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A Game Of Mountain Bike Dice | Blake Rolls The Dice

– Alright, today I’m
gonna challenge myself and I’m gonna use these pair of dice to determine the trick
and all of these bikes. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, so I’ve got six
bikes to choose from. So if I roll a one or a two or a three, it determines on what bike
I’m gonna be choosing. So the bikes that I’m gonna be riding, potentially, come with me. I’m gonna start off with
my Canyon Stitched 720. This is my slopestyle bike
designed for all tricks. Moving on to my Scott Genius 700 Tuned. This bike is an Enduro bike suspension. Right, and this one is
Doddy’s Nukeproof Digger. This is a cross bike, or a gravel bike, and I’ve never ridden one, but he’s saying it’s pretty big for himself and he’s a big man. Alright and this is Neil’s e-Bike. I’ve never ridden an e-Bike before and this is the high bike Enduro 8.0. It has 180 mill of travel. So that’s gonna be exciting to try and ride and do something. I don’t know what tricks there are. And then this one, you’ve
probably seen her before, but this is my Scott
Gambler 720 downhill bike. I rode this one at DarkFEST so that one, you can throw anything at
that and it’ll take it. Then you’ve got this
one, Sumo Sam’s Fat-Bike. This is the Canyon Dude,
I do love this bike. Full carbon fat bike but we’re gonna see what it’s like to do some tricks on. I do know I can flip that thing, but we’ve got one more thing. Oh, no. No, no. Look at this piece of rubbish. This is Si Richardson’s one. You probably don’t watch GCN. Obviously because you watch GMBN, but if you haven’t seen
it, take a look at this. (dramatic music)
(yelling) – [Video Narrator] Si’s efforts means he lives up to the nickname, The Ringmaster. – Yep, they did a challenge and this was his bike of choice
for those challenges. Basically, I don’t wanna roll the dice and end up riding this piece of junk because I don’t want to because the rear brake doesn’t even work. But let’s talk about
the rules of this game. Okay, now the rules of the game. If you’re not very
familiar with this concept, skateboarders and BMXers play this. They play skate dice, bike dice, and today we’re playing
bike dice, obviously. I have a pair of dice. One dice represents the trick and one dice represents the bike. So depending on what dice you roll and this ends on
basically number four that could be a no hander, for example. And then you roll this dice
and it ends on number two and number two could represent the e-bike. So that means you’ve gotta
do a no hander on the e-bike. Simple, throw the dice in the box and whatever numbers it
rolls on, so number two. I’ve gotta choose a bike
depending on what it is, and number seven, I do the
trick on that specific bike. So I could be ending up
doing some crazy trick on some other bike that I don’t
particularly want to ride. (people saying “ew”) Let’s get started. Let’s hope we don’t get a
really bad bike first throw. So, the first throw, white
is trick, black is bike. So, we’ve got four, four is the bike and number four is the slope
style bike and the trick, it’s a really hard trick to
start off this whole thing. It’s the nothing. Basically, what the nothing is, I do a no footer and a no hander and let my bike hover in the air. Brilliant, alright, let’s go. Oh, no. Alright, I’m gonna call the
nothing on this step up here. So let’s have a go. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, that was a bit lame. I’ll try and get a bigger one for you. (upbeat electronic music) That’s the nothing,
basically you’re just taking your body away from your bike, you’re doing a huge starfish in the air. And that is the first one. Now what else has these
dice got in for me? Let’s have another throw. I don’t want the gravel bike. The others, I don’t want the e-bike. Anyway, let’s go. White is trick, black is bike. Oh wow, okay, so six is the Enduro bike and seven is the one foot X. So Enduro bike, that is the Scott. Will these cables, does
it, it does do the X-up! Right, next challenge. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, that was fun, that
was a super old school trick. And yet again, says
what it says on the tin. X-up, take your foot up. That’s the Enduro bike done. What’s the next one? We could end up doing another trick on one of those two bikes. White is trick, black is bike. Oh wow, black is the downhill bike. Number one is the tuck no hander. So downhill bike, tuck no hander. Okay, okay. Do you know what the hardest thing is? It’s going from a super hard,
rigid kind of suspension bike to a super soft bike on the Scott where I’m glad there was lock
out, ’cause I locked it out. This one is sill set up for
DarkFEST, which is super stiff. And DarkFEST is just some humongous jumps. Tuck no hander, downhill bike. Yeah, let’s do this! (upbeat electronic music) Tuck no hander on downhill bike. That one’s done! We’re getting through this quite good! I’m getting quite lucky. I don’t wanna count my chickens
before they hatch though. Let’s move on again. I don’t wanna say it. It’s the slopestyle bike and then number two, it’s the barspin. Let’s do it. Alright, the barspin,
if you don’t know what it is, I’m gonna run it through. That is the barspin. Hopefully I catch it,
so that is the barspin. (upbeat electronic music) Alright, so I’ve done two tricks. You would think it’s all
planned but it’s not. I’m using the dice as you’ve seen. What brings the next bike? (gasps) So it’s three, three is a no foot can. I don’t think I can do
it, it’s the gravel bike. I don’t think I can no
foot can that bike, man. Though, I can’t do it on that step up. I can’t. Right, first off, I’m
gonna lower the saddle. Well this is Doddy’s personal bike. So if it breaks, it’s his fault. And look at this, he’s got
his flipping ninja tool here. Total pick ninja tool, dude. Which it’s got no tool in it, why, Doddy? Come on. Alright, for a start, look at this. I can like lean on this
bike ’cause it’s so tall. That’s Doddy’s crutch height. His crutch is like there
on me, he’s so tall. So we’re slamming that thing. All the way down. Not that it’s gonna make much difference, ’cause it’s an extra large frame. Do you know what? I don’t know if I can
do it on that step up. We might have to go to a
different jump that’s not super aggressive for this
particular geometry bike. Let’s go down there. Wow, this feels horrible. So I’ve moved away from the big step-up ’cause obviously I’m a bit scared and I don’t ride road bikes on dirt. So I’ve come to a smaller jump. So the small table top. And whilst riding down here, I’ve noticed this on the drops, my body’s
too close to the top tube. So I wouldn’t be abl to get my legs over. So I tried it on the hoods
which gives me a little bit more distance for my legs to come through. But I’m gonna have to be
doing super crazy lunges ’cause I’ve gotta get my legs
over ‘cross this top tube. But I’m just gonna take it. If my foot comes over the top
tube, that is a no foot can. And I’m scared, I don’t even
know if I can do it yet. Alright, I’m gonna hit it a few times ’cause I’ve actually never
got air on a road bike, let alone a Cyclocross slash gravel bike. I’m gonna do it again,
build up my confidence. ‘Cause I’m gonna need it. Wow, you know what? I’m gonna do it to the top. I’m gonna use it as a fly out. Do you know what I mean? So I’m gonna just jump up and land on top. So I can get my legs off just for you and for me actually. Alright, let’s have a go. Alright, it’s a bit silly, the
dice did beat me on this one. But I didn’t particularly
wanna break the bike and I got a slow puncture in. It’s just going wrong so I’m
not gonna, not gonna defeat me. I’m gonna clear the jump and then I’ll do like a one footer, maybe
a one foot, one hand. Let’s mix it up, I’ll
do a trick on this bike. ‘Cause I wanna try it. (upbeat electronic music) – Haha, it’s like Cyclocross! You don’t need to ride your bike. Oh man. Sorry Doddy. Well I didn’t break your
bike, that’s a good thing. But I did give you a puncture
and I’m sorry for that. And I’m sorry dice,
’cause I couldn’t actually execute the no foot can, which is a shame. But this bike is super big for me. I did do a trick, do the one hander. The one footer, sorry. On the drops, just for you Mr. Ashton. Alright, let’s move on from that sadness. Alright, we haven’t done e-bike, we haven’t done the fat
bike, and I don’t even wanna mention that thing behind me. Don’t look even look at it, this way. Alright, dice. Let’s do it. Well it’s number six,
which is the Enduro bike and then number five,
which is the suicide. But we don’t wanna do the
Enduro bike again, do we? Do you wanna see a suicide on that? No? Alright, let’s re-throw that. Or should we leave the suicide and throw the bike dice again? Yes, that’s a good idea. So number five, suicide. Bike dice, e-bike, fat bike,
e-bike, fat bike, let’s go. Number two, it’s the fat bike. Number two, number five. Fat bike, suicide. Suicide is just basically a trick that you throw your arms
behind you in the air and then grab your bike and land. That’s the trick and the aim of the trick. And we’re gonna do it on
this thing, the Canyon. Dude, sweet. Dude. (upbeat electronic music) Tell you what, fat bikes
never cease to amuse me. I love ’em. Let’s park you back up, dude, sweet. Alright, fat bike done. Suicide, tick. Next, dice. Black is bike. Oh wow, superman. What bike is the superman gonna be on? E-bike, superman on the e-bike. I haven’t even ridden an e-bike. Let’s have a go, then. Definitely wanna slam
that back down there. 180 mill of travel. Superman basically, do
what it says on the tin. Superman in the air. I’m gonna do it on the step-up again. How do you turn it on? Oh my, wow. You can get endless laps on this thing. Oh, alright. I do wanna point out, I have
never tricked or jumped an e-bike so this is a first try
Friday for me on an e-bike. Does that mean I have to introduce myself? Hi, my name is Blake Samson. This is my first try Friday,
superman, e-bike, on that. Ugh. (upbeat electronic music) Wow. Wow. Alright, e-bikes, kinda changed my perspective on these things. Pretty crazy. Did fine there. It is heavy but super stable
in the air, wow, impressed. Maybe I have to spend a
bit more time on that. Let me know in the comments down below. E-bike Blake or nah,
stick to the normal bike? Alright, let’s move on. We haven’t ridden one of the bikes. Do I want to? Ah, come this way, I don’t
wanna ride that thing. It’s horrible, alright? It is horrible. Please don’t be that bike. It is, look, it is that bike. Alright, so it’s that bike, nothing. What I did on the slopestyle bike, out like a big starfish in the
air, on that thing, on that. Please no. I don’t even, I can’t. No. Aw man. The back brake doesn’t even work! I’m gonna throw that trick again. I’m gonna jump the bike, but I’m not gonna do that trick man, no! Alright, throwing it away. Oh I don’t wanna do
that, but I will ride it. So that’s a bonus. Tuck no hander. Tuck no hander on that thing. Well I’m gonna give it a
go, I’m gonna ride the jump and see what that thing
is like in the jump. I don’t want it to fold under me ’cause that’s the worst thing. There’s no, ah, let’s go get it. Ugh no. No. It’s got a bell, it’s got reflectors. It’s got a carrier so you
can carry your friend on it or carry your shopping from the market. And look at those peddles. It’s got disc brakes but
they’re not hydraulic, they’re cable, cable discs. And the rear one is seized
so that doesn’t even work. So I’ve only got one brake. It’s two by, not even one by. It’s got no suspension, look at that. The chain’s bound stiff. Fuck me, I reckon. The grips, they move. Alright, enough complaining, let’s do it. Let’s see if I can
actually ride this thing. First let’s put that back on. Let’s see if we can actually
ride this thing first. Oh my gosh, brakes don’t work. (upbeat electronic music) Oh man, wow. (bell ringing) This rides faster. (upbeat electronic music) (bell ringing) Look at that! Look, I’ve got a puncture on that. This is rubbish. Rubbish bike, but I actually
did the tuck no hander. Yeah, it was alright. Scary ’cause the stem is
super long and I had nowhere for my thighs to actually grip into it. So I did it. Poor excuse. Wow, look at that. To end the video, flip. But I guess you wanted to see me flip that piece of rubbish though. It actually would have been
a bit more exciting to watch. Watch me be super scared. But there you go, bike dice with a little bit of a
difference with a number of bikes and number of tricks on either one. I reckon there should be a volume two. Let me know in the comments down below if there should be a volume two. ‘Cause I think I wanna do
it, maybe just one bike with another rider and then the dice just to show off all the tricks. That would be quite cool. Maybe on some dirt jumps or
maybe get Neil involved, huh? If you wanna see that, let us know in the comments down below. But if you wanna see more
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