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7 Magnificent Ways To Walk With Your Bicycle

– Seven magnificent ways
to walk with your bicycle. The saddle propel. A technique not often seen in public, the saddle propel appears
to be the preserve of pro riders or those
with a considerable degree of bike wheeling expertise because this method carries
with it a degree of risk. Holding only the saddle, the bike is propelled
forwards from the rear. The steering end of
the bicycle, therefore, without any form of direct control at all, save for the artistry
of balancing the bike and controlling its trajectory
from the opposite end. The shoulder. On muddy or sandy terrain, or even across a gravelly carpark, when wheeling the bike
simply isn’t an option, the shoulder is the
go-to method of approach. The bike is hoisted up
onto the right shoulder with the right arm, then
looped around the head tube, with the hand gripping the
bottom of the handlebar, leaving the left arm
free as a counterbalance. The double. Another rarity amongst the general public but commonplace at pro races, where the double is used by
soigneurs and mechanics alike to ferry multiple bikes to
and fro; usually to, in fact. The preferred style is
generally the single stem hold that is doubled, one for each hand. The single stem hold. One of the most common methods
of walking with your bicycle, due to its beautiful simplicity, the single stem hold dates back
to the birth of the bicycle and has never gone out
of fashion or favour. Grab the stem with your
right or left hand; the choice is yours. Then walk forward and
the bike will follow. Suitable for all ages and abilities. The two hander. The two hander is a
technique rather than a style and is generally adopted when the user is pushing their bike up a gradient. Placing both hands on the tops of the bars allows not only a solid grip but suitable leverage
when pushing upwards, as well as the bonus of additional support for the lower back. The cherry picker assisted wheelie. This handy technique shows its
true value in crowded places where space is at a premium and where lifting the
bike onto its back wheel offers an increased level of control whilst limiting the risk of it knocking into other people or diners. The back dangle. This modern style has been popularised amongst those requiring
to walk with their bikes while simultaneously
carrying out other tasks, such as using their phone or
sipping on hot or cold drinks. The bike is simply tethered
to a rucksack, and voila. The hands are freed up to drink, call, and use multiple social media platforms. To subscribe to GCN,
just click on the globe. It’s absolutely free. – And once you’ve done that, you can then watch this
next video just down here, which has seven magnificent
ways to lean your bike. – Or for seven magnificent
ways to mount your bike, you can click just down here. Nice style.

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