer Destin Sandlin
created an experiment using a backwards bicycle to
explore these very questions. Number 11, the running shoe
bike from Continental Tire. Instead of tubes in tires, this bike comes with 12 high-performance sneakers boasting Continental Tire
tread soles, of course, and Adidas iconic striping on the sides arranged into two wheels and
attached to a yellow frame. The bike seems to pedal pretty darn well, considering — and bonus
— there’s minimal chance of a flat, though you could lose a shoe. Number 10, the first Indian
electric concept bike, developed by Santosh. The most striking feature of this bike is its unique aerodynamic riding position. Adorned with shock
absorbers and a headlight, this electric bike features
a bio-inspired design. Driving on a 36-volt, 350-watt
hub motor, this e-bike gets its power from three
36-volt rechargeable batteries. Putting out a top speed
between seven miles per hour and nine miles per hour, this
creation has been manufactured using a few parts from
bicycles and e-bikes. Number 9, the four-wheeled rowing cycle. It’s propelled forward by rowing
with the patented handlebar which transmits power
to a chain-driven gear centered on the rear axle. It combines the full-body
workout of a rowing machine with the exhilarating ride
of a recumbent quad-cycle. Number eight, the bendable bike. I know it’s hard to believe,
but this thing actually works and could go into production. The bike can literally
bend around a lamp post. Again, the whole bike
bends to lock onto itself. First, it’s rigid. Then you push a lever
and it’s flexible enough to tie it to a post. Number seven, the B.O.N.D bike. The B.O.N.D., Built Of
Notorious Deterrents, bike features a handlebar-mounted flamethrower, an ejector seat, and a
rear caterpillar track, built up by Yannick Read of the Environmental
Transport Association. The flamethrower fitted in the handlebars prevents overtaking
motorists getting too close. The ejector seat disposes of thieves who beat the padlock and chain. And the bike, which would make Bond’s gadget inventor Q proud, also
boasts a caterpillar track for smooth riding over potholed roads. Number six, the Lopifit Bike. As riders walk, sensors
register the turning treadmill and kick the motor into
gear to assist the movement and set the wheels in motion. According to its makers,
the bike can travel 30 to 50 miles on a charge. A selection of gears enable the user to change the walking pace from leisurely stroll to a brisk walk. Lopifit bikes come with a
hefty price at $2,500 per bike. Or you could just walk. Number five, the Halbrad half-bike. Clearly aimed at the ever-growing personal urban mobility market, the Halbrad is a sembler commuter bicycle that looks perfect for the
smallest city apartments and tiny houses. To ride this super compact bike, you sit on the saddle,
grab hold of the handlebars that run below the saddle, and pedal away. Number four, the bionic runner bike. Designed to build core running strength, the bionic runner is a game-changer. This bike specifically
recruits and stresses the same muscles as running, improving running specific
pitches and stride economy. The unique dual-action
of a non-impact landing and a closed kinetic chain
combine to protect you from two major causes of injury: impact fatigue and over-extension. This is something that
even the best running shoe on the market can never match. Number three, the Lunartic,
a hubless urban bike designed by Luke Douglas. This bike is a compact urban bicycle that uses a combination
of different wheel sizes, a toothed belt drive,
and a hubless rear wheel to harness the power of
the gyroscopic effect for a faster, more efficient ride. The small front wheel offers the maximum space-saving benefits
possible without folding, while the large rear wheel
provides more contact with the road, offering
the stability of a hybrid. Number two, Strandbeest, the spider bike, created by Theo Jansen. Out hipster every Millennial
you encounter on the streets while riding atop this
spider-legs-wheel bicycle. Instead of a traditional rear wheel, this unique ride boost four metallic legs that will actually walk in
sequence as you begin to pedal. The walking bike got its first real ride during the Santa Barbara Solstice Parade. She worked very well
going about two miles. Check her out in action. Number one, the Cyclotron bike. This bike features two spokeless wheels, making it the worlds first
commercially-available bike using this technology. An automatic light sensor
switches the lights on or off according to the
current daylight situation. The self-charging li-ion battery pack powers the Cyclotron’s lights
for more than eight hours without engaging the internal dynamo. The Cyclotron bike is
its own small universe, where technology and
creative-minded people can form a unique
experience for every rider. It’s an open-source smart bike platform that everybody can
connect and contribute to to improve the Cyclotron
universe with each day. In order to create the
foundation for the Cycloverse, they had to overcome the boundaries of conventional bikes
and tear down some walls. (energetic electronic music)


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  2. video should be called "20 Lamest bikes you have to so to believe that some idiot actually spent time and money making"

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  12. Li-ion means lithium-ion.

    The word is "Lithium", which is an element with the chemical symbol "Li". Chemical symbols are not words and are not normally spoken as such. If you were to inform yourself on the subject matter before you record your narration, you would be more likely to sound like a normally educated person. You currently do not.

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