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Brussels Bike Jungle – The Impact of Infrastructure

Brussels Bike Jungle – The Impact of Infrastructure

There will be more separate and safer bike lanes in Brussels. The Brussels government wants to have more people on their bikes. and has therefore doubled the budget to build new bike lanes. From 6 up to 12 million euro a year.

41 thoughts on “Brussels Bike Jungle – The Impact of Infrastructure

  1. He must be fined for going to fast and for being stupid…. Open your eyes and go around the object….This is really idiotic to say the least. I don't even have words Damn Damn Damn!!!! I'm going to take a knife and cut myself because it has a sharp edge….like really…. wait I'm going to it my finger in a door cause I closed the door… I'm going to look into the sun because it's shiny. I'm going to walk through glass because I can see through it…. The guy on the end must be fined for not sticking to the paths…..

  2. UPDATE March 11th: The city of Brussels has started to remove some of the obtrusive furniture 🙂 Check out

  3. Anybody there who offers guided tours to all this obstacles? Tourism office of Brussels would love to get more visitors 😉

  4. it's parkour but with bikes … yes the video is showing silly driving, but it's just to make a point. you shouldn't have to ride around obstacles when following a lane!

  5. Boooh to cyclists. Every day I'm stuck in traffick because the city of Brussels decided to remove car lanes to make room for new bike lanes.
    Result: chaos every day because hundreds of cars get stuck on 1 lane to make room for a handful of bicycles…

  6. UPDATE March 13th: The city of Brussels has also removed one of the fences that feature in the video 🙂 Check out

  7. great video! We once bike travelled across Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, and I have to say Brussels city was the scariest part. Too many cars! not very bike friendly. A shame for the "Europe Capital".  

  8. My dear friend I invited to you, to come to Mexico city… ¡It is more dangerous! Oh I forget bring with you the hardest bike or a lot of them, I think that you'are going to break a lot of bikes.  Nice video and proposal! 😉

  9. I guess this is the reason why Brussels never made it to the international Monopoly game 🙂

  10. +fo0g We credit Neistat in the movie credits and in the Youtube description. But you're right, I could have tattooed it on my forehead!

  11. c'est vrai que c'est un bordel de rouler à bruxelles à vélo, je roule à vélo tous les jours dans cette foutue ville et c'est casse couilles

  12. The Council of Brussels should come to Amsterdam and see how REAL bike lanes are part of the total traffic system.

  13. I can say that that infrastructure is not so poor at all!!! Actually much better then in Moscow!! But this quite nice idea to show to someone who will be able to improve lanes! Hope it'll works 🙂

  14. A l'urbanisme de bxl ce sont des génies quand je vois certaines pistes cyclables qui t'envoie quasiment en frontal avec les voitures sur certains ronds points. Ou bien une barrière mise sur la piste sans raison aucune… Il serait temps qu'on prenne exemple sur les Hollandais qui depuis longtemps on compris les avantages du vélo.

  15. des progrès à faire en infrastructure je soutiens cette vidéo +1 ! c'est courageux ces chutes…

  16. Brussels is very unfriendly to bicycles or wheelchairs – shitty ramps if any, cobblestones and 2 cm gutters everywhere

  17. Wat een aanstellerij. Wanneer elke fietser een rijbewijs, verzekering en wegentaks betaalt mogen ze infrastructuur bouwen. Maar voor de fietsterroristen die vandaag voetgangers omver rijden wens ik hen autobumpers toe.

  18. A noter que comme dans beaucoup de villes une partie importante des aménagements qui rendent les itinéraires cyclables si tortueux et dangereux est posé (potelets, barrières, plots) pour répondre à l'incivilité des automobilistes.
    C'est quand même fou que les dispositifs destinés à mettre les cyclistes hors de danger des fois du volants se retournent finalement contre ces mêmes cyclistes.
    Apprendre au automobilistes à se discipliner en établissant systématiquement et lourdement leurs comportements serait triplement plus rentable (moins de mobilier urbain, plus de rentrées fiscales, une cohabitation apaisée à terme).

  19. Enfin une vidéos intelligente . ça change des vidéos de cycliste que se film en train de ce mettre volontairement en danger pour pointer du doigt les automobilistes . Bravo , un pouce bleu .

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