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CRAZY PEOPLE VS BIKERS | Never trust drivers (EP. 178)

CRAZY PEOPLE VS BIKERS | Never trust drivers (EP. 178)

Hello guys, welcome to moto stars channel. Today we’ve got another crazy people vs bikers video. I hope you will enjoy it. So, let’s jump in! We’ve got several situations in which drivers give bikers no chance. It’s good to learn from a video like this. This biker was riding only twenty miles per hour. Unfortunately, the driver didt give the biker any chance to react. Biker has a broken leg, arm and several ribs. Thankfully, he was riding with full protective gear and he was’t hurt badly. This truck just pushed the bikers off the road for no reason.

50 thoughts on “CRAZY PEOPLE VS BIKERS | Never trust drivers (EP. 178)

  1. Hello guys!
    I get a lot of messages asking why do I add my comment to these videos. YouTube has changed their policy, so I need to do this. I hope you guys understand and I appreciate your support.

  2. 8:32 illegal my ass, no sign prohibiting to do it πŸ™‚ next clip is like wtf? the rider is far from the intersection, and drivers in some states( if not in all) are allowed to take a right on a red light if noone is close to the intersection

  3. Pro tip – Never get the plates from a semi trailer, grab the d.o.t. numbers on the side cab as those are linked to the truck.

  4. 9:20 – REALLY?!? Cutting you off??? It wasn't even close. Seriously, some of you whiny, entitled little girls need to just stay at home.

  5. When there is bad traffic and everybody in their car is doing 20 and your on your bike doing 40, expect something bad to happen. Especially lane splitting and what not.

  6. About the truck one, you can ser that he's falling from the left side. For me, that was nothing but a strong wind blow….thats why you dont overtake trucks like that so close by.

  7. Apart from the turning accident, none of these can be completely attributed to the other vehicle. Looks like bike riders being dicks and don't know how to ride safely, or at all … just stupid decision making by the bike riders, but they call that natural selection, so no great loss.

  8. Guy hits biker then tries to hold his own car while it wants to run him over. These are the kind of drivers who panic and are clueless to their surroundings. They get the rest of us killed or hurt.
    Meanwhile drivers licenses get handed out like pork at a BBQ restaurant.

  9. Puro puto usando moto y chillones ademas… Que se sienten, policias? Manejen y dejen de andar mamando a la gente por eso luego creen que todos los motociclistas estan pendejos

  10. Well you did brake a lot of laws πŸ˜‰ And thats why normal bikers dont like you πŸ˜‰

    Have fun in live , i hope we dont meet on the road πŸ˜‰

    Hi from biker to biker ;p

  11. @ 1:10 are you all right? πŸ€ͺ usual question when you hurt someone. How about omg I f**^^d up , let’s get you an ambulance.

  12. that young boy crossing the road against the light i would have had to hit him with my foot as i went by right in his little ass maybe that will scare him to watch when he crosses

  13. Don't know what the biker is whining about at 4:45…. riding like a complete spanner will get you killed …shit rider who then wants to blame others …trying to filter or lane split like that is stupid, dangerous and irresponsible …just shows a complete lack of road craft and skill

  14. 5:30: "He had miss [sic] matching plates.." No shit, Sherlock! That's the way it can be with interstate commerce. You should have known.

  15. Must be very tiring to ride like that. Very nobel that you want to educate other drivers but that is going to be a never ending story with 0 results. Just stress for the motorcyclist not for those car drivers and they will not change their behavior, those phones are their everything.

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