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7 Mountain Bike Pranks To Mess With Your Mates

7 Mountain Bike Pranks To Mess With Your Mates

– Welcome back, you beautiful people. Well, today’s all about hanging out with your mates on the trail. – It is, but are we mates? – Of course we are, Richard.
– Hmm. – We are mates. – Yeah. – Well, there’s a few ways
to antagonize each other. – I think we should go have some banter, shouldn’t we?
– Just to make the day a little bit more exciting. – (laughs) Let’s go on a ride. – I’ll follow you, Rich. – Come on, then.
– Go on then. (loud laughing) That’s number one. (thudding) (splashing) – [Rich] Ah, yes, the
loosen the seat clamp to make the post drop down. I love this one. – Look at that, dude. – Well, it’s my seatpost. – That’s really high. – Yeah, but it’s an XE bike, it’s for… Let’s go tackle this hill– – Let’s go up there, Richard. – Go on then.
– You should lower it. – Jesus (grunts). (loud laughing) – [Blake] Yeah, told you, too high. (screaming) (whooshing) (bouncy instrumental music) – Oh, hang on Rich,
before we drop in, right. – Yeah, bud? – Can I have a tinkle quick? – I’ll look after the
bikes, how about that? – Yeah please. – Excellent. Now’s my chance, what Blake
doesn’t know (exhales sharply). (zipping)
Just a little trick for his handle bars. (urine splooshing)
Now whip the grip off and chuck some stones in there, which will rattle around
nicely and drive him nuts. (zipping) – Ready (grunts). – Enjoy. – Cheers dude. (stones rattling) Woo-hoo, Rich, Rich, hang on. – [Rich] What’s up mate? – There’s something
wrong with my bike, man. Can you hear that? – No, nothing, nothing. – That! (stones rattling) (Blake screaming) – Nope, still nothing. – What have you done to my bike? – Nothing I have…whoof. It’s all up here though.
– Don’t you start I can tell. – All up here.
(vinyl scratching) (driving rock music)
(wheels clicking) – [Rich] One of my favorite places. (breaks grinding) – [Blake] One of my favorites too, Rich. – [Rich] Oh I love it. I got a line going– – [Blake] Yes bro (laughs loudly). – [Rich] Mud in my face and everything! – [Blake] Sorry (laughs). Eat that Rich! Ah, yes the inside line. I love doing this one
especially when my friend in front is going a little bit too slow. Just show him who’s faster. (Blake laughing loudly)
(Rich yelling) – What you up to, Blake? – Just doing a bolt check. We’re each on a fresh bike–
– Yeah. – Yeah, yeah. Okay, I’m going to go and
just make a phone call. – Wicked. – That’s all right though? – Yeah, yeah. – All right then, calling mom. Thanks for looking after that. – You’re welcome. Say hi to your mom. Now this is a good one to
antagonize with your friend. I hate skippy gears. Gone, he’s gone out of sight. – All right, thanks, mom, bye. – How’s mom? – [Rich] She says, hi. – Hi, mom! – Yeah, she was disappointed. – Was she? – [Rich] In you. – [Blake] But what is your mom’s name? – [Rich] I’m not telling you. Hercules. (Blake laughs) – [Blake] Of all the names!
(both laughing) – [Rich] It’s a beautiful day for it. What?
(gears clicking) – [Blake] You all right there Rich? (Rich grunts) – [Rich] What have you– – [Blake] I haven’t done nothing Rich. – [Rich] Have you you tinkered with these when you did yours? – No, Rich.
– Right. That gear cable looks mighty slack! (Blake laughs) Give me that multi-tool. (swooshing) Just go off! – Friends? – No we’re not friends! – I’ll see you at the top, Richard. – [Rich] Oh that pesky Blake he’s done it. I can see he’s tinkered
around with these gears, and he’s messed ’em right up. I’m going to have to get him back. What can I do to get him though? (ominous music) Now this is a classic one. We’ve all done it and we’ve
all had it done to us. Creeping alongside your
mates and just yanking on one of their breaks. Gets ’em every time and is always funny. (Rich laughing)
– What’d you do that for? – [Rich] That’ll teach ya! (swooshing) – [Blake] Hey Rich, Richard.
(breaks squealing) – [Rich] Whoo! – Do you want a cup of tea? – I would (grunts) love a cup of tea, thanks mate.
– It is a bit wet out. – Or damp. – What would you like?
– Cold. I’ll have an Earl Grey please. – Earl Grey and I’ll have a
breakfast tea (exhales sharply). – That’s fine. This will get him. (bouncy instrumental music) – Richard, Earl Grey. – Ooh, get it whilst
it’s hot, thanks mate. – [Blake] You’re welcome. – I watched over the
bike nice and careful. Don’t worry. – Real good. – People might have noticed
you’ve got to leave the tea bag in you’re tea. – Oh yeah that’s right. – Leave it in. – That’s what I just did there for you. – Oh, too kind. – My one’s done the Titanic
and gone to the bottom. – Your (laughing), yours is sunk. – Mine has sunk. – Yours has hit a– – My tea bag’s the iceberg. – You teabagged an iceberg? (bongos pounding) Go for a spin? – What?
(breaks squealing) What have you done to my bike, Richard? – What’s wrong? – Look, totally out. – [Rich] I think it’s your eyes that are out to be honest. – No if my eyes are out
then something’s rotten. Give us the Allen keys.
(Rich laughs) You’re messing with my handlebars. Do you mess around with someone’s cockpit? It’s like the worst thing ever. – I’ve heard that. – Yeah, yeah we’re all having a laugh. Yeah, I’m not laughing. Til we all someone gets
hurt, thanks, right. I’m going to hit the trail.
– Allen’s keys. Let’s go hit these trails. – I think those are Josh’s. (swooshing) – Well that was fun wasn’t it. – Brilliant fun, we’re still friends? C’mon, I finally got those
things out of my bars. – Yeah, I finally got my gears working. (Blake laughs) Just about.
(Both laughing) (hand slaps) – So there you go a few ways just to mess with your friends out there on the trail if you’re having a
boring day at the trails. – I think we brightened it up didn’t we. – We did brighten it up.
– We did brighten it up. – Even though the heavens have opened now. – Yeah that’s not got bright.
(both laughing) – Thanks for watching. If you want to follow us on social media it’s all linked down below,
and we’ll see you next time. See ya. Do you want to get a cup of tea?

97 thoughts on “7 Mountain Bike Pranks To Mess With Your Mates

  1. I don't mess with food or bikes (cars too). You mess around with my bike like that expect yours to be thrown in traffic. Sorry not sorry. Grabbing the brake lever, I totally approve of that!

  2. One of my favourite prank to pull on my mountain biking club mates is to swap out the water in their water bottle for fizzy water. Always gets the mates laughing.

  3. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for content when you have to encourage people to damage/ make faults to other peoples bikes without them knowing. 
    Pulling on someones brake or flicking though the gears when beside them is one thing but undoing gear cables etc is just silly, how long do you take to set a gear cable up on bike stand? try doing it in the forest/ bike park and you're in for 20 mins of hassle and swearing.
    What happened to only showing cycling in a positive way?! Sorry but not the normal standard of video GMBN.

  4. 😂 😂 😂 You guys are mad.
    So is that Blake's Pole or do he borrow Rich's one?
    Great stuff #GMBN 👊 😎 🤘 😂

  5. Interfering with a man’s rig is the same as hittin’ his Girl up… it’s only ever gone end in tears 😉

  6. hahaa best be careful with my bike it is ARMED! with an elecro-shock device from south africa it can be set to KILL!!! dont mess with a mans bike .ever your vids are getting desparate ! how not to crash? then this noooooo your offf waaaay offf!

  7. My favorite if I see a smallish puddle up ahead is to sprint in front of my mate and bunny hop with my back wheel landing in the puddle. Big splash, wetting your mate and you stay surprisingly dry.

  8. Seriously if anyone I ever ride with does any of this sh*t to my bike , they will be replaced with new riding buddies( or buried in a shallow grave on the trail), front brake one is classic tho…..

  9. I would say loosening handlebars and messing with the mech / gears is a no go. That would end up costing them money in the long run to fix it, or damage over time….the rest are pretty clever though, lol.

  10. My best is throwing a hard stick between the spikes of the front wheel of your mate’s bike while speeding….. classic 😎

  11. How about one for Rich. When Blake grabs the rear tyre again. Get Blake back with "dog eggs" on the tyre. 🤣🤣🤣

  12. I am definitely using the "riding along side and hitting their brakes" this weekend….. this will be very amusing on a repetitive basis 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤫. Gmbn you have just brightened up my potentially grey Sunday this weekend. #gmbn

  13. Instead of hitting the brake lever while riding along, hit the shifter. Suddenly your friend will feel a bit slow, either with a harder gear, or with the old 3by with a very low chainring.

  14. some of these are pretty dangerous, i once knew a guy who got killed for messing with someones bike like that ! lmao….

  15. I would be pretty mad if someone changed the tension of any screw on my bike. BTW I am 193cm and 87kg of lean muscles. Just sayin'…😏

  16. Disconnect your buddies brake cables/tubes, that's a classic xD
    alternatively loosen the screws on their headsets just so that the second or third forceful turn twists it around!

  17. We used to mess with shifting back in the day but instead of listening the mech bolt we would pop a zip tie over the exposed cable to add some tension to it haha.

  18. Another great prank is cutting there break hoses did this on a trip to Moab and I got my friend so good he can’t walk out of shame!

  19. Great simple pranks are: moving the seat ever so slightly in one direction and lowering it a bit. Next loosening the stem from the fork and slightly miss aligning it. Another is changing the position of the break levers. Lastly for clipped in riders put a little twig or rock in the rear of the clip so when they try it will keep coming out. ( Thats what she said)

  20. I would massacre the person who messes with my gear cable. new bike, no mech skills and 2 months of riding, enough is enough and got a pro to fix the weirdest skipping issue I ever had. Odd gears were fine, but all the even gears would skip… wtf? and then the "pro" put the front mudguard on backwards…

  21. Here's one that was played on me on a night ride. Mate sprinted ahead and lost me. Feeling a bit nervous on my own in the dark, went to hop over a log and my mate jumps out from behind the log with a "RAAAH!". I don't think I ever recovered from that.

  22. You forgot the one where you wait half way down a hill right before a big jump and ram a stick in ur mates back wheel as he flies past hehehe spinal!!! Hard one to pull off but hilarious when he goes flying!!!

  23. One of our riding buddies was very anti-Ebike for a long time but we heard from the bike shop that he'd bought one for his partner and had secretly liked riding it while sill declaring them cheating. He declared his bike a battery-free zone so we hatched a plan for the next time we rode out together. Cue a month of us secretly strapping a battery (AAA,C and eventually a 9V) to his bike at the beginning of the ride and taking photos but we didn't tell him and he never spotted them. End of the month we asked him about Ebikes and he went on his usual rant so we calmly showed him all the photo's from the last month. He was absolutely livid and refused to speak to us for a good hour. As we have two John's in our group he's now known as Electric John.

  24. You missed the best one: if one of your mate is running Sram Eagle, turn the B-screw half a turn and his bike will implode (no joke).

  25. Mostly terrible ideas. If you screw with my seat lamp. Or gear cable. I’ll punch you. Plus something can actually break. But the one with rocks in the bar. Awesome!

  26. Rock in the pack. Riding ahead and ditching bike to hide behind a tree. Then leap our screaming. Half burying a fake hand near buddy’s pack on a break. When riding behind buddy yell, “bear!” Fake blood and injury. Bouillon cubes in hydrobag. Fake left the keys in other car on a shuttle. Fake parking ticket on windshield. Creepy stories on a night ride.

  27. It’s all fun and games until someone takes it too far and loosens a front caliper bleed screw. The next ride together will be in the ambulance to the ER.

  28. No ….. just no….. Wouldn't bother riding with them again…. Just don't mess with a dudes bike man…. 👊👊👊

  29. Not only are these a great way to get someone hurt/break parts/ruin precious trail time, but they are even very funny.

  30. I stuck a stick in my friends wheel while they were peeing. They didn’t notice and I saved them from a couple of broken spokes.

  31. I already have a love hate relationship with this video, my friend watched it before me and I came back to my bike after natured called and my bars were wonky, my seat fell, and when we were riding up a road he kept grabbing my brakes. I'll get him back next ride though

  32. I would unclick their seat belt on the way home and quickly swerve into oncoming traffic. Not so funny anymore is it???

  33. First time I ever gave a GMBN video a thumbs down. This is just childish bollox. Would not be happy with anyone messing with my bike. Out to ride not piss about fixing crap.

  34. Really irresponsible video for such a proffessional channel, don't fuck about with peoples bikes, or any gear for that matter. You can have a laugh without tampering with stuff.

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