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Blitz Motorcycles x Tudor Watches by Les Rhabilleurs

Blitz Motorcycles x Tudor Watches by Les Rhabilleurs

My name is Hugo, I’m 30 years old and I’m the co-founder, with Fred, of Blitz Motorcycle. My name is Fred and I’m 41 years old. I live in Paris and I am one of the two co-founders of the custom garage Blitz Motorcycle. My passion for motorbikes comes from my will to travel. At 30, I had my motorbike-driving license for a few years and I bought myself a very old bike. I then spent one year going back to school to learn mechanics. To me, Blitz is just two guys who built custom motorcycles the way they meant to. We simply made official our way to do it in a sense that we aim at blending the past with the brand new. When we show our clients their bikes for the first time, we always, with Hugo, pay close attention to their eyes. Until now all we have seen were eyes of 8 year-old boys in a toy factory. A motorbike is for me a different perception of time. You leave to see the unknown; it is somehow always an adventure. This is my road-trip bike. It has a Honda 125 gas tank for a 1000cc engine. I obviously never carry enough gas for this configuration. What I do is actually use the rotating bezel of my watch to measure elapsed time. Just like a diver, I know that I have one hour before reaching the reserve. Let’s say I am “watch-riding”! To me, a watch is meant to be a tool, the same kind of tool we can mount on bikes and I can use mine like a gas gauge for example! What I like in the watch I am wearing today, is that they went back to their past, somehow the way we do, revisited it and improved it a bit, but most importantly they fully embraced their origins. Finally, I think that the approach they have is not that far from ours in a sense that we look into the past to seek inspiration.We pick elements from the past that we revisit in the present. What drives me is the adventure. It is my will to travel and to discover new horizons. I’ve always like watches that had strong ties with adventurers.

9 thoughts on “Blitz Motorcycles x Tudor Watches by Les Rhabilleurs

  1. felicitation pour le fabuleux travail de renovation que vous effectuez…. je vois que les artisans en france sont toujours là malgrés le made in china….bye

  2. I have always inspired by you guys, the spirit from the past combined with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Very cool!

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