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FINALLY got a legit motorcycle packing set up! Viking Bag Saddlebag Review

– [Narrator] Do you guys
remember when I went on my first camping trip this summer, an all-girls motorcycle camping trip, and I almost killed myself
because I didn’t properly attach all my stuff on my bike? And I also lost my sleeping bag, which kind of puts a damper in my motorcycle camping trip plans. So, I’ve been on the search for some really good saddlebags, and I was going to get SW-MOTECH bags, because that’s what VotoCycling uses, and she has the same bike as me, and she camps a lot. But then, Viking Bags contacted me, and gave me these for free. No contract, they’re not
paying me to make this video, nothing, but they sent me this months ago, and I’m only now making this video, so they’re probably never
gonna give me anything again. So, I might as well just do and tell you whatever I want about these bags. My main qualm about these is soft bags, they’re not waterproof. They come with waterproof bags, but they’re just water-resistant. So, I hate the idea of having
to pull over in the rain. But I wonder, what if you are riding, and then all of a sudden, the
rains starts hitting on you, and there’s nowhere to pull over, and there’s no shelter nearby. You’d have to pull over fast, and put these waterproof bags on. So, I wanted to see how fast you would need to put them on. Now, I’m not so hardcore that I’m going to test this in the rain. I mean, it’s December, so I decided to drench
it at home with a hose for about a minute. I was shocked to see that
the blankets and towels I had left inside to test
this were almost totally dry. There was a little bit of drops inside, but it looks like I could definitely get away with not pulling over right away. And then, the next thing that I needed to make sure about was
how well did it stay on? So, about that story I mentioned earlier. Well, my sleeping bag got sucked into the space between my seat and tire. My first time to and up the mountains was about two hours, most
of it on the highway, and then, I thought it
looked crooked and wobbly, so I told Viking Bags, and apparently I had not
attached the bungee cords. So, I was pretty impressed
that it stayed on, even though I didn’t totally attach it. So, next mountain ride, I
put on the bungee cords, and it stayed on very well. And then, the whole bags themselves, they’re pretty spacious. This is the medium size for both of them, and I actually just kept the
backpack inside the tail bag, that way it’s just easier to take it off. Even though the tail bag can
be turned into a backpack, it’s just easier to take it
right out, and then get going. Plus, it matches my suit. Now, I know I said I wanted
all this for camping, but you know what? I don’t think I like camping, but now I can pack like Mary Poppins. I can bring so many snacks, and drinks, and my camera, and even
a change of clothes, or walking shoes if I wanna go hiking. And before, I would not commute to work, because of all the stuff I was carrying, and I wanted to look
presentable and professional, but now I can fit in all the crap I take. So, maybe I’ll start
commuting on my bike soon. I don’t know, we’ll see. Traffic in Atlanta is so annoying. Ride safe, and I’ll see
you in the next one.

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