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DMT DTR1 Triathlon Shoe Review

Hi guys Owainn Matthews here and these are
DMT DTR 1 triathlon shoes built for a super fast transition and speed in a
race but does that come at a price let’s find out. Hey everyone so these are
the DMT DTR 1’s, fairly newish I guessed rifle and shoot from DMT you
probably in Australia you probably won’t know them too much I mean they’re an
Italian company pretty big in Europe very big in the road market developing
doing a lot of R&D with road cycling shoes work with Viviani the sprinter so
have a lot of backing behind them not so well known in the in the triathlon
market but in Australia we probably don’t know too much about them so the
DTR one in my mind is a funny triathlon shoe because I was interested in it
because we’ll look the design that they’ve gone for the innovation compared
to other trifling shoes which in my mind is specifically focused towards speed of
a shoe okay I think there’ll be a short course strap on to whether or not the M
team had that in mind when they make this shoe I don’t know but from a
marketing perspective I think that this shoe is purely designed for speed like
with some of my previous posts and clients about triathlon shoes I think
dmt have done away with all the crap you don’t need in a triathlon shoe and come
up with a DTR one and it’s lesser version and the DT one so what about
this shoe makes it super fast well first look at the design it’s not a
traditional trifle and shoe it looks really different the first thing you
notice is it doesn’t have a time so there’s no central part of the shoe
coming down the middle so it’s essentially two sides of the shoe to
close in the middle through a single BOA system which makes it super easy for
transition gives you a lot of ventilation down the front of shoe and
also makes it master gap for you to put your your foot into
when you’re transitioning so super good for speed you’ll also notice that
there’s not a lot of padding and cushioning around the shoe which makes
it a lot lighter the trade-off is a little bit of comfort I think which is
probably why it’s better designed for shorter distance racing rather than long
distance racing some other unique features about this shoe which are
really cool so one of the materials that they use for some of the shoes
especially the trifle range is this polyurethane film which is you know
about a quarter of a millimeter thick and it’s heat molded across the shoe to
make it super super light and tight and in the triathlon version where you see
these little black marks around here this is where there’s some ventilation
spots as well which are great for keeping the feet nice and cool but also
let out water if you’ve got wet feet as well which is a great from a triathlon
shoe perspective on the bottom we’ve got carbon so it’s a nice and stiff good for
the power when you’re riding and some ventilation at the front of the shoe on
the bottom make sure again that you have not keeping any water inside the shoe
and that you’re staying nice and ventilated with it on the inside a
really cool unique feature you can see here is a little transition hook so
rather than having to have loops at the back your shoes or put elastic bands
around the whole shoe they have these neat little transition Clips where you
can just hook yeah elastic band on and then tie them on to the sliding bike to
make sure that your shoes are nice and horizontal for you to stick your feet
into when you’re transitioning so the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that
comfort is a big issue because of all the things that it’s taken out of the
shoe so I think they’ve been really positive in developing a really fast
shoe but they’ve no get did comfort as part of that but I still think it’s a
great shoe for short course racing a couple of things that have caused it to
lack its comfort obviously like I mentioned before there’s not a lot of
cushioning around the heel cup which makes it a little bit
rigid and a little bit tight when you are tightening on to your foot so it’s
not so comfortable the other thing is this great innovation of obviously
having the two sides giving you a lot of space to throw up the shoe when you
tighten the ballet as so what you’ll find is that obviously the outside part
of the shoe sits underneath the top up and then that part presses on the top of
your foot it’s not super comfortable where as a single piece tongue or a flap
that comes over means that there’s nothing rubbing on the top of your foot
that’s going to be a big hindrance to riding for long periods of time
especially if you want the shoe nice and tight and a tighter you make the bow up
the more that squeezes onto the top of your foot so if you’re going to make
that loose to allow them not to happen so much then your foots going to slide
around in it so like I said I think dmt you’ve done great take them all the crap
away from a lot of the triathlon shoes that are on the market that you don’t
need for a fast shoe but they’ve neglected or they’ve I think my
byproduct of that has been the less comfort you’re gonna have from this shoe
if you are looking to get a shoe like this or the DT one which is the version
one walk down which has the velcro instead and losing some of the features
these retail at $250 and you’re gonna probably not find them on too many
Australian sites you’ll have to buy them internationally and get them shipped
which most places do now anyway but if you’re racing a short course worth a
look the sizes run pretty even to most comparing brands flying the same size
that I was in a Shimano but check them out check them out on the website
they’ve got some really cool technologies a skeleton technology going
on in their road shoes and things like that and obviously a lot of cyclists in
the European market are using DMT so thanks for listening if you liked the
review again hit the button to subscribe like the video share it and let me know
if you’ve got any questions and I can update you on any information you go
around these shoes thanks for listening

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