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Downhill on a Trials Bike |SickSeries #52

Downhill on a Trials Bike |SickSeries #52

hey guy´s it´s us again, Sick Series today is the day today we´re doing something special – you guy´s wanted it and we will take it as a challenge we´re here in Saalbach – two day´s after the Glemmride and we´re standing in front of the Pro Line and do you know which bike´s we´re riding? not the Downhill Bikes – noo the Trial Bikes and now it´s time for Downhill on Trial Bikes. Here we goo we´re riding downhill with the trial bikes why are you shaking your head? how much bar are we riding? we have 3 bar air in our tires we don´t change anything – without suspenison – completely stiff the Magura MT7 is the only thing that saves our lives the only thing that can stop us I´m scared of the first drop haha Let´s go this looks sick other riders are coming here we are, the first obstacle. There´s a tree stem and there is a take off so I thought of doing a tire tap against the tree and than back into the track see how others ride this section you think you can make it? yeah i guess send it haha full sent to the moon haha this one was sick dude!! pretty sick I would say just put the gopro back on and go on shredding!! the stones and berms are so hard look, a sick series mudguard are you Fabio Wibmer dude this is sick so we will send this one with the trial bikes last year we did the nohand challenge, this year we´re going for the drop challenge I will try to jump it normally and fabio will try it from the backwheel you wanna start? – yeah, let´s go with this sh*t trials bike pretty scatchy right send it for Sick Series it´s pretty hard for your head never ever dude we just found a pretty hard gap, out of the corner there is a northshore, looks like a boner log over the berm and into the landing so over this guy are you filming a video? yeah sure can we take a picture? the only problem is… this berm because it´s not in the same direction haha the berm is pretty slippry and i think that i´ve not enough speed and you can´t pedal because of the small gear over there so Fabio, let´s go I´ll do a speed test it´s gonna be scatchy do it dude you can jump off it was your idea – so you´ve to do it pretty sick!! sick sent dude! felt pretty scary but in the end it was pretty easy we´re so silly we´re here at the jump, where we did the flip in the course preview or tried to flip haha but very funny haha so we´re on the trials bike – so let´s try it on these bikes but I guess this one is harder with the trials bike than on the downhill bike schnig schnag schnug who will start. one round so Fabio will be the first one – let´s go it´s gonna be pretty scatchy yeah it´s gonna be pretty scatchy, but let´s go for a test run not that high right? so, but just do it so let´s go, have fun with this shi*t trials bike soo stiff dude, you have to pull pretty hard thanks for the tip so it´s your turn every time you´re going for a backflip – that´s a highlight. go for the test run not to short haha longer than every other with the Downhill Bike dude, you´re the hardest sender I´ve ever seen at least he is pretty injured he dislocated his shoulder I know how this feels like bite on the tongue bleeding on the head bleeding nearly everywhere I´m pretty motivated for the backflip now haha thanks dude good luck dude he will need it good luck dude good health this guy is pretty sure one of the hardest shredder on the track haha what do you think? guess you´ll make it do it dude, are you fine? yeah, everything is fine dude. sh*t haha this was crazy i couldn´t pop away I was pretty strange respect for the sent haha easy nothing wild happened haha the berms are pretty hard relax the arms into the funny part stop stop stop dude, ahh sh*t so I guess trial bikes are not made for riding on a downhill track so guy´s, what a challenge Elias has a Flat tire but I guess this show´s that trial bikes are not made for riding downhill definitely not but it was pretty pretty funny sick experience but all the stones and rocks are pretty hard and it´s soo hard with the stiff trials bike without suspenison also with 3 bar air in the tires but pretty technical because you have to choose the right line so at least a good training but I´ll change back to the downhill bike me to haha especially on trails like these but it was a sick challenge – if you have another crazy challenges just let us know in the comments and we´ll try to do it but hopefully without crashing haha hopefully haha but Sick Series is exactly this… it´s what we do and how we do it and this is sick and we hope you guy´s like it in this case, thanks for watching see you the next time. Cheers Turn off

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