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[ DARE TO TRI ] – Episode 1

[ DARE TO TRI ]  – Episode 1

I’m Javi, a student, photographer, athlete from Guatemala in Taiwan. Inspired by my grandfather, I first got into competitive sports at a young age. Running has taught me so much more than just perseverance and resilience. It has lead me to places I could never dream of. I’m always trying to push myself to new challenges. This year… Triathlon DARE VSR Aero Road Bike looks fast no matter the viewing angle. It’s like a blade that breaks through air resistance. These are tools that really help you stand out Cycling is life. An independent freedom of movement. A good way to stay fit and make friends. A more sensible way to commute, avoiding traffic. Nothing beats taking a good ride through nature. Views, chatting, silence, exhaustion, satisfaction. You feel more alive, food tastes better, sleep is also better, and feel energized throughout the day. One thing for sure is that no matter if it’s a rainy day, I can go to the pool, If it’s closed then I can hit the gym, no gym, then stretching… As a triathlete, you must train for all three events, that means a lot of time dedicated to preparation. There are days in which it’s hard, and not fun. But I find my daily motivation when training with friends. The commitment with others will make it harder to back out of training. Not only your friends will challenge and push each other, but it is actually fun! From cycling adventures and butterfly sprints to waking up early for a core workout, Long evening sessions in the pool and sharing with the best athletes in the world. Seeking out new heights gives me a little perspective when I need it the most. Such as when I need a confidence boost or just a fresh shot of career inspiration. One of the best tricks is going up to the highest peak you can find. See you on the next Triathlon

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