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Butte 100 showcases what Mining City has to offer

for sports with Dom tipping’s we start sports today with the beaut 100 one of the most renowned bike races in all of North America 350 racers from took part in three different races the beaut 100 mile race the beaut 50 mile race in the cerini 25 mile race and while each race gives these athletes a reason to push their limits and showcase their biking talents Stephanie cerini hopes that those from outside the beaut community think about coming back to experience more of what the mining city offers but I hope that they walk away with an incredible experience I feel that they are gonna walk away with thinking that race was awesome and most importantly that this community that supports this race is pretty awesome and we want to go back there so we really truly we have so much to offer people that come in from out of state and we want to share that with them you have the best backyard and full results from today’s races can be found on montana sports calm

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