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6 Things To Leave To Pro Cyclists

– There are some things
that you just got to leave to the pros like this, this and this. – Make sure if you do enjoy this video you give it a thumbs up
and click on the bell icon because then you’ll get
a notification every time we upload a video. And I’m telling you to do
that because this video is going to be an absolute corker. – A what? (champagne sprays) Wow, Chris, wow. That’s something you’ve
got to leave to the pros, it’s in my eye, ah (beep). Oh! (logo whooshing) (upbeat music)
Yes, Chris, that’s definitely something we should leave to the pros. Not only is it dangerous, think of Sep Vanmarcke
when he took off his cap. – Yeah, he nearly lost a nose there, that was dangerous, I guess you’re right, and it also explains why
everyone’s so upset with me at dinner parties,
always spraying it round. I just thought-
– Wasting it – Wasting it yeah, I just
thought it was the way you opened a bottle of Champagne. Obviously not. Maybe now we’re not racing, we could enjoy it in a glass
like everyone else seems to? – Yes. We could. – It’s just I don’t know, it
doesn’t have the same appeal. As tempting as it may be to go out and draft the vehicle in front of you, out on the open roads,
this is a big no-no, after all, none of us
want to end up in the boot or the trunk of the car in front. So instead of drafting, drop back and go for that record
under your own steam. – Now you might see it on the TV, the directeur sportifs in their cars with the riders behind,
but this is something we can watch and admire
and leave to the pros. There is that time in every bike race, that you attack for that town sign, and today is one of those
rides, I just have to win. – I think it’s fair to
say, being ex-pro cyclists, we are competitive, and I
mean seriously competitive. Fighting for every inch
of tiny bit of space that’s available on the road, and whilst that was the
norm in a bike race, it’s not anymore. – Yeah, but it’s not worth
risking life and limb for a town sign. It’s not worth causing yourself injury or even your bike, which
if you’re anything like us, is way worse. – But in all seriousness, you could easily catch each other off balance,
hook your handlebars, or even worse, pick on someone
that just isn’t as confident or competent at handling
their bike as you are. – Yeah, yeah, so should we just leave this to the race circuit? – You would say that, you
knew I was going to beat you. – Yeah. Opie, you can’t do that
anymore, we’re not pros, and trust me, if you hit a pot hole, you’re going to ruin your crown jewels. – But it feels really fast! – No, you can’t do that one either. That’s also dangerous. – What? – Yeah, look at where your saddle is. You can’t do that one
either, that’s suicide, – What?
– You can’t touch the breaks! – But look how fast I’m going. Whoo – You’ll go into a corner
and straight into a wall. And this is just a no-no. To be honest, it’s
actually just quite stupid. You can’t control and it’s
terrible on your stomach. See, that’s it, perfect,
you’re well balanced, you’ve got the brakes, you’re in control. That’s the way you want to descend. – Yeah, to be fair, it does feel better. One trick we really believe should be left to the pros is the
removal of the buff. There’s a few reasons. For starters, you’re
probably going to have to remove your helmet, and it’s obvious why that’s not a good idea, I think,
it’s there for protection. Number two, is you’re going to be partially blindfolded at
least for a few moments, and I think again, I don’t really need to point out why that’s a bad idea. And then finally, when it comes to putting your helmet back on, you’re likely going to
have to ride no-handed, which opens you up to the
risk of gusts of wind, struggling to avoid potholes
and anything else on the road. Every trick you learn on
the bike should be about eliminating risk, and removing
a buff is none of those. So all in all, I feel it’s always best to remove items of clothing
like a buff when you’re static. And if Hank had got the weather
right in the first place, I wouldn’t have left home with this thing. – Now, riding no-handed is
generally not advisable, especially when you’re
riding with other riders, or in a group because you never know what the rider in front of you
or even behind you will do. – So with that in mind, it’s best advised to keep your hands on the bars and ideally near the breaks so you can react in an instant if you need to. – So keep them hands on those bars. We strongly advise you leave
these ones to the pros. – If you’ve seen people
doing things like that on bike rides that you
think should have been left to the pros, let us know what it was in the comments below. – And don’t forget to give
this video a big thumbs up, and why don’t you watch another video, why don’t you click on my left shoulder, or on that beautiful view. It is amazing, but it did
take us a while to get up. – It’s worth it.
– Incredible.

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