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COVID-19 Week 1Workout

COVID-19 Week 1Workout

Rule 1: If it hurts don’t do it! Rule 2: If you need a break take it (I was struggling…) Rule 3: Earn your progressions! Rule 4: SMILE: THIS IS FUN! Warm up: McGill Big 3! Activates core and reduces back pain! Get ready for work for 30 seconds and rest for 20 seconds! Statue of Liberties for stability and mobility! Side Lunge Reach- load that hip! Push-ups….tuck that chin back, hold tension in core! Mountain Climbers Hip bridge reach! Alternating step back lunge! Squat Jacks Plank walks Side plank lifts (add leg lift?) Reverse planks (singles?) BIG FINISH! For a better Brettzle video go to our facebook page and watch there…. Ahhhhh….breathe Subscribe to our youtube channel…FiXX Cycling! If you like it then “like it”! Our skills will improve…can’t get much worse…:)

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