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Biking the Great Allegheny Passage: Day 2

Biking the Great Allegheny Passage: Day 2

Hi, I’m Sara Petyk, owner of Bike the GAP. We plan self-guided bike trips on the Great
Allegheny Passage. We’re on Day 2 of our GAP adventure and after
a big breakfast here at the B&B another day on the trail awaits. Today we have about 40 miles of flat, scenic
trail to ride as we follow the Youghiogheny River into Ohiopyle State Park. We’ll pass through the small city of Connellsville,
see some trail art, maybe some history and a few waterfalls and rapids along the way. It looks like it’s going to be a great day
out, so let’s get on the trail. Wow, we made it. Magnificent! It’s a good view. Wow. It’s perfect today. We are about to enter Ohiopyle. Ohiopyle is both the name of the state park and of the small village here. And we’re about 75 miles down from the Point
in Pittsburgh. It’s definitely one of my favorite places
on the trail. It’s a great stop for lunch. It’s a great overnight. There are lots of places to eat. The rapids are beautiful. Lots of people watching here. So, it’s a good place to stop. Take a breath. Enjoy. It’s actually been a tourist destination since
the late 1800s when the trains used to bring tourists down from Pittsburgh and the other
cities to enjoy the outdoors. In the 1960s and ’70s it became known for
its whitewater and rafting. You can still raft here today. And then in the ’90s they started opening
these bike trails and so from then on it’s been very well known for biking. So lots of biking, whitewater, people-watching,
hiking, anything you can think of outdoors you can do here. It was amazing. And I think it all really went well. Today was exactly what I was hoping we were
going to find. It was just a beautiful long stretch, I don’t
know, 30 miles, of riding through the forest. With nobody around. An occasional guy coming by. Everybody who came by says hello, how are you doing. It’s just a friendly place to be. Riding through the forest the sun is kind of twinkling
through the leaves. It’s cool and comfortable. It was just perfect. Tomorrow in the morning we are going to ride
through a little bit more of Ohiopyle State Park. And then on to some trail structures you are
definitely going to have to see to believe. Check out more of our GAP and C&O videos on
our YouTube channel or on our Facebook page. Just click below or search for Bike the GAP. You can also learn more about our self-guided
bike trip services and book your own trip if you would click below or visit our web
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