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DIY power bank for 3-volt-devices ( camera / bicycle light )

DIY power bank for 3-volt-devices ( camera / bicycle light )

I’ve hooked up a 3.7 volts lithium rechargeable battery to my cam. In a laptop battery are SIX (not five) of those. If you got an old one usually not all of them are dead. it reads 6000 milliampere hours. IT’S A HOAX (the have only 1000 mAh!!!) If you can get 4000 (NOTIN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS) out of it it would mean you can shoot a video 8 hours long. At least with my cam. It taps about 0.5 amps. That’s VELCRO. Plus. That’s here. Goes to a capacitor and a diode. It’s an electrolyte capacitor 470
microfarads. What the diode does is: It robs the voltage off about 0.7 volts.
Battery delivers 3.7. The device gets 3.0. But that’s exactly what the device wants.
So again: Plus of the cam goes to capacitor and diode. Then of course to plus of the
battery and then back to the cam. Okay! That’s that. Thank you for watching!
And always check out the description box! Might be further information in there.
See you!

3 thoughts on “DIY power bank for 3-volt-devices ( camera / bicycle light )

  1. It's of course 6 batteries which are in a laptop battery! Meanwhile I've removed capacitor and diode to get more out of the battery. The camera seems not to mind this bit overvoltage. We'll see.

  2. IT'S A HOAX THERE ARE NO 6000mA 18650 batteries. You can expect 2-3 Amperes capacity out of (high end) batteries.

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