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GCN Asks The Pros | How Long Should Your Sleeves Be?

GCN Asks The Pros | How Long Should Your Sleeves Be?

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Female Speaker 1: Our special foreign correspondent, Florian Chabbal was at the Saudi Tour earlier
this month asking the pros all the important questions.
Florian Chabbal: We are here in Saudi Arabia for the first edition of Saudi Tour. We’re
going to ask the riders how long should be their sleeves. Niki, for you, where should
your sleeve be on your arm? Niki Terpstra: Well, just over the middle,
I think. I think, too long is not so nice. Maybe for the time throughout, but not for
the normal races. Mark Cavendish: Honestly, if you got time
to worry about that, you’re not on your bike training. For me, it doesn’t really matter.
Obviously, I don’t want it down to here. It doesn’t matter.
Florian: Connor, where should your sleeve be on your arm?
Connor Swift: For me, I think about there. For many of these jerseys, it’s a little
bit too long. Yes, about here. Heinrich Haussler: For me, as long as possible.
Just underneath the elbow. Florian: What’s the matter?
Heinrich: It just looks good in style. [laughs] I’m not sure. I don’t know, 20 years ago,
it used to be short shorts, short socks, short bibs. For me, if I don’t have long socks,
long jersey, long bibs, I get a little bit crazy in the head.
Florian: Yes, it can be a problem when you have a leader jersey, because you can’t
choose. Heinrich: Well, I’m lucky with this clothing
company. They’re pretty long. Florian: Those rainbows strips change something?
Mark: It’s nice to look down. I don’t care how long it is. As long as you can see
these at the end of it, then I’m pretty happy.
Florian: Dan, pretty sunny day today. Where should be your sleeves on your arm?
Daniel McLay: Well, I think a little bit shorter than this. I’m still waiting for the adjustment.
Maybe there. Halfway is good. Florian: What’s more important, thin line
or aerodynamics? Niki: Well, the thin line is screwed anyway.
If you walk in normal shorts just in a regular thin line, it always looks not so good. It’s
screwed anyway. Cyril Gautier: For me, the perfect sleeve
is right in the middle here from your upper arm. Let’s say here.
Florian: It’s that something you can ask to have shorter?
Cyril: You can. For me, it’s not that a big deal that it needs to be changed. I leave
it like this. Reinardt Janse van Resnburg: I think I prefer
it like that if it’s three, four centimeters to the elbow. I think, yes, it’s just for
a little bit of extra aerodynamics when it’s really hot. Of course, you prefer a shorter
sleeve for extra coolness. This one, for speed, it’s the best. [chuckles]
Florian: When it’s pretty warm like this, like today, what do you prefer, aerodynamic
or comfort? Reinardt: Today is warm, but it’s not super-hot
yet like what we see in July in the Tour de France or something. I still prefer the aerodynamics.
Florian: What about your legs? Connor: The legs, I like them quite long.
Just a little bit of the leg hanging out, but not too short for me.
Florian: Is that important for aerodynamics? Connor: A little bit. Yes, I like to keep
the thin lines quite low. Florian: What about your legs?
Niki: Well, actually it’s the same. It must be long but not too long, because in the back
I think it doesn’t look great if it’s too long. I think that’s an opinion.
Daniel: I think the idea is somewhere here. Beginning of the season, sometimes you have
to wait for the second round until you get exactly what you want.
Florian: Is that something you can ask into the team?
Daniel: Yes, you can ask a few centimeters more or a few centimeters less. Then, yes,
if you start asking one or two different, then the guy over there gets too fussy. Yes.
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79 thoughts on “GCN Asks The Pros | How Long Should Your Sleeves Be?

  1. So on one side, GCN wants to promote that everyone can cycle no matter what they are wearing. Yet sometimes fuelling the stereotypes such as sock and sleeve lengths. Cmon, this does not matter… Personally id wear long sleeves even in the summer for sun protection 😉

  2. To all the noobs out there saying sleeve length doesn't matter… think again as it has been proven longer length can make you more aero and add approx 0.02 watts to your FTP

  3. oh my god. this channel is turning into Teen Beat Magazine ! what's next, a show about the cutest guys in the peleton? what kind of conditioner does the TDF use in his hair? pfft.

  4. Cav: "if you've got time to worry about that ur not on ur bike training."
    Also Cav: wore 3/4 sleeves in 2011 World Camps…..hmm

  5. Some people moaning about the lack of seriousness in this video seem to have missed the point rather. Whisper it quietly but it's supposed to be fun.

  6. Since cycling jersey’s main purpose is to reduce drag, then a longer sleeve, just above the elbow is best. A full length sleeve down to wrist would be too uncomfortable.

  7. I'm okay with considering this a real question, but isn't it time for some protection in those sleeves? Maybe the three-quarter length with elbow and shoulder pads, something to protect those bones and joints. And something would be better than nothing. It just seems incongruous, all the pads and plastics to protect the head–and all fantastic, to be sure–and yet nothing to protect the rest of the body. O well, who knows.

  8. Depends on the weather I suppose. I mean, I live in Wisconsin so it’s mighty cold in the winter and in the summer the bugs can eat you alive.

  9. The polka dot jersey got it right, just a few inches above the elbow. That style of jersey is all I’ve worn the last 3 years. I love this video!

  10. Dumb cycling culture things like this is exactly whats wrong with cycling. It doesn't matter how long your damn sleeves or socks are, this is exactly why Justin Williams is doing his own thing in LA.

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