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epic philly motorcycle vs police helicopter

epic philly motorcycle vs police helicopter

READ VIDEO DESCRIPTION the heli points a laser pointer at him

100 thoughts on “epic philly motorcycle vs police helicopter

  1. The skills and experience in this, Jesus. Smart thinking, under the bridge. Do you have any other videos like this on your channel, I'm too lazy to look.

  2. i been watching this vid for hours damn u went really fast and u know how to handle the bike driver in world

  3. I cannot beleive they put up and kept up a helo over a freakin' motorcycle speeder? Thats like activating SWAT over a parking ticket. This 12:00+ of airtime was a total waste of the taxpayers $$. The seriousness of a suspected crime normally required to launch a helo would simultaneously require activation of at least (3) patrol cars yet there are none in this whole 13:00 video?

  4. I spend a weekend every summer in Center City Philadelphia to catch Phish at BB&T Amphitheatre in Camden, NJ. After 10pm the police units every couple blocks all disappear, and the city completely transforms into the fucking Thunderdome. My friend and I were out on a 15 story balcony around 1am and watched some guys yank a body out of a trunk, and drag it into a basement across Walnut St. We went down to have a smoke (smoke-free buildings are gay) and told the concierge what we had seen. We asked if we should report it, and we were told "You can, but I would't, and the only authorized smoking area was down on Walnut St., but once again I wouldn't."

  5. I dont see how hes a squid. He has full gear and he can clearly ride. That is some of the best riding on the street ive ever seen.

  6. Definitely has skills and confidence. Hope the Huey Officer was at stroke level when he realized he got duped.Too bad their pay doesn't get docked for pissing away all that citizen funded tax $ for wasted fuel….

  7. Helicopter to chase a biker???? What the fuck is wrong with Americans? This is why tourists are afraid to go to America…So over the top. So into catching nothing whilst terrorists get away with everything.

  8. This epic YT vid is in my humble opinion THE single best unlawful flight from LEOs ever recorded. Thanks to the wonderful power of the internet I can vicariously live thru the brave actions of some literally insane SOBs doing sh#@ I'd never have the brass kohonas to even attempt. Incredible!!!

  9. SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION so like couldn't they use the camera's footage to review were they last seen him then use the traffic cameras to see where he goes next? And also,I'm curios how likely it is for cameras to be set up around streets and neighborhood making it able to track a guy doing stuff like this

  10. "We have too many other major crimes that are happening in the city to look into some idiot who is riding on a bike," said Stanford.


  11. O wow I am glad my tax money is paying for that expensive helicopter fuel 🤦‍♂️ who needs to catch murders and pedophiles just get the people speeding and we will be safe lol.

  12. "He's not getting away from our chopper, our chopper doesn't have to travel at the same-rate of speed to keep up with him," said Stanford. Hey Stanford, He already got the fuck away from your chopper.

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