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Dallas Cyclists Go Rogue

Dallas Cyclists Go Rogue

17 thoughts on “Dallas Cyclists Go Rogue

  1. It is an affective form of protest, but if just anyone were allowed to put down street markings we would have people changing the speed limit and putting up "no cyclists" signs.

  2. So I guess that community never learned that bicyclists have the same rights as any car as far as using road ways, bicycles can't use a round about please

  3. From the makers of 'the country with the highest obesity problem' comes 'cyclists go rogue' what an outrageous title. Sad to see that so many cities around the world are so hostile to cyclists.

  4. I cycle but a high speed road isn't a place for cyclists. I use the side walk if the speed limit on a road is higher than 35, If you need to get somewhere fast use a car like an adult.. Btw, isn't this vandalism, why isn't this group arrested and put behind bars. oh yeah that's right they're white so it's cute and harmless.

  5. Cyclist should put there money down via bicycle registration fees. I haven’t ridden a bike dive I was about 15 and I’m tired of my registration fee, gas tax, etc going to these free loaders

  6. Screw them, they don’t pay road taxes. License them, and force them to be insured as a car would be. To many of these cyclists are menace to traffic, won’t follow the rules of the road. Then whine when the get hit by a car.

  7. Try a helmet 1st…..and you cant just put your own marking on the road. Sounds like dallas is not real bright

  8. All I can say is thank God I live in Plano where the city has designated bike routes and plenty of safe trails. I can literally get to my destination virtually without getting on any major road…and often faster.

  9. Texas seems to be miles behind as far as cycling goes. Texas is a very unfriendly area to cyclists. I think a good bit stems from lack of awareness on everyone's part. The laws aren't enforced (if the cops even know what the laws are). Motorists aren't informed and believe we have no place on the roads. So many cyclists just do whatever they like regardless of the rules (many believing they are no more then a pedestrian).Then, we are such a small group here, cities and towns are not interested in our opinions neither are they willing to invest in our safety. Bicycle lanes cost money and the funding just is not in their budgets. Of course our infrastructure works against us to some degree as well. Everything here is so spread out that cycling, for many, is not a reasonable alternative and as such we should just drive like normal people. Be it in the city or out in the country, riding a bicycle in Texas can be a very dangerous proposition.

  10. This is America….we drive cars ok, get over it. Bicycles belong in China, because there are over 1 Billion and they can't all have cars.

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