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Cross Country Mountain Bike Vs Downhill Bike | Blake & Rich Go Head To Head

Cross Country Mountain Bike Vs Downhill Bike | Blake & Rich Go Head To Head

(digital noise) – Welcome back you beautiful people. Today, Richard and I are going to battle. – We are. Today it is XC versus– – Downhill. (light electronic music) (laughing) (logo rumbling) – [Doddy] Okay, first things first. Let’s take a look at
the two different bikes. This is a machine for the job. Built with rough, fast,
and steep trails in mind, the downhill bike laps up
jumps, drops, and rowdy stuff. There’s 200 mil of travel front and rear to keep the bike stuck to the ground. And massive 200 mil disc rotors. Clamped by powerful four part
brakes to slow back down. 27.5 inch wheels take
care of rolling duties, though with no dropper post,
and extremely slack geometry, this is no bike for a long days petal. (light electronic music) This is Blake Samson, dirt jumper, free rider, free racer, occasionally. Loves hardtails, loves
huckin’, landing sideways, hangin’ up, Yorkshire tea, and biscuits. And on occasion, some old man
ale, in an old man handle mug. Bike. This is a full race machine. This thing blazes along single track. Goes uphill like a rat up a drain pipe. And begs to be ridden mile after mile. This one’s got a dropper post. So it can get a little
loose on the descent. It needs it, because a hardtail frame can be unforgiving if pushed hard. There’s 100 mil travel fork. Big 29 inch wheels, a
12 speed transmission. And this thing’s so light,
it can almost blow away. This is Richard Payne. Enduro and XC racer. Somerset born and bred, loves to go fast, and has great facial hair. (suspenseful music) (heavy breathing) – Oh Rich, first challenge,
climbing challenge to the fun. – Mmm, yeah you are
struggling aren’t you mate? – I’m really struggling Rich. – Yeah, no I’m not, because
I’m on a (mumble) XC bike. You’re alright dude? – Yeah, I’ve got 36/21 gear ratio. – 34/50 so laters! – See you later. I think I’ll be laughing when
you get to down hill, Rich. (panting) – How you doing there, mate? – All right. – [Richard] Loving life? – Yeah it’s really good. – Yeah, cool let’s carry on uphill. – Yeah. – Come on Blake. – [Richard] You know, I’m bored of you now so I’m goin’ again. – Richard, all this pushin’
up will pay in dividends – Toodle pip. – When I come downhill. – I can’t hear you, I’m so far ahead. – You’ll definitely hear me when I come flying up behind you. That Richard, really funny, look at him. Dig deep Blake. – Not envying that right now.
– Dig deep. – How you doing bud? (breathing heavily and wheezing) Nice. – Woo! – Now I hate to break it to you, but the clue could be in the name on that downhill bike for going up. – I think it is Richard. You know the characteristics of this rig it’s built like this to be going down, whereas that’s built
like this to be going up. – Yeah. – You see–
– Sort of then. I also think, obviously
this is a body position, weight, gearing, tires, it’s
made for it, isn’t it mate? – That is definitely made for climbing. But this, is made for
going downhill, Richard. – I think we should hit some flow. And we’re at the top exactly Richard. Should we hit this blue? Workout? – (laughs) Yes mate. Let’s go forward. – You know downhill comes
with some fast as well. – Let’s go flow. – Let’s go! (frantic music) – So quick Rich! – This guy’s winding me up. See ya Blake! (frantic music) – What are you doing!? – I can see your roost Blake! (frantic music) (cheering and panting) – How was that buddy? – Working super hard
with 200 mil of travel on the blue run there. – Yeah I’ll be honest that was fun for me. – So good and you overtook! Was I going too slow? – You were holding me up I couldn’t, I couldn’t be in that
downhill roost anymore so (laughing) I had to crack on. – Do you know what, the best, no matter what bike you have
on a blue run it’s still fun. – I agree, yeah. Even on your 100 mill XC bike. – Exactly, could be a little bit quicker. – Yeah. – Way quicker actually. (laughing) – You could go a lot more sideways and find gaps like that one. – [Richard] Exactly, yeah. So I think, I think, we’ll call
it a draw on the flow trail. – Yeah. – Yeah. – 50/50 for me. – I was working.
– I was a bit faster. – I was working really hard. I was pedaling kind of precariously. – Oh yeah?
– Yeah. Trying to keep up. Right, enough of that. – I think it’s time to get wild isn’t? – Let’s climb in. Should we go down some rough? – Yeah go on then. – Yeah? – Look at, look how you smiling. – I just want to follow you down because that’ll be interesting. – Let’s go do some downhill. – Lets go that way. – Lead the way mate. – It’s time to descend Richard. – Oh I was going to say cake. – You’d no time for cake,
can’t get out of it. You ready? – Yeah I’m going man.
– Let’s go. – Oh I’m going to die! (heavy music) (mumbling) (heavy music) – Oh Richard’s going to hate this. (laughing) (laughing) Yes! Yeah! Downhill! Hey, Rich? Oh where’s Richard? It might be a while. Come on dude where are you. (heavy music) – Way too bumpy. Whew. Whoa. Oh my god. Ugh yes, crushed it. – I’m coming Blake! Oh my heads on- (voices overlapping) Ah dude. – [Blake] Go Rich! (panting, groaning, and
laughing drowns out Rich) – Yeah. Quite close. – Bloody hell. – That was silky smooth. – Do you reckon? – That was.
– Yeah. It was like a magic carpet right there. – I’m out of the magic
right now on this one. (laughing) – How did it feel riding
and tumbling in them steps? – The problem is you get a
good speed on a XC bike still but you just can’t slow down. These are big ol’ rotors. – Look at the size of those rotors. Terrible size. (laughing) Well done, well. – You were flying. – That was an obvious. – Yeah, I’ll give you that. – I was super comfy, I was having fun. Like. Going up in routes. – Me eyes nearly popped out. (laughing) but still smiling man, still smiling. – Exactly that’s what it is all about. We still smiling riding bikes no matter what bike you have
cross country, downhill, Enduro, or mountain, gravel-
– Unicycle. No?
– No. Right, next challenge. Which is faster? – In a sprint. (text whooshing) – Oh Richard. – What’s this? – This is the start line Rich. Which bike accelerates
faster out of the line. – Foster? – Faster. – Faster – Faster. – You said foster. – Sorry, I’m South African. – A sprint? – A sprint it is. We’re going to start
from this line right here and we’re going to go all the way to that white piece of plastic. Can you see that?
– That’s away. That’s away.
– Yeah? On the left. From here to there. First one to cross the line. – Okay, I’ll be honest I feel
quite confidant on this one. – I don’t, but watch this. – [Cameraman] Three, two, one, go! (excited music) – Keep up old boy! Whoa! That got the heart rate going nicely. – Oh yeah, 100 and something. – Yeah, talk about wattage.
– Richard? – Yeah? – The battle has come to an end. – Yeah. – That the downhill bike, like you said, is designed to just go downhill. – [Richard] Yeah, I think
what we can take away is that there’s. Each one has it’s benefits,
there’s no clear winner. If you want to go out and smash miles, do some more mellow trails an XC bike is really good for that. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Richard] If you are like looking for the gnarliest terrain and you just want to crush it. The downhill bike. – [Blake] I think so and like for myself free riding, jumping –
– Yeah. – Landing sideways. Been through some horrible stuff. – Yeah. – I think this is it right here. Bike park smasher. – Yeah. Pros and cons for both. Neither are winner. But I won. – Yeah you won. You won going uphill, you won. – I’m just playing. Oh! (laughing) That’s was fun Rich. – I enjoyed that. – Yes. – Hopefully you enjoyed it. – Yeah. Don’t forget to follow us
on all our social media. – Yup. – Platforms linked down below. We’ll see you next time. See ya.

100 thoughts on “Cross Country Mountain Bike Vs Downhill Bike | Blake & Rich Go Head To Head

  1. You guys should get Manon to come over for a GMBN/GCN collaboration, GMBN has been a real sausage fest as of late. Would be cool to see Manon on a MTB.

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  3. Trail/Enduro bike is king if you want to go everywhere, might not be as fast as xc up or DH down rough stuff but does both well enough that you can go on big all day rides and hit gnarly trails and have load of fun on them

  4. While the rest of the world shutters and fear and death from Covid19… The UK is still shredding, and perhaps about to explode in pandemic…
    I loved GMBN, but seeing the complete disregard for social distancing coming from UK while in lockdown in California, just feels antagonistic…

  5. They should have timed it to see what bike is faster on complete uphill/downhill loop. Pretty sure the hardtail would win easily.

  6. please someone help me!
    can i put a 12speed cassette on a non boost qr. if not whats the most amount of gears i can put on. i dont have a hub yet so if its up to the hub i can buy one. thank you in advance!

  7. I’d love to know where the trails are that you ride for these videos.
    As a XC biker I’m struggling to understand why, having worked so much harder to get to the top, downhill bikers just want to get to the bottom as quickly as they can?

  8. I would still prefer a DH bike over a xc bike if I had huge hills to climb the fun factor is worth 10 points

  9. So in the end if you want to have one bike that does it all (but nothing perfect) you might just get yourself a Trail or Enduro Bike.

  10. If you've been here long enough since presenter battles you'll know Blake can beat anyone in a climb uphill on a dh bike.

  11. I relate to this video, especially because I always ride my XC bike when riding with my friends… oh wait, I only have an XC bike (they tend to be the least expensive ones).

  12. Hi! On which place excatly did you do that test? Ir has several fantástic trails for everything 🚵‍♂️🚵‍♂️🚵‍♂️!!!!

  13. when you accelerate on a dh people tend to zigzag the front wheel tho doing that makes you travel further so keeping the front wheel as straight as possible will give you a better chance of winning a sprint

  14. Hello guys!
    I lov to see your chanal on YouTube…
    Why dont you make the same tests using a XC HARD TAIL X XC FULL SUSPENSION?

  15. Downhill bikes are by far the best looking things on two wheels! Worth the extra pedalling effort uphill 👍🏻

  16. Blake pushing his bike up hill is all I needed to see to go with a hardtail. You might not go as fast down hill, but at least you're still on the bike.

  17. Super movie!
    I have been looking for answers to my question for several months:
    And what if we want to ride fast A-line but not giving up the possibility of a 30km trip

    Enduro or Trail?

  18. I can't wait to buy my brand new Merida Big Nine Durango, and go for some forest trails, because now I have a 150€ road bike with no brakes at all 🙂

  19. You rode both bikes down single track, why didn't ride both bikes up single track? A road bike would've been fine on that climb, but you wouldn't want to take it down the trail.

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  21. interesting video but the results are expected…each bike was designed for different purposes..regardless which bike you use though, what matters is you're having fun..

  22. Drop the seat and most "mountainbikes" are suitable for most stuff. You just aren't going to go as fast and/or have as much fun.

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