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Biking Around The Sea Wall Of Vancouver

Biking is an efficient way to move and sightseeing,
it has the perfect speed. It is also healthy and fun! When you see a nice landscape you can just
stop and take a break. I am biking on the sea wall. The sea wall is the big bike lane at the north
of Vancouver which goes along the shore so you can see al the beaches, the sea, the boats,
it’s very nice. Those green beaches are the place where canadian
meet, do sport and have fun. This place is full of good energy and nice
people, on sunny days, it is really an awesome place! Behind me you can see the big buildings of
downtown. Here, over there. The sea wall bike track is pretty long. it goes along the north beaches of the University
of British Columbia then goes all around Stanley Park and then goes back to Vancouver downtown. About 20km along the sea. A good workout on sunday morning! There you can see the trees of Stanley Park,
it’s an island so we are surrounded by water as you can see here. And there, the buildings are the other side
of Vancouver. You can see behind the lion’s gate bridge. It’s a very big bridge crossing the sea from this island, the Stanley Park island to the north of Vancouver. So I think I am almost at the half of the
track, so… I left the seawall because it was busy so
I went inside the Stanley Park. With the streets and cars and you can see
the big big big trees. They are conifers or pine trees. I don’t know in English really, but… yeah
it’s very nice and fresh because there is no sun. Everything is like in a darkness. On the way, I found a garden of roses of every
colours like red, rose, pink, white, orange. They are so nice! That is the end of the seawall trip and so
I am back at the Vancouver downtown, you can see the buildings over there. I hope you liked the video, you can subscribe
below, the red button and you can like. So see you!

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