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BH Ultimate | Created by elite cyclists

Nerves, motivation, adrenaline. Only seconds until the start. I’m surrounded by the world’s top cyclists
and I know that the start will be crucial. Rider and bike. Bike and rider. The bond between us grows so strong
that we end up becoming one. I was there at the start
of this project. I was part of it and now I am
in the presence of the perfect machine. Times change, circuits change, training areas change and having
cutting-edge materials provides added motivation. Low weight, stiffness,
innovative geometry. I have found
all of these elements in it. Thanks to its minimalist design
and the most advanced manufacturing process, we now have a frame
that weighs less than 900 grams. The feeling of effectiveness, agility
and safety during descents means that I enjoy every moment. We have now arrived. But the journey continues. In 2020, we will be choosing the Ultimate Evo
for the German World Championship.

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