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2020 Tour Colombia – Stage 1: Team Time Trial

2020 Tour Colombia – Stage 1: Team Time Trial

Team Time Trial is all about teamwork
You are six guys and all of you committed to go as fast as possible We have a really young team and experienced team in the same field It will be my first time trial with Team Novo
Nordisk in a World Tour race You cannot show more than you need to.
Keep a little bit of the enthusiasm down Before all races we get a little bit nervous
but it is normal The guy who is in the front is the eyes for
the five guys behind so yeah, you really need to trust the guy in front of you. We need to communicate, we are a team, together, and so work as a team I think we had a good communication and this
is what I bring with me now If you say a lot of words during TTT, you
waste your energy. So it was just ‘Steady, go, right, left’ Everytime Ulugbek was pulling back, I was
telling him to stay in the draft for longer or skip some turns, and the same with Oliver Good job, Ulugbek! Yeah, you did everything. You killed yourself. Thanks I am happy with what we did and with our effort

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