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FreedConn T-Max Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset | Sena Killer | Unboxing & Review

FreedConn T-Max Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headset | Sena Killer | Unboxing & Review hey guys what’s up how’s everyone doing
welcome back to another unboxing of the channel and this time I have an exciting
product all the way from China it’s my latest Bluetooth headset intercom for my
helmet and before we get started let me show you the unboxing real quick so welcome back guys this is the headset
itself and what I like about it it’s it’s very minimalistic in design all you
have is one multifunction button that’s there then you have the indicator light
and this is a multi-function jog wheel which moves both ways up and down so you
can switch between functions now this is how it comes with the box
oops now this is how it comes with the box the guy is one of the main reasons
why I went with this is I checked every other headset that was available in the
market and this is the only one which lets you connect with six riders
simultaneously so it’s not a one-to-one thing plus it comes with a two year
warranty and this particular model has a range of 1500 meters which I will be
checking in another video so this is how it comes right so as you can see here
let me zoom in group intercom six riders 1500 meters says two riders can be
between 500 to a thousand meters I don’t know why that’s different multi device obviously connectible it
connects to a two-way radio as well if you have one of those
it’s got stereo music suggested speed is about 80 kilometers per hour it’s got an
FM radio built-in voice prompts can be taken also if you have Android or an
iPhone so you can use those functions its focus it’s a rechargeable battery I
believe the time is between 10 to 12 hours water resistant
it’s got advance noise cancellation I have tried it and yes my the guy I was
speaking to on the other side was not able to hear any noise in the background playback control and individual volume
control alright I will let you guys have a pause and see
what all comes in the box something it this is a branded one it’s called freed
corn and that’s it now I have already installed it on my helmet so let me show
you now guys I was not able to install the metal clip that came with the
headsets instead of used the other or plastic pod which came with a
double-sided tape it’s quite strong but it’s a plastic clip maybe the metal clip
will not not fit ECE rated helmets because the shell size the shell is a
little thicker I don’t know because I was not able to do that same thing with
my ls2 helmet so the it didn’t fit my empty helmet as the clip and did not fit
my ls2 helmet as well about anyways there it goes I will show you quickly
how I’ve done as you can see guys the clip is mounted here the the cable comes
from focus so I’m sorry for bad lighting the cable comes from below and plugs in
directly to the headset the mic goes under my chin curtain and rests right
here I won’t be able to show it to you because of how the interiors are of this
helmet and the mic pockets are already provided you have to use the velcro
straps to fit it in there and let me just fit it and we’ll turn it on and see
how it goes so this is it this is how it connects
it’s quite secure guys and I like the the slim profile of it also it looks
quite cool so I’m gonna connect it to my phone right now and just keep it down
here and press it it has voice prompts to tell you so it
probably said welcome to freed corn and let’s see if it’s connected I have to
turn on the pairing mode so to press and hold for pairing mode and there you go
it’s gone into pairing let’s go to my phone so there you go guys it’s
connected with my phone and now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go out for a short
ride so that you can listen to the quality of the microphone on this what
I’ll be doing is recording onto my camera and I will sync the audio
straight from the headset on – my phone’s app so let’s go

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