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Best Bike For Fitness: ElliptiGO Elliptical Standing Bicycle Review

Best Bike For Fitness: ElliptiGO Elliptical Standing Bicycle Review

Alright! This is John Kohler with
Besides just the diet I think exercise is actually quite important. And while I don’t
like to workout at gyms and you know I don’t like running cause there’s a lot of impact
on your body I like bicycling. But frankly you don’t get a really good workout bicycling.
You’re sitting down. You got a hard seat on this bike it’s gonna hurt your butt and
it’s just not the kind of workout I’d like to get. So I like to also rollerblade,
go hiking, mountain climbing, and rock climbing, walking, but running I’m just not a big
fan of but what I’m gonna share with you guys in this episode is actually a new toy
that I just got in the mail that’s gonna allow me to get a better workout, actually
a 30% better workout or burn 30% more calories on this new bicycle-like device I got. So
let’s go ahead and pull it out of the jeep and share with you guys my new bike. Alright so what we go here is a huge box and
actually it doesn’t even fit all the way in my SUV here. It’s called the ElliptiGO.
We’re gonna pull this baby out and I hope it’s not fragile. But I mean just this box
is as long as me. So this was actually a gift and if the person’s watching that gave me
the gift I wanna thank you sincerely for this. This is one of my probably the best gift I’ve
ever gotten in my life. It’s definitely made my day. So here it is inside the box. It’s definitely one huge bike. What I’m
gonna do in this episode is actually just unbox it and show you guys how easy it is
to set up and then I’m gonna get my first ride on my own personal ElliptiGO. Alright
so here is my ElliptiGO. It looks like one wheel’s on it. I gotta put the front wheel
on some of the handle bars and I’ll be all ready to ride. So the first thing that I’d like to say
is actually this is bagged quite well. There’s no damage that occurred to the bike. It’s
got a lot of wrapping on here and some styrofoam and it’s wrapped up so no scratches occur
to your new baby once you get it. There are a mere bit amount of tie wraps so I’m carefully
cutting them off probably more advantageous to use a scissors instead of the little razor
blade here and I’m trying to cut these tie wraps on the right side. So I could use the
again. Alright so the ElliptiGO comes almost fully
assembled after we got it out of the box we had a lot of those little tie wraps. The thing
is we wanna put the kicks up. It looks like the kick stand is right underneath here. So
we’re not sitting on the frame, not gonna scratch in the paint or nothing. And then
let’s see here we got a tire so this is the front wheel. It’s got the quick release
here and a little protector here to protect it. Take that guy off. Now the tires are uninflated
so you’re gonna want to inflate the tires and it says inflate to 100PSIs. That’s a
lot. We’re gonna go ahead and turn up the pressure in the air compressor. Most standard
bike tires are about 50PSI. This is a little bit different. Now check it out. Those are actually special
high performance bike tire inflation deal things that I don’t have the right fitting
for. So I guess we’ll continue inflating the
tire for now. What we’re gonna do is actually put on the front here super simple super easy.
We’re gonna go ahead and lift the fork up set it on it’s back. It’s actually kinda
nice. Pull this guy down. We’re gonna cut more tie wraps here. And we got a fork protector
that we’re gonna go ahead and remove. And we’re gonna have to just basically undo
the brakes so that we can get the wheel on the quick release brakes super simple super
easy. Then we’re gonna properly adjust the wheel here tighten it up and the one thing
you wanna check for is that these are directional wheels like high performance tires. These
are bike tires man. So we’re gonna look for the arrows on the wheel. It says drive
this direction so we’re gonna put it on the right way and install the tire. Make sure your quick release tires are properly
set up you tighten it finger tight. Then you push this to close it all the way there so
your tire’s not gonna fall off driving. You’re gonna spin the tire it looks like
it’s a pretty straight line and hook up the brakes. So the final thing to do is to set up the
handle bars super simple super easy. So you’re just gonna grab the handle bar set pull off
the protective sheet like that and pull off some of this bubble wrap. I’m glad that
they wrapped this up quite well. No damage occurred in shipping. Basically what you’re
gonna do is just you’re gonna go ahead and just set it up right and you have a quick
release kind of on the wheel for the handle bar sets so you can pack it up put it in a
car. And you also have a pin here on the side which is a quick release pin that you’re
gonna have to pull out and drop this guy down and then lock the pin into place. You’re
gonna lock the height and then you’re basically gonna do the quick release to get it nice
and tight. We’re all set up and ready to go. This is super simple super easy assembly.
We got a couple more pads to take off and then I’ll have to pump my tires up and we’re
gonna go for an inaugural ride on my ElliptiGO. Alright now we’re gonna go ahead and pump
up the tires and I actually had to go to a local bike shop to get a little like adaptor
here so I could just use my standard pump to pump the tires because it does have a special
like road bike valve on here. So the road bike valve right here we’re gonna put our
little adaptor and screw it right in here so then we could use our standard pump to
pump up this tire. This tire is a high pressure tire. We’re gonna pump it up to 100PSI. Alright now we’re gonna pump up the front
tire simple real simple and easy. Put on the adaptor loose up the valve and just fill her
on up. Got the compressor set to 100PSI so it’s gonna go to where it needs to be and
stop. You do not want to uber fill these tires because there’s gonna be a big explosion
man 100PSI. Kaboom by activation. Alright now I got it both tires filled up.
Now we’re ready for the inaugural ride. You should be wearing a helmet but I don’t
think I got a helmet so we’re gonna ride it without the helmet. I always encourage
you guys to wear a helmet. We’re gonna get it off the center kick stand. One of the things
I wanna say is if you’re gonna pick up this bike which actually is quite light, this thing
is like 44lbs or something this is lighter than the other bike I was riding earlier in
the video. This is actually made of carbon fiber and aluminum it’s like a hi-tech bike
man. And we’re gonna take it off the center kick stand here and then to get on this is
gonna be definitely interesting. You’re gonna wanna rotate it up so that you start
with your dominant foot on the up stroke and then you just push down as you roll and get
on it. You got your standard front and rear brakes as well as it actually has the three
speeds so jump on it. Wow so riding a bike’s never been easier.
They wanna get on this first time no problem. This is as simple as it can be man. Basically
you’re in an elliptical pattern kind of like the elliptical bikes in the gym but you’re
out in nature. And I like nature a lot more than I like gym. Unlike a regular bike but
standing up doing it in an elliptical fashion. So this is not just a low impact literally
this is no impact because feet are staying stationery on the elliptical pedal and you’re
moving up and down and your feet never come down so you’re never hitting the ground
like you are with running you know you get tore up after many years of running so this
is a good alternative to people that like running but wanna get a similar workout without
the running. So they’ve done studies and the studies show that if you’re running
at like 8 miles an hour you’re gonna get the same workout riding an ElliptiGO at about
twice the speed 16 miles an hour gives you the same workout as an 8 mile an hour run.
Plus in my opinion this is a lot easier and funner than running. Now comparing this to
a standard bike you’re not your butt’s not gonna hurt the seat’s not padded you’re
standing up. You know there are studies now that if you stand up more and you shouldn’t
be sitting on your computer desk all day watching this you need to get out and do things in
nature. If you stand more and they have standing desks now, you can actually raise your lifespan.
So standing is a lot better in my opinion than sitting and you could stand upon the
ElliptiGO. And this one will actually burn 30% more calories than a standard bicycle. Now because I now have this ElliptiGO it makes
bicycle riding fun. I mean I’ve been bicycle riding forever and now with the ElliptiGO
it’s something totally new and different. I like being new different and unique. Plus
you get a lot of looks because people are like what the heck is that. Now this guy will
set you back a pretty penny and you know most people into athletics and you know olympic
people you know training to improve their PR are using you know the ElliptiGO but it’s
even good for regular people that are serious about their health. I would rather spend money
on this than 5 years of gym membership any day of the week and just this is a lot funner
in my opinion to be out in nature breathing fresh air and actually going somewhere. But
in the end I wanna thank Bob who gave me this awesome gift and I wanna say thank you Bob
because I’m definitely gonna be getting out and bicycling more cause it’s truly
making bicycling fun and so I could stay in shape and fit and be even healthier than I
am today. Hopefully you guys watching this enjoyed this episode about the ElliptiGO.
You may wanna look into this and see if there’s a place in your area where you could actually
try them out and demo them and maybe even get hooked on them too like I am now. I hope
you guys enjoyed this episode. Once again this is John Kohler with We’ll
see you next time and remember keep eating your fresh fruits
and vegetables they’re always the best.

57 thoughts on “Best Bike For Fitness: ElliptiGO Elliptical Standing Bicycle Review

  1. Sure, they are all over So Cal and unless you have deep pockets, stick to the common folk bike. Crazy expensive!

  2. i am a bike rider too… this ElliptiGO is interesting – wondering if it really works the body more than a bicycle – if it does, I might look into one.  Make a later post on how you like doing it long term?  🙂     Thanks John 🙂

  3. "You don't get a really good workout biking" So that's why it is so easy to climb mountains. If this is true, you are doing it wrong. Either go faster or ride bigger hills

  4. Maybe not on that cheap bike. Broham… Get a decent mt bike or road bike and you will get a crazy workout! Clearly you are not a real cyclist Broham….. BTW have you ever heard of OFF-THE -SEAT cycling… That's when you come off the seat for more power. Sound familiar tehehehehehe

  5. Seemingly people say you're so cheap so fittingly you would on,y show this if it was FREE!!!! BTW your juicing non sense makes no sense and you contradict yourself! Not hating just calling you out

  6. You said a good work out…. But u said " never been easier" ….. Come in dude….. Is this company giving you money to promote this non sense " bike"…. So obvious

  7. Thats stupid, dont be a freakin wuss… You sound like a woman moaning about the workout styles available… Geez

  8. John, I really love your videos. Are you aware of the recall last November on these things? Apparently they fall apart in use. I wouldn't want to spend that much money on something that's gonna break and possibly hurt me.

  9. Is it hard maintaining balance on this bike?  Is it easier/harder than using a regular bike? (Noticed my question is gone, so I'm asking again.)

  10. I have a list of funny concepts I keep in my notes just for the hell of it, and amongst them was a mobile treadmill. You know, so you can move while you run. So ridiculous these exist.

  11. "You don't get a good work out bicycling" – John Kohler.

    If you can keep up with Freelee for 2 mins up a steep hill on a bike Id give you 10 grand John. Would be the hardest work out of you life just trying to keep Freelee in sight. 😉

    Please wear a  helmet. Why put so much focus on health but risk head injury cos we 'are too kool for skool' to own a helmet?

    For $1800 one can get a nice 19lb road bike in a correct size from a reputable bike shop.  Also with MUCH higher quality components. Elliptical bikes spend most of their life gathering dust in peoples sheds unfortunately. They are a gimmick. Road bikes are just much much easier to use and more practical. A normal bike of this quality would be worth about 3-400$. Elliptical bike industry cashes in on peoples ignorance of how much something should cost in the bike industry.
    Small wheels + extremely NON aero position + non comfortable longterm position = hard and awkward to use fitness gimmick that will be relegated to the shed and end up as an expensive spider sanctuary.

  12. John, Congrats on the best purchase of your life. I have had an Elliptigo for 3.5 years. Best workout! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.

  13. Nice vid!! BUT good luck with the hill, make a vid climbing an 8, 12,15% grade hill I would love to see that 

  14. I love this change of pace/rhythm to your videos! It's very refreshing to see you incorporate your physical activity into your channel videos! 🙂

  15. I think you all are taking what John said a bit out of context – he was referring more to the position that you are in while bicycling – meaning the seat will hurt your ass whereas you won't have that issue on an elliptical.

  16. I've had my GO for 2 years. Can't ride a normal road bike b/c of a back issue but the GO changed that for me. I also see a lot more of these around. It's not uncommon to see distance/ultra distance runners use them for cross training (e.g. Mez Keflezighi, the winner of the last Boston marathon). The same applies for veteran runners who can no longer run b/c their knees and joints are blown. The college in my town bought several of these for their cross country team. Compared to the road bike I used to have the GO yields a tougher workout but it's more intuitive to ride.

  17. John, a year later…tell us truthfully, have you been riding it regularly or is it collecting dust in the garage. I haven't seen any updates to this video so I am betting it the latter.

  18. that dude needs a job in south texas in the oilfield….that'll make him into the man he thinks he is.

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