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[Music] João: Hey, guys. All right? João Caetano here. Welcome to another video. Guys, today is Saturday. March 21st. I woke up early. Today is a day that I will stay with my brother. So … As you already know, every Saturday Gabriel goes to his father’s house to be with him. But lately I am very busy during the week and I have no time to be with my brother. And I asked his father to leave Saturday free for me. For me to be with Gabriel. I haven’t stayed with him for several days. And he asks me a lot, people. He says that I just work and make video. He says that I only take care of business. And I don’t have time to be with him anymore. And this is true. And I prioritize a lot. I need to have time for my family. And then … I woke up earlier today. He’s still sleeping. I have to keep my voice down so I don’t wake him up. Because today we are going to start doing something different. For some time I have wanted to buy a bicycle for me and Gabriel. But it’s not those racing bikes. I want to buy the BMX bike, you know? Those bicycles to maneuver, jump, etc. And I had an idea of ​​several videos that we can make with these bikes. So I woke up early. I woke up my sister and asked her to go with me to the bike shop. Let’s look in Curitiba for a place to buy these BMX. We will walk around the condo. Here are some places inside the forest. Many cool videos. If you liked this BMX idea, first of all I want to ask you something: Click the like button. Let’s click the like button a lot. Let’s start this week well. The goal of this video is 100,000 likes. And subscribe to the channel because there is a new video every day. We are on our way to 10 million subscribers and only you can help me. And comment on video ideas that we can make with bicycles. I think we can make a lot of cool videos. I want to make a prank on Gabriel’s bike when I buy. I’m going to paint the bike pink. I’m going to do a lot of funny things. And thank God, I asked God yesterday for Him to leave the mood pleasant. And He left the climate pleasant. In the weather forecast it was going to rain. And the day is fine. I hope it doesn’t rain in the afternoon because today I want to be with Gabriel all day. We will do several things. I will record everything for you and I will post this week. OK? Let’s call my sister now. We will look for the bike. I don’t know where to find it. Paty.
Paty: Hi. João: Are you ready? Paty: I’m ready.
João: Come on. I’m going to speak softly because Gabriel can’t wake up. Paty: Is it a surprise?
João: Yes, it’s a surprise. Paty: That’s cool.
João: He doesn’t know. Paty: He’ll be happy. João: Really?
Paty: Yes. João: And one more thing … Where are we going to find these bikes, Paty? Paty: Well, there are some places that may be open today. Let’s search. João: It’s true. We’re in quarantine. Paty: Yes, exactly. Let’s search. João: Ok. I’m going to get the car key and we’ll meet you down there. [Music] João: Everything ready, guys. We’re on our way to the store where we’re going to buy the bike. As I talked to you, we still don’t know where we are going to buy. So let’s look. There’s a Leroy Merlin near the house. For those who don’t know, it is a store that sells construction material. I bought my pool there. And I think there is a bicycle there. There are several things there. We go there first. If not, we will go to downtown Curitiba. And let’s look for bicycle stores, you know? Let’s go. We’re here, people. I was looking on the website. And I think there is. I don’t know if there is now to sell. We need to buy today. My idea is to ride a bike all day with him. So if we don’t have anything to sell here, we will look for downtown Curitiba. The police are there telling everyone to go home not to be on the street. I hope we find the stores open. Unfortunately I chose the wrong day. I did not imagine that the disease would be like this. I’m angry. We didn’t get in here. We asked the security guard and he told me that he doesn’t sell a bicycle. Leroy Merlin, you let me down now. There’s always everything here. Now we are going to look for a site in Curitiba. And we’ll call the place to find out if we’re going to find the bikes. Otherwise, we will waste time looking. It is far. Guys, I managed to find a website that has the type of bicycle I want. But look at the price. R $ 2,600. Another BMX … R $ 2,700. Another BMX. This BMX is beautiful. R $ 2,700 too. Is too expensive. Look at another BMX. R $ 2,900. Wow. I didn’t expect it to cost that price. If it’s really that price, I’ll buy just one. I’m going to buy just one. I share with my brother. We play together, etc. [Inaudible] We will only buy a bicycle. If you like many of the videos with the bicycle here on the channel, we buy another one. And we will make more videos. As I said … If this video reaches 200,000 likes, I buy a different bike. I’m going to buy Gabriel’s bike today. And we use and play together. And if you guys like it a lot, I’ll buy myself a bike. And we record several videos. With the bikes. But you have to like it. OK? [Music] João: Guys, did you see? We found a perfect place. We’re in luck. I was almost giving up. Everywhere we went it was closed. And I didn’t have the bikes to sell in places. And here it is. And the cool thing is that I think bikes fit in the car because of the size. And they are professional bikes, BMX, you know? We will learn to do things, etc. I think there are some obstacles here. We can buy. But today we’re going to save money. We can assemble with boxes, etc. But look. Look at the bikes. Look at this. There’s this black one. But look at the value. R $ 2,700. That bike is beautiful, Paty. Look at the color. It looks like a gradient. Very beautiful. But the price … Paty: I actually liked the orange bike. João: Why?
Paty: Because that color draws more attention. João: It’s true. João: There is an orange bicycle here. With the black wheel. This all black bicycle is very beautiful. Look at this. This orange bike is the cheapest. It costs R $ 2,000. And this bike seems to be as good as the others. Paty: In my opinion, I buy the orange bike. João: Orange? I think Gabriel will like it. Guys, this bike is a real professional. It’s not a toy. It’s not for fun, you know? These bikes are professional. Wow. Is very beautiful. Wow. Very beautiful. Paty: I can’t use it. João: This bike is not just for use, Paty. This bike is for maneuvering, jumping, etc. Paty: Yes. João: Crazy. R $ 2,000. It’s a bicycle. [Laughs] My God.
João: The pocket hurts. João: But it’s worth it. João: Did the bike jump? Paty: Yes. A little. João: Very cool, people. Paty: Gabriel will like it. João: Well, now we have to train. Very cool. The bike is much shorter than I expected. Seriously. But it’s for Gabriel. Did I look good? Can you take a beautiful picture? Very cool.
Paty: Yes. [Music] João: Now the bike jumped?
Paty: A little. João: Come on. Look, people. Is ready. Let’s go? Let’s go home. Gabriel will be very happy. I’m happy for Gabriel. In fact, there’s a good chance that I will steal his bike. I really want to learn how to use it. Editor, put some cool tricks that we can do with this bike. We will try. I think that in 1 month we will be professional. [Music] João: Everything ready, guys. We got home. It took us a while to find the bike. It is now 1:46 pm. For you to see how long it took us. Gabriel is certainly awake. So I’m going to speak softly. Let’s get the bike out of the car now. And then we’ll call him to see what Gabriel’s reaction will be. I’m impressed. This bicycle is very beautiful. [Music] I’m going to take a picture for Instagram, guys. I’m going to take a picture for Instagram with this bike. I want to see you following me and going to enjoy the photo on Instagram, ok? This bicycle is very beautiful. Seriously. Will Gabriel be happy? Paty: I think he will be very happy. João: Is he in his room? Paty: I think so. [Music] João: Gabriel. Gabriel: Hi. João: Come here. Gabriel: Hi. João: Let’s have lunch. Gabriel: Come on. João: I have a surprise to show you. Gabriel: Okay, I’m going down. João: Ok, I’m waiting for you. Are you ready?
Gabriel: I’m ready. João: Come here. Calm calm. Before lunch, come here. I will show you something. Will he like it, Paty?
Paty: I don’t think so. João: But remember one thing … The gift is for both of us. It’s yours. But I want you to share it with me. Gabriel: Okay.
João: Open the door. Gabriel: Are you kidding? João: What did you think? [Music] João: Look how beautiful the bike is. This bicycle is professional. Gabriel: Dude, it’s really cool. João: It’s for jumping, etc. Do you want to learn to jump with me or not? Gabriel: Obvious. Paty: Ride the bike for us to see. João: That’s right. This bike is for use like this. Paty: He was very excited.
João: Yes. Paty: He’s going to be exercising.
João: Right, right. If you see the people who use this bike … They are strong. João: We are going to do several things with this bicycle. We’re going to make a joke. Gabriel: Very cool. João: Did you like it? Gabriel: A lot. João: The bike is a little heavy, right? Gabriel: Yes.
João: Do ​​you think you can jump? Gabriel: I don’t know. João: Do ​​you want to see me jumping? Gabriel: You have to raise the seat a little. João: Actually the bike is like that. The seat is strange. But this bike is for riding like that. And it’s a bicycle for maneuvering. Gabriel: Yes. João: Now I jumped high. Gabriel: Let me try. Paty: Now you have jumped higher. Gabriel: Let me try. João: It’s difficult. Let’s do something, Gabriel. We will record the video learning to jump later. So calm down. I will try to teach you. We will watch some tips on YouTube. Do not try. Let’s record another video. You will not make it. I’m going to help you. Just an attempt. To show how the other video will be. Let’s see if he can do it. This bike is for riding on the back, etc.
Paty: Yes. We can record another video if people want to. João: You have to lift the rear wheel. Paty: We can go on a track. João: There’s one close to home. We can go there. That is all. I hope you enjoyed it. If you like it and want more videos with the bike, click the like button. And subscribe to the channel. We will have lots of news. We’re going to have a lot of cool things for you to see. I know that a lot of people like cycling on YouTube. Then subscribe to the channel. That is all. See you tomorrow again because there is a new video every day. We will have lunch now and then we will train and play, for sure. I will put on a more comfortable outfit. That’s all, people. See you tomorrow because there is a new video every day. Until tomorrow, people. Paty and Gabriel: Bye.
João: Bye bye.


  1. Vai durar 3 semanas essa bike e vai ficar parada por um bom tempo igual outras coisas que ele deu pro Gabriel e nem pode sair de casa

  2. Só uma correção,essa bmx não é profissional, é de iniciante,porém não deixa de ser uma bmx de verdade, e pra chegar nessas manobras leva alguns anos kkkkk

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