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Drifting the KTM RC 390 cup bike | RokON VLOG #21

[Music] hey guys it’s a new vlog day and time to fly to BAM we are here Mexico finally long flight this happens when Dominic is flying to play man we are here for the National Duke lounge in Mexico City in two days for the journalists I need to throw down some tricks but first things first we need to build a stunt bike so let’s go to the girge brought my parts back with me precious bike from the warehouse that they have and it’s a 2017 kts 200 you let’s take the Duke apart and build another stunt bike here in Mexico should be a quick job [Music] as you can see the bike is properly naked now the parts are already lined up there’s plenty of work waiting for me now let’s build the bike a stunt bike sorry I couldn’t resist your RC a little bit it makes me [Music] I brought with me brand-spanking-new out of the CNC machine from Crystal packs orange anodized we put a little bit more update into it so much stronger nicer finish I’m gonna make a first test in Mexico City now [Music] five hours now in this bike and another five hours in the video looks like a few minutes but it’s actually a whole day of work we are not pretty hungry so quick lunch time and then back to work [Music] so I’m going to show you how to properly mount a chain that’s the rock on tech tip there is millions of ways how to do it I do it like this so I remove the chain guard and so on so I have easier access the last thing is to put the pin the safety pin what is important so chain is going this way and if the pin is facing this way it can hit obstacle on the way when it’s turning the chain is falling also down and you can crash so just the simple thing you turn it opposite direction if it’s still hitting something it will not fall down put it like this perfect beam that’s this guide trick so he helped me a little bit thank you Alex yes let’s do a simple trick when I assume the chain guard I just caught this away babe and then I have a little spacer because the sprocket is bigger so the chain guard needs to go higher but this is a simple trick what I do [Music] [Applause] [Music] mic is finished we are missing a brake fluid and chain loop so it’s less thing to do and then the bike is ready to ride [Music] let’s give up this Vikas everything is working let’s have some fun on the practice book [Music] feels okay that’s right [Music] [Music] [Music] we have 2600 readers probably I’m gonna repeat this the whole block how high we are because it’s really hard to breathe for a European guy let’s do another 15 minutes practice it feels like to a horse but yeah I need to get used to the bike before we go to the show [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] practice is done a short one because I had some issues with setup in the bike but now everything works and we are quite late now and I need to pack stuff and go to the show [Music] we have still two hours to kill so we found this hill close to the show area practicing my stop skills [Music] Sunday gumbo me check this and it’s raining perfect weather I think we’re gonna cancel the outside activity and I’m gonna go rock inside the building where the people are partying and enjoying the new Dux I’m gonna throw them some bricks in front of the stage let’s make the best out of it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] you see me yes you see me okay so Mexico is done It’s A Wrap you just finished the presentation of the Duke 390 and 250 in Mexico people loved the show people loved the Duke and my job is done here I enjoyed Mexico I love Mexico and let’s go to the next country see you next time bang [Music] [Applause]

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