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Bikepacking the Jordan Bike Trail – kit list

Bikepacking the Jordan Bike Trail – kit list

welcome to Jordan they come so we’re
here with Jonas again after Peru for the next big expedition which is
attempting to establish the world record cycling the Jordan bike trail and today
we want to show you exactly what we’re gonna use in terms of kit, clothing bike, bikepacking, the entire kit list do you remember the numbers Jonas? yes 700 km, 20 000 m of climbing so it’s like compared to Peru it’s a lot of sand, I know about one section of 30 km where we may have to
to push our bikes that’s a surprise! it’s a surprise yes! so
it’s like three times smaller than Peru in terms of length, yeah, but half of the
elevation. Because in Peru we rode together almost 2 000km and 40 000 m vertical. How about you show us exactly what you bring for your clothing.
The weather is also a challenge 15 degrees and sun during the day but at
night freezing. We are not really sleeping, we may just sleep 15
minutes, half an hour at night, somewhere on the cozy spot, behind a sand dune or something like that but otherwise push through.I’m having a
one base layer, a jersey (a short one) and a bib short, I’m also bringing one
long jersey for the nights. You’re getting prepared for the cold! And I’m having one
wind jacker and rain jackets that’s also I can use if it’s really cold at
night. Leg warmers, 1 pair of socks, a hat for the day, under the helmet, 1 for the cold of the night. 2 pair of gloves (short ones and long) and those are like until -3 or -4C° I will be fine and I’m also having this! Experience from Peru ah! Yes! My toes were freezing in Peru but at -15°C and someone told me: “I don’t have to
bring this it won’t be that cold” We experienced together a surprise ride at -15°C, at 4,800 meters altitude. So he was riding, a year before, and told me: -1 or -2°C that’s possible… and it was -15°C !! Axel had a down jacket! so I’m wearing the down jacket! the main difference with Jonas is that I’m taking more safety
more clothing for tackling sub-zero temperatures So I have arm warmers, leg warmers for sure, big gloves for the winter 2 pair of socks and then
double almost everything: 2 jerseys 1 base layer, 1 wind protection and then 2 big layers like long sleeves down jacket and short sleeves, to tackle the
cold during the night especially. So you’re basically coming with an entire clothing store! Exactly 😉 that’s the goal I don’t like to be cold on the bike
and I’ll be using this as well as a down jacket and a super thick bib short for the night So I’m pretty much taking
almost twice more clothing than you do. Let’s go to the bikes ! We have 2 very different setups in some ways. I’m using a Curve GRX titanium bike ultra stable and
comfortable. I’m having the Shimano GRX group on it and I’m riding with 42-42 rings. So it’s a gear where you need power in the legs but it’s enough for tackling the climbs. I’m having the wheels from Curve and I’m using using the Schwalbe G1 ultra bite 42 mm. I have been riding them before it’s incredibly goods, it’s tubeless. I have my Brooks Cambium saddle,
super comfortable. In the front I’m using no aerobars this time and I’m having the supernova airstream super light for the night. I’m using the new version of Ortlieb bag seat pack, which is 17 liters right? Yes exactly. so it’s everything goes in there easily
you have space for the food. So this is the main difference and again I’m going light and I will be pushing hard in the front keeping up the speed
on the climbs with my gear! I’m having a sleeping bag for the night. Shimano shoes, I go with MTB of course
1 emergency gel half a toothpaste every gram counts. I brought some money, cell phone and Sigma Rox for navigation, dash
cam, and a Gopro for filming. So the total weight I haven’t looked at it but it’s
it’s super light. How about now you take me on my configuration. I’ll show exactly the difference of the French style the main difference for the French guy
I’m using the loyal carbon frame from OPEN. That’s the OPEN Wi.DE monster
gravel as I like to call it The main difference with Jonas is that I’m using
a power meter from Rotor to tackle the climbs at the right speed and not
murder myself because I don’t have much training for this expedition. The second big update is that I’m using electrical group set from SRAM to
get some comfort during the climbs big cassette as well. Jonas you’re riding
a 42, I’m riding a 50 in the back! I’m a super light rider so I need some
good group set and a big ring so that’s the main difference: powermeter, electrical
group set and less aggressive. I’m loyal as well to my ISM saddle to protect my dear equipment and I’m still using as well the same capacity 17 liters from
ORTLIEB, weatherproof, ready for the desert. Then in terms of tires there
is a small difference with your configuration. I’m using the WTB by way 47 mm, so they are a bit larger, I hope to be faster on the tarmac
sections. Are there many tarmac sections? we do have some. And then some nobbles
on the sides. The biggest difference is the 27.5 wheel set that
I’m using. I might be faster on the climbs we will see
about that! challenge accepted! Regarding the equipment, basically we’re
using almost the same thing apart form and I have to close in on one thing! The biggest difference is this ! That’s an
electrical toothbrush that I like to carry it’s very useful it’s Bluetooth,
anyway! Charger for the group sets to make sure that I have enough batteries, power bank
for the GPS, safety light for the nights because we are planning to go non-stop. Some smaller lights just in case for the back and the front. A bivy bag I might be colder than your sleeping bag but this is just for emergency for sleeping on the side of the road. Then heart rate
monitor, I like to track all the numbers I like numbers. This! based on Peru, because you know I suffered oh yes oh yes good not because of your jokes but
because of ass pain. So I’m bringing this We do have some shared equipment because. It won’t be a battle but we do share some risks together. So that’s the
shared equipment that we will be using for the expedition: 2 spare tubes
because we’re running tubeless but we never know. 1 pump because yours is dead anyway. All the tire levers, patches, multi-tool and
then 2 power banks to load pretty much all of our equipment non-stop and rely on
the a good power source. So what’s the total weight you assume? I think the French
guy will be a bit heavier than the German guy. I think I’ll be around 11 kg, maybe 12kg if I bring the entire clothing kit. And that’s without water and food. Yes! We’ll be sub 15kg for sure. You can follow the
journey on social media, let’s figure out who’s faster!

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