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Foppas Lufthojs Bygge

Foppas Lufthojs Bygge

There are actually few critical voices but I
have seen people comment on the internet. Uh, this one can’t used for a longer road trip. Well, then I had gone to the local
motorcycle dealer and bought one. You don’t build this kind of
bike to go on a Europe vacation. Motornörd= Engine geek literally
but petrolhead is probably more correct. Build with scrap. -Hi Peter, How are you?
I’m fine! Congratulate to…
What was the last event? Last time I was in Norway.
Oslo Motorshow and that went well. I won Best in Show with a motorcycle. -For you who are new to the channel
I have to introduce who Peter is. There is another series that I have
made called Brooklyn Choppers. Where you can see Peter’s other
completely crazy construction. Which of us has a Harley Davidson with a compressor? Or a pulse Jet Harley Davidson… Or a bike cycle with a jet engine… Or why not a Vespa with motocross engine. Peter also figures at Speed ​​Weekend:
There are 2 episodes you can screen. It’s about driving so fast
you can on the ice in Årsunda. There is not a single vehicle that is normal. Have you missed it?
Watch these episodes. Last time I was here last filming we had to cover
the motorcyle since the project could not be revealed. -And wow it’s finished.
Yes or well..not really. I will add some more things
but it is complete and it works. It was barely possible to drive into the
Norrtälje Custom Bike Show so I could take part. Did you win there too?
Yes, I won the custom class. I got a wild card from Neil Blaber to compete
in the custom class at world championship. Neil was in the jury itself but they were not
able to agree with the other jurors. And Niel absolutely wanted this bike to win. But other jurors thought
it was more a work of art than a motorcycle. And I can agree with that
is not a very good motorcycle. Niel wanted the motorcycle for the world championship
so he gave me a wild card on stage. It was cool to get one. Should we take a look at it?
Please tell us what it is. It is a motorcycle that is driven by air, compressed air. -Where do you get such an idea from?
Well… …good question. It just happened. I can agree it looks like a pice of art. Yes, there is no real effect in it.
But it could get if I wanted to. The cylinders are made of glass that are
guaranteed to keep 10 bars of pressure. I have tested it to 8 bar to be
sure it would last. How much work have you put into this? It was more than I had imagined… …much more! It wasn’t meant to be a motorcycle. I had this crankset from
a 70’s HD Sportster. I planned do some artwork
but it was in such good condition. I started to think and then
I found a stainless steel tube. I hade en idea to make a motor like a clock
which starts every half and a full hour. I started build the I got an idea about
making a pneumatic motor powered by air. And the it got out of hands… At first, it would be raw metal with no color. When I started polishing some bits
it just got worse and worse… After Speed ​​Weekend last year, I gained momentum. Then everything was just raw metal. I only had a couple of months left when
I figured it would be blank with steampunk look. It’s a fantastic finish on the motorcycle. Yes that’s why I want it in the living room
it would fit very well there. When I was with Mario he got his moped in the bedroom
but then it was a William Morris wallpaper involved. Mario: sure, we negotiated Having a moped in the bedroom. Having a veteran moped in the bedroom
gave a very good negotiating position. I got a William Morris wallpaper. I don’t know how to negotiate with my wife. When she is away I may ask some
friends to help me carry it inside. Then it becomes difficult for her to move. The clutch has a bathtub chain.
-Hahaha! The clutch is not heavy. The slats are from champagne corks
from my wife and a friend. Of which I have cut and made slats of. The throttle …
Here is a water tap an old brass tap. The chain is from my old military ID tag. So now I have no one and if the military need me
I have to have the identity tray in my pocket. The chain runs in the brass tube
up to the water tap. It runs on air, did I say that?
Yes. Many people wonder how I can have
glass cylinders when it gets hot. It doesn’t get hot it gets cold.
The more I drive the cooler it gets. Air intake is here. The air is distributed to both cylinders. I have to have hoses since it is a moving frame. Here I have pressure relief valves. A piston engine is not optimal if you
engine brakes but it is good compressor. Then the pistons start to push the pressure instead.
I pressure relief valves that release the pressure. To be protect the glass cylinders. -Where are the cylinders from? It’s from my local glassmaker
Bomhus glass located around the corner here. I could not tell them my plans since
none of them would understand. I wanted the glass to withstand some
pressure and not have too thick walls. These cylinders are about 5mm. My Glassmaker found these
which will withstand 10 bar pressure. There are pretty bad tolerances on
glass there is a certain skew. I have measured and it differs 1/10. I had to have some tolerance on the pistons. Where do the pistons come from?
I made them here with my Milling Machine. The seal is specially turned on Momentum
a company in Gävle where I have worked before. Purmos is called it and is self-lubricating polyurethane. -Purmos!?
Yes. It sounds like dish of the day.
-Hahaha! They are specially Millinged so that the lip
that goes against the glass is very thin. Easy and no friction. I have had questions about the piston bolt bushings. It’s not brass.
It just looks like it. It’s a real piston bolt. It is a nested needle bearing instead of plain
bearings lubricated with grease that stays in there. For the connecting rod I have made a special nipple. So I lubricate it with a roller bearing. It does not need much oil because
it doesn’t get hot it gets cold. Here I have so I can drip some oil. The crank is like a fork so the oil is spread there. -Why is it an hourglass?
It runs about 3-5 minutes on a tank. This is 3 minutes. When the sand has run down, the journey is over. Here I have an old copper vessel. I think it’s a weed spray.
The content was back then pumped up. Now I’ve open it up.. … and cut it apart.
Here I have a dive tube. Ah, a 12 liter bottle with 200 bar pressure. I had this on my back and it was insanely uncomfortable. Two days before Norrtälje I fixed it
here so I could have the air somewhere. First thought of having a flue gas tube
but it looked to modern. I had this and a my air tube fitted. I tested this “rucksack” on my back. Only this weighs a lot of kilos empty. It felt a bit uncomfortable but it should work. But in Norrtälje I hade to ride. That route takes 3 minutes for a normal motorcycle. It took me at least 25 minutes. I needed to stop and lift the tube
since it hurt so much… .. what to say here in the shoulder area. A week later, I had red marks so it looked
like something was trying to strangle me in my armpits. It hurt so bad! I will never put it on again. I could have made this more comfortable so it
didn’t hurt so bad … it wasn’t a good idea. It will be much better when I build
side cart with much larger tank. -Side cart?
Yes, I’m going to build a side cart for a bigger tank. Above all, I get more air. The tube I will use is an old
gas tube from a Volvo V70. Isn’t that the same thing as Tomas use for his kick? Exactly it is Tomas who gave me the idea. We jet guys from Speed ​​Weekend give each other great tips. It’s nice to be able to bounce ideas with.
There are not so many people to talk to about this. People mostly shake their heads. I would love to know what may have been on the inside. We can ask the viewers.
Does anyone know what can have been inside? When I opened it …
Someone said there was nicotine in it. I don’t know if it still smells… …herbicide. Now it doesn’t smell that much anymore.
I have painted it on the inside. It should be a long bar with a pump. The idea was that it would look like
I was pumping air in to the tube, and some thought I did. People asked how many times I
had stopped and pumped in Norrtälje. The worst stench I’ve ever known.
It was a very sweet smell. When I googled it also came up with nicotine. But it could also be DDT or other dangerous things.
I was scared of this tube. I was indoors in a wash station and
put in a water hose with hot water. There was such a disgusting stench inside
the wash station so I needed to open the gate. I have no idea what was in the tube. I didn’t see anything but it must have been sitting on the walls. There was a very bad smell. Have tried scrubbing it but it still doesn’t smell okay. But the copper vessel itself is made for 8 bar. There are old wagon wheels and
The tires are probably from the 50s. Where did you find the tires? I bought them on a swap meet a long time ago. I was terrified when I need to remove the tire before painting. I didn’t see any cracks… …I thought the tires would breake
but not a single crack. It was better quality in the old days.
Yepp. Michelin tires with the old logo. The logo does not look like this anymore. I don’t know how old they are
but they look really nice. The tires are a bit shiny and have kind off plastic surface. I haven’t washed them I want an old and worn look. The saddle is an old bicycle saddle from Brooks. Isn’t that the same saddle as El-Bruto?
Correct! Exactly the same but this one is a bit darker. I receive criticism for the stearing
since it is not optimal. It’s the same “head start” as
you call it in chopper language. There is an 11 cm lead so it is evenly balanced. It is a big difference to wiggle the handlebars vs swing. The prototype I made of an old
bicycle I put the headboard here. On the bicycle I had the handlebars down here. There were no problems at all. It was a violent fork angle
but it was possible to ride. It will be different to keep the balance like this. Wiggle on the steering wheel instead of steering. I have to think all the time when ride. And is breaking the handlebar
when keeping the balance. -It’s not a fast machine is it? No, but it will be better… When I get a regulator which could handle more air flow. Since I have 200 bar that i need to convert down to 5 bar. I need a regulator that handles
pressure and gives good volume. If you get more speed it should be easier to ride?. Yes especially since it hardly rides in walking speed now. It is a problem that it rides so slowly. Should we take it for a spin?
Yes! Or I can’t drive it since
the regulator is not working as it should. I can start the engine and explain how it works. -How have the reactions been when people have seen this? For the most part positive, many girls think it’s good looking. When I’ve been to exhibitions there are many girls
who came forward and commented that it is beatiful. I’m pleased over the design.
It’s not a good motorcycle, but it’s just good looking. I can understand the jury which not
wanted the motorcycle to world championchip. Since it is more a work of art than a motorcycle. Mikael Östling is the one who painted the frame. I’ve tried to explain how I want it,
it should look like an old sewing machine… …with steampunk theme. It would not be perfect and super-accurate. It must be old Victorian style.
Steampunk is Victorian. It shouldn’t be perfect. I think painter understood well what I meant. We really agreed and
I am very pleased with the result. -What’s the name of the motorcycle?
Aerium. As in Latin, the type becomes airborne or similar. I think it is good name. Let’s show you before I start… I’ll get a wrench so you can see. Yes here… Ah you are on this side. Here is an exhaust valve. On the inside here I have done
my own pneumatic valves. Now the intake opens here when the piston turns. Now air is coming in to this cylinder. It doesn’t sound like a Harley Davidson because
it is HD crank now it ignition on every lap. They ignition is shortly after each other and
that’s why the air in the tube dosen’t last for long. Now it has filled this cylinder with air. Now he also fills this cylinder with air. It differs a few cm in pace as they circulate. Usually they ignition on every other. We can start it and you will see. Turn on air pressure here. Oh, what happened now? No. Ah, I forgot to open the valve… Now I can’t use the throttle as I had imagined. It sounds like a steam locomotive.
Yeah a little bit that way. I’ll slow down and maybe you can see better. As you can see, it is jerky
since the ignition are on the same lap. Now it runs extremely slowly. It will be very jerky. There is a difference in the sound towards
the other pulse jet vehicles I have. It’s a more pleasant sound. I didn’t run it that long. It became like a lump of ice in Norrtälje when I
drove an entire tube and let it run for several minutes. People flocked around it then. We can run it for a while. Let’s push it! Hold your hat!
Yep. Scary, right?
Hehe! This is how it could stand ticking in the living room … …or what do you say?
Yes. That’s just another reason
why it should be in the living room. Yeah, right!
hahaha. This is a modified respirator. There is no human who can handle
8 bars into the lungs. It’s not made for this. It was one of those quick fixes… Before the World Championchip I have to
make it work better and more practical. The shape of the cylinder head I have millinged. I don’t have very good tools in the workshop. I cut pieces from the cylinder head with a grinder
since I wanted something similar to a royal crown. Then I used a file by hand to get the shape. The glass comes from a crystal chandelier. To get the hub cap to spin… …it is a wheel bearing as there is a
threaded rod in the nut so tighten the wheel. There is a bearing in the bolt. So it can rotate otherwise it would have been stuck. There were some tricky things to solve on the way. I have made the rear sprocket. It was an old sprocket that I milled from the inside. Has also milled the hub. The brass is the nut. If I remove it, I can pull off the entire wheel axle. Is the handlebar a bicycle handlebar?
Yes parts of it. What you see here is from a piece of furniture. From my first living room table.
Hahaha! The weld joints are hidden here. This piece comes from a children’s bike. Not the best chrome, but I think it was good
because the aluminum didn’t get that shiny either. Don’t really understand why it doesn’t get shiny. -What has been the most difficult thing with this build?
That was probably the frame. I have no real bending machine.
I have a hand tube bender and no press. To be able to make a long round radius I needed to move
the hand tube bender about 100 times for it to be good. Otherwise it will not be smooth. That was messy. Don’t know if I’ve said the most of it is built of scrap metal. The frame is made of water pipes. Nothing fancy. The engine block would be aluminum. The engine block itself. But I did not find any aluminum pieces
for a reasonable amount of money. But I found a big acid resistant pipe. I destroyed many threaded pins since the pipe was rock solid. I had to leave the milling to
get it as even as possible… .. to a friend who
working in a proper workshop. I didn’t get any luster
with the milling so he had to do it. Fantastic news that it went so well
in Norrtälje and also in Oslo. What did the Norwegians think?
They thought it was completely crazy. Visitors were positive. Most of them were positive. And did they understand that the bike runs on air?
Well… I don’t know… When you are at such an event it is a lot
“ordinary” people visiting a motor show. They think it’s fun with
shiny motorcycles and cars. When I explain that it runs on air. I had it running frequent during the weekend. Yeah yeah yeah the said. But what do you have in the petrol tank? It runs on compressed air. That’s what I’ve been talking about for the last 5 minutes. Do you have any news for Speed ​​Weekend 2020? I’ll update the kick so it goes a little faster. I should try to get some test runs. Last year it hardly worked. Then I got to kick across the finish line since I ran out of fuel. I spent 10 liters of petrol in 2 km. I have to make it make it more fuel efficient Many thanks for taking the time and showed this. I’ll guess I see you on speed weekend? I really hope so. See ya!
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