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Cycling Documentary | S01 E02 – How To Choose Handlebar Tape | Champion Of The Track

Cycling Documentary | S01 E02 – How To Choose Handlebar Tape | Champion Of The Track

I love coming here in the morning, it really
helps me to calm down, because today I got a call from the show management
and they were like: the tricks which I showed in the previous show are not
exactly what they’re looking for and it’s like not technical pfff. And the other
thing which completely spoiled my day was that I watched a
GCN video on how to install the bottle holder. I was like … how stupid do you need
to be not to ….know how to do it. Personally I find it very retarded that any YouTube
video of unwrapping an iPhone 7 has 300,000 times more views than any Tour
de France video. And that’s why I came up with a very special topic for today’s
show and it’s not stretching. We’re gonna go to the bike shop right now
an i teach you howl to do some cool stuff! And what I did I got literally the cheapest
handlebar tape from Amazon. Less than ten $ ,pretty much no name. So,
and this one is red, so as you can see this handlebar tape is wrapped with this
plastic ring which turtle can get a neck in and then it will die in the ocean.
So this handlebar tape gets only two points for its ecological impact. Pretty bad,
really bad This handlebar tape comes in yellow
color, it also has this awesome plastic wrap but in this case it’s not put
together. That’s why turtles are not gonna die
like when they when they get stuck in it so this handlebar tape, the yellow one,
gets around five points for the ecological impact. Very good. But okay,
enough with not important things, let’s check the grip because rip is
literally the most important quality of handlebar tape and to check it we will
do an experiment which has been usually done in razor ads. Do you remember all
those ads where all happy women are shaving their legs and then they’re
like – “Woooo” checking the grip of leg against some silk.
And that’s what we’re gonna do right now! Come closer Isn’t it beautiful?
I haven’t done it for ages because I’m not in a professional league anymore,
you know. So come a little bit closer Let’s start Oh
once again it’s sliding the grip is probably very bad. Once again it’s
either my legs or that the razor is super nice ooh or or the grip is bad. So
that’s why we will try it oh the second Just like that yeah it’s a little
part of it. I actually don’t know whether it’s the razor. But
to make our experiment scientific, very scientific we have the third tape which
is also ecologically bad. Lets take a little part and see how it’s sliding. “Whoa”
did you see that grip, look “whoa whoa whoa whoa” I think we have a winner the
winner is the pink tape! The pink tape is the winner. because look. look at the
difference just so like one after another.
So choosing tape is just like choosing condoms. Some love it with
ribbons some love it without. I love it without but I always put handlebar tape on the
bike, otherwise you would look stupid. Without condom you can also stupid later
when you get kids and you didn’t really want them. So it’s up to you! Because I like scientific researches,
we’re gonna check this tape and compare the strengths of these two tapes. Don’t
forget to stay safe all the time because it can hit your eye. I’m pulling it with
the same power, and it’s still pretty good! I mean, oops oh sorry It was more or less
hundred Newton’s of the force I applied, and this one is good! Still not breaking and it did break. Just
a second ago we saw which handlebar I take can go through more stress and this
one sucked. You know what, that was actually too much for me
I don’t want this documentary to be as cheesy and fake as Bohemian Rhapsody so
that’s why I thought that I will invite you to my psychotherapists appointment
which is in 30 minutes. And we do it for real. You know everyone has problems and I have to work on my anger
management. So see you there How are you doing today?
I think I’m aight. Do you miss your past, your cycling
career? Yeah you know I miss it a lot actually. I mean I had it all you know I
was a big shot and although I’m trying to integrate right now but still what am
i? I’m just a regular person. I’m really happy that you’re feeling
better now so see you next week/ Gesund Meister production. It states that the
handlebar tape would give you plus thirty percent of your speed during the
full moon cycle. Isn’t it great? And this one is designed especially to decrease
your nutrition consumption level by the factor of two on everyday basis!

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