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Disneyland Bike Ride Orange County on YouTube. Bicycle Rock Music. #bicycling for weight loss

Disneyland Bike Ride Orange County on YouTube. Bicycle Rock Music. #bicycling for weight loss

welcome to Jenny’s Channel late May 2015
and we’re outside of Disneyland California was built in 1955
by Walt Disney before he started construction a year earlier the 1930s and 40s when he took his
children around to theme parks and he wanted something for both them and
himself the one theme park
the Disney family that was actually created by Walt Disney when it opened in
1955 a hot summer day number of problems including
it was a plumber strike they had to make a decision whether they
were going to working toilets
water they decided to go toilets Pepsi at the time me this clan interesting facts to their credit one is
that they has 565 million people
scores in its in its since its inception and that’s more than any other theme
park another interesting fact is song says is played in 50 man has played
more any other song in history that’s the
song that’s located in its

4 thoughts on “Disneyland Bike Ride Orange County on YouTube. Bicycle Rock Music. #bicycling for weight loss

  1. Great Bike Ride near Disneyland along with an interesting history lesson about Disneyland's start in 1955.

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