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Bikers change lives of abused children

Bikers change lives of abused children

[Music] before the abuse my daughter was very outgoing the ham of every photo very beautiful adventurous probably the best way to describe her is that she was fearless [Music] it was my husband her stepfather somebody that I chose to bring into our family she was 10 I no longer a I didn’t sleep I was in the worst time of my life I had gone through so much and I had been seeing my family go through so much I I really gave up and everybody around me knew that [Music] she was showering with her clothes on she was always very afraid always had to check and make sure all the doors and windows were locked at night lots and lots of nightmares before they came vodka stands for bikers against Javanese we’re an organization of bikers that come together for one cause it’s an empower children that have been victims of child abuse – no one can be afraid of the world that they live in [Applause] [Music] [Applause] they might have anywhere from 20 to 50 motorcycles roll up these children become part of our family they get their own road name they get their own cut they become a biker [Music] anytime they’re afraid they just call us an idea [Music] if they need escorts to the court to therapy to school if it takes us having to stand outside and guard their house all night so they can sleep and that’s what we do [Music] when I met Fah she was just a scared little girl when I first saw them I remember going out onto the balcony and looking over and there’s just all these bikes there’s these huge tall men and they were in their vests in their boots huge beards and strong looking women looks very tough we’re a rough lot and we are scarier than their perpetrator we are scarier than their demons it works it was incredible to see my daughter for the first time in almost three years relax we’ve set up outside on all four corners of the property and let her know that no one was going to come into that house and harm her because they would have to go through us they stayed there and shifts all night long all day long I’m not sure which night it was this may be two o’clock in the morning she said she just couldn’t sleep so finally I got a sleeping bag off my bike and I put it in the trunk of her mother’s car in the garage she climbed in the trunk of the car curled up in a ball and went to sleep and slept all night we came back and did the same thing as she was getting close to trial and she was getting nervous about having to testify I was testifying against my stepdad and I looked over and I saw my stepdad just staring at me and I felt like I could have passed out or died just from his glare and I looked over and buck is there and they’re just sitting there with their thumbs up giving me the emotional support that I needed against all odds she got up did what she had to do and put this guy away I remember seeing the look on her face when they brought him out in shackles it was a look of relief they were there to keep me safe through the trial but they were also there to make sure that I could stay happy I would hop on the back of tombstones bike and they would take me to school and all the bikers that were there would set off other people’s car alarms because of how well their bikes were and I’d be walking around with my helmet and my vest on and people would see me pull up because I was with so many bikers and they were gonna be like who are you with I’m doing though those are my bodyguards I felt like I was the coolest person ever the transformation in them is physical it’s it’s visual you see them going from an abused child to an empowered child they smile more they laugh it’s really something to see they get that any one of us would gladly take a bolo for them Tombstone felt like a father figure to me I knew I was family botha pretty much turned me into the woman that I am today I’ve been able to overcome so many things that I know I wouldn’t have been able to without them she ended up graduating with honors she’s in college full time and working full time I’m very very happy I’m moving up in my life it is probably the most important role I played in my life these kids have no idea where we are that single strand of barbed wire between hell and happiness for them never ever thought that I would be a part of an organization like this or any any kind of organization I’ve always been kind of a loner these kids get to you all these kids are our heroes we’re just the guys that ride around and try to give them some support I’m in it for life [Music] yeah

67 thoughts on “Bikers change lives of abused children

  1. Bless you kind humans, you will all be rewarded in the afterlife without a doubt, whatever that may be, I hope to meet you all there..

  2. God bless them ..they will rott in fucking hell …you hurt . Kids animals old folks I promise you will rott butn forever mother fuckers u …I love you bikers God bless u guys

  3. This touched my heart today. I wish they were there when I was eleven and going to testify against my step father. Angels!

  4. I'm so so sorry for yo FA, the same thing happened to me.sexually abused when I was 5-6. It changes you I has never gone away.I'm 53 with a nice family an 3 great grown children. I do hope you go talk with a professional over the years.someone you like an think you can trust.pick one there are lots of them.woman or man.But I love you hang in there your not alone there's a lot of us.Kevin

  5. Hi I just wanted to thank you because I am a boy that has grown up with these people my name is Bass man thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. I'm crying while watching this video.. praying that others would find people that could give them strength to keep on fighting and hope that theres still something worth living for. the reality of whats going on with our society is just too much…

  7. Anyone who disliked this is clearly a troll or they simply don't have a life. Amazing to see this honestly so proud of all the bikers and everyone they helped 🙂 Would love a follow up video

  8. Baca should find the 300 plus people who gave this a thumbs down. Give them a change of mind real quick. These guys are great!

  9. This is such a morale booster, and i think i am speaking for most people. This truly makes me happy and reminds me that within the human race resides the ability to care and nurture one another, no matter what. god bless – amen.

  10. This need to be national seriously only if you knew if anything like this happened to my child I pray for who they are

  11. as i biker in a club myself, i cried so hard seeing this. Amazing work, hope those guys keep it up and be better by the day

  12. Is Tombstone married I wonder. Who wouldn't want to be with a man that has that kind of a heart. The same goes for the whole gang.

  13. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to help these kids. It's warms my heart to see this video. God bless each and every one of you.

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