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9 Ways To Make Bike Rides More Enjoyable | GCN’s Pro Tips

– We all love riding our bikes, but what if you could make
your ride even more enjoyable? Well coming up, a whole
load of decent hacks to do exactly that. (biker crying) What’s up? – I’m just crying tears of joy. Such a beautiful ride. (funky dance music) – A squeaking, creaking
bike which changes gear on its own while your riding it is quite frankly, a nightmare. And the thing is, it’s often
very easily sorted by you, in your house, before
you even go out riding. Especially with our huge
archive of maintenance videos. I think of it like this,
if you think of your bike before you ride, you won’t
be thinking about your bike during your ride. (funky dance music) Isn’t it about time that you went Euro? We certainly think so. So change the units on your head unit from miles to metric,
and you’ll be immediately going further and faster in your ride. – Wow! – You won’t, really, of course. You’ll be going exactly the same speed. But it is nice to see bigger numbers, and you’ll feel way more pro. – I feel more pro already now. (funky dance music) Given that we generally start and finish our ride in the same place, finding a shortcut does
seem a bit pointless. However, if it cuts off a busy road or gets you to your
favourite road quicker, it’s got to be a good thing right? Do a bit of map researching
before you head out and see if you can find any roads or paths that offer a short cut. That might be a small
section of gravel or trail, but I might be great fun, too. – Is this is where it comes out? – Yeah, a little shortcut.
– Bloody hell. (funky dance music) – Intervals are good for you. Well, for your fitness, but let’s face it, they’re not that much fun. Riding up and down the
same climb, full throttle to the point of nearly feeling sick, why do we do it? Because it works. But, surely there must be another way. – Well there is. All you’ve got to do
is head out on a nice, hilly ride and go old school. So forget about your speed,
your power, and your heart rate, and just go on feel. Sprint randomly, go hard when you want to, go easy when you want to. And if you feel like stopping at the side of the road
to take in the view, just do that as well. – Sounds better to me. (funky dance music) – Speaking of which, do just that. Stop and take a break. If you stumble upon an incredible view, or sunset et cetera, then stop. Take it all in, soak
it up, and if you want, get your phone out and get a picture of it with your bike in front. Then send it into us at GCN, and it may even feature as one of our daily Inspirational Photos. (funky dance music) There’s nothing like a cafe stop to look forward to on a ride. – No there’s not. If I’m perfectly honest,
when I was riding full time, I needed to be serious, I rarely stopped at a cafe
when I was training very hard. However, now that I no
longer need to be so serious, it’s pretty much mandatory. – Yeah, well it breaks the ride up, and let’s face it, coffee and cake taste good.
– Yeah. Especially apple strudel. – Apple strudel, – Looking forward to this. (funky dance music) – There’s nothing quite like finishing a ride with a descent. Although that’s not going to be possible if you don’t live next to one. So instead, try to
always finish your rides with a tailwind. Look at the weather forecast
before you head out, and plan your route accordingly. (funky dance music) Sometimes it is just nice
to ride where you want and make your route up as you go along. But if you want to find new roads and not get lost, planning
a route is the way to go. There are loads of route planning tools out there on the internet, and your almost certain to be
able to find a new road that you’ve never done
before even close to home. (funky dance music) And finally, one of the best ways to make a ride even better is to do it on a shiny, new bike. The feeling of having a new bike tucked away in the garage, well it’s like having chocolate in the fridge. It’s always on your mind. You want it, that feeling of
newness, shininess, freshness. It’ll help give you the
extra motivation on the ride, and may even help you go even faster through the placebo effect. Really! I’ve got a new bike! New bike! – Oh my goodness. He’s like a kid at Christmas. Anyway, those are some of GCNs tips for how to make your
bike ride more enjoyable. But as ever, we and our viewers would love to hear yours,
which you can leave in the comment section just down below. If you haven’t subscribed, you can do so by clicking on the globe. Coming up, a couple more
videos you might well be interested in. Just down here, is how to plan a nice bicycle route, or if you don’t want to enjoy your ride, down here, are GCNs tips on how to
make every ride epic.

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