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A TASTE OF FREEDOM ROMANIA: EPISODE 2 || Adventure Motorcycle Trip (eng sub) – Know your borders

We’re reaching our destination Romania. Known as a mekka for motorcycle-endurists, we’re headed towards the Carpathian mountains. The only things we fear are bears and Count Dracula. Today we arrived in a tinyvillage close to Reșița and found a really nice camping spot here. This will be my first time crossing a river …little bit nervous On our first day in Romania we’re already getting a little taste of things to come. We’re driving through beautiful forest…. …until we get stuck in a dead end. Ugh, not really traversable, as you can see behind us… Max is stuck… ….Lukas made it a little further, but I think we’re turning around. Back to square one… We’re taking another way to Reșița, our first city in Romania, shaped by a huge coal power plant. Here we’re taking a break before heading towards the mountains. The mountain massif surrounding Trei Ape is the first we want to conquer. The way up is a nice tarmac road, on which everybody will have fun. Only one turn away, the tarmac ends. Trei Ape is like a Disneyland for motorcycle endurists. Pure driving pleasure! Nice! Like in Carinthia, only madder After a successful ascent, we’re enjoying the completed stage midst the beautiful nature. I’m proud of the bikes and of us Romania shows us his best side Everything looks like in a picture book. Fields, meadows and rural areas extend over Terregova. Gentle hills and shepherds shape the view. As intensive as the impressions here, so are the driving possibilities. Are you OK? Yeah That’s what happens if you’re pushing the limits of a bike you don’t know so well. So Max, are you tired? Yes, you could say so On a scale from 1 to 10… …probably 8. The next day should test ourselfes even more. What does it say? Bears! This is by far the hardest… …we’ve ever tried.

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