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Best Free Home Workouts

Best Free Home Workouts

Hey friends! I’m Tasia and this video is
going to be a little different than normal today. With many of us practicing social distancing
and self isolation amid the covid-19 pandemic, I thought it could be helpful to highlight
the best free home workouts you can do, with a specific focus on my favorite YouTube Channels
for breaking a sweat. So, if you can’t go to your gym, have no fear, some great workouts
are here. Okay, first things first, a couple years ago
I put together a quick list of my favorite free workout apps for iOS and Android. If
you want to watch that whole video, you can click up here and I’ll link to it in the
description and at the end of this video as well. So, I won’t go into full depth on
those apps again here in this video, but here’s the rundown for you if you want to take notes: Johnson and Johnson has a great app called
the J & J Official 7 minute workout. The Strava app is a great one for all my running
and cycling enthusiasts. One that is new since my last video is the
FitOn app. It’s available on iOS and Android and has every type of workout you can imagine.
I also featured YouTube in my last video – there are so many great resources on YouTube, which
leads me to my favorite channels right now – all of which I will link to in the description
below. For overall strength, cardio, conditioning,
and variety, my all time favorite channel is Sydney Cummings. Guys, she posts a new
workout every single day. The variety of workouts, the consistency, the community she’s built,
it’s unmatched. I’ve told literally everyone I know about this channel for the past 2 years
and now I’m telling all of you. Her channel is so well organized, you can sort through
her playlists for the exact workouts you’re looking for. She’s got them sorted by length,
equipment, body part, low impact, cardio, resistance band, you name it, it’s there
for you. Plus, she’s an absolute beast and inspiration that makes me look forward to
working out. Another channel I love is Tracy Steen’s
channel. She’s a fellow Canadian from out west, who posts a new video twice a week.
Her workouts are no joke. They are all intense and not for the faint of heart! Her big motto
is to move daily and she will get your butt moving. Her Channel is also well organized
by playlists, so you can scroll through and find the exact workout you’re looking for. If Yoga is more your jam, my favorite Yoga
Channel is still Yoga With Adriene. She provides a great variety of yoga practices, and she
updates her Channel often. They key to working out on YouTube is to find
a Channel that actually knows what they are doing. All of these women I mentioned are
professionals. They also provide modifications, should you need them, in order to stay safe. On the topic of staying safe, guys we are
all in this together. If you’re feeling annoyed or stressed that you have to be home
for a few weeks, keep in mind, people are sick and people are dying, there are people
who know those who are sick and dying. If the worst thing in your life right now is
having to hunker down for a few weeks, your life is pretty good. So let’s all do our parts
and help out everyone in our communities. I’m sending a big hug to all of you wherever
you are and I’m sending lots of love and light your way. Be healthy, stay safe, and I’ll
see ya next time.

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  1. Hey friends! Let's start "caremongering"! Share with each other different ways we can all get through this difficult time together – from far apart. Wishing everyone good health.

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