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Easy Workout with Your Motorcycle! Improves Balance

Ho, ho ho! the snow is deep and winter is
here and in this episode you will get lessons on how to spend better quality
time to become a better adventure rider with the one you love thanks for
watching moto trek this year what a great first season had tremendous growth
and you guys are the ones that make all the difference the comments the shares
the likes I love it all it’s wonderful in fact your comments are what’s helping
shape up next year we have shows on Does Size Matter, talking about tire size
and how much of a difference does it really make on pavement or in the dirt
sand skills uphill downhill riding through sand we’re gonna talk about kit
and riding gear and our bikes really don’t want to fall down we’re gonna take
a look at rake and trail and all those forces that keep your bike upright I’m
excited to be going back to South Africa at the end of next year oh the winch! just
the way just the way I love going out and getting stuck and just seeing what
it takes to get out of it so I’m gonna go stick my bike in the mud pull out the
shovel pull out the winch yes that is a winch on the back of my bike
and show you some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned to get out of those
situations did I mention suspension and it’s a
completely different beast when you’re talking about big heavy bikes that have
to go from street to dirt so here’s the lesson of the day
there are ways you can better your skills as an adventure rider even if your
bike is locked up for the winter this activity is about getting inside
the center balance of the bike to do this we’re just gonna climb up and off
the bike in the garage without the bike falling over on us so I’m gonna plant my
knee into the bike and pivot into the center balance of the bike now if you’re not doing this correct
what you’ll notice is the bike will move over towards you by standing straight up
that bike falls over and of course that’s not near as elegant now when you
get better at this activity if you’re more advanced rider you can start
climbing up from different places besides just the foot peg winter is a
great time to practice this and it will make you a better rider when you get out
of the garage it helps you stay inside that balance point of the bikes you’re
not so intimidated by all of that weight and these big heavy bikes being offroad
you do need to be careful if you’re doing this in the garage you’ve never
done this before don’t have it near your car where it’s gonna tip over and
definitely don’t get hurt if the jungle-gym seems a little extreme this
is a much safer and more comfortable activity this is all about getting to a
standing position correctly what I’m gonna do is anchor my feet anchor my
knee and I’m gonna pivot up and forward on the bike you’ll notice I’m not using
my hands to get up and I wedged my legs in so I’m not using energy once I get
here when I come down I slide back down along the tank so I’m sliding up the
tank I slide down the tank here’s what we’re trying to avoid very common rider
stand straight up when they do that requires a lot more energy in the legs
and we don’t walk in as well on the bike the other thing we’ll do is when we
stand up riders will sit and they sit back on the bike that moves the weight
farther back and makes the front and very light so the activity get forward
on the bike all the way forward lock those knees in and pivot forward up
towards the front of the bike so you’re over the front wheel and slide back down
again no hands great activity and not as Extreme as the
jungle gym yesterday was the shortest day of the year that means every single
day is a little bit longer and riding season is right around the corner this
is not the time to start sitting back on our laurels and not doing anything about
a riding now is the time to start getting our skills ready getting our kit
ready making sure our bikes are ready because the riding season is almost here
in this episode I’m going to give you some things to do you can enjoy your
winter I’m sliding up the tank I slide down you

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