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GCN’S Commuter Challenge – What’s The Best Way To Ride To Work?

– [Off Camera] Okay guys nice one. Do you want
to get uh, yourselves back to the office? – [Simon] Yeah. – [Simon] After filming GCN’s show in the
city of Bristol, we need to get ourselves back to our hometown of Bath 20 kilometers
away. Commuting by bike is the natural choice but it seems we don’t necessarily
agree on the best tool for the job. What is the best commuting bike?
Lasty’s riding his cross bike, Matt is on a relaxed road bike but with
full mudguards, I’ve got an out-and-out race bike. And Dan? Well, no one quite
knows what Dan’s riding. – [Matt] So you…you’re going on this? – [Dan] Yeah. – It’s 20K mate. – What’s that? – It’s 20K. – Yeah it’s 20K away. – So where…where’s your cycling kit? – It’s at home. ♪ [music] ♪ – Oi Dan, where are you going Dan? Dan,
Dan! That’s the station! Wha…what’s he doing? It’s supposed to be
a commute. Left here, Si. Si, that´s the main road Si! That’s the
main road. Si! – It also seems that we can’t agree on the
best route. Matt and Tom are taking the quiet route. I want to get back as soon as
possible, so I’m going the direct route. And Dan? Well, no one quite knows what
Dan’s up to. It seems that we might have a race on our hands. ♪ [music] ♪ – Where are you going Tom? – [Lasty] Well I’m off to have a bit
of fun in the woods Matt. – We’re supposed to be riding to work. – Nah, see you later. – Well, I’m on me own now.
I might as well enjoy it. ♪ [music] ♪ – This is why the cross commute
is the best. ♪ [music] ♪ – Dan’s underway although he actually
seems to have caught a slow train. Lastly, as you see, has ventured into
the mud, leaving Matt to cruise through the back streets at his own leisure pace.
And me, I’m starting to go into the red. ♪ [music] ♪ – Because of general life commitments, I
don’t get quite as much time for ride as I might want, so cycling to work is
actually really important to me. When I first starting commuting by bike,
I brought a proper commuter. It had mudguards on it,
had relaxed geometry. It was textbook. But
no matter how hard I tried, I could never love that bike. It felt
slow and it was slow. So I sold it, and I’ve gone back to commuting on a
proper, fast road bike. Sure it doesn’t have mud guards, so if it’s wet, I just
get a wet ass. But that’s okay. For me, that fact that it’s fast,
it can go fast when I want to is super important. If I want I can stay
in bed longer. I can get home quicker. And most importantly, I can extend
my commute so it’s a proper bike ride. ♪ [music] ♪ – Cycling to work, to me, isn’t a race. I
certainly don’t want to smash myself and get all sweaty, put myself in the
red when I’m just riding to work. You know, you can still have an enjoyable
experience just riding steady. I’m commuting to work with all sorts of
weathers, hence the full on mudguards with mudflaps. I certainly don’t want to get a
wet backside. Who would want a wet backside on the way to work anyway? As well as a relaxed bike and full
mudguards, I’ve gone for nice, wide 25 millimeter tires, just for comfort
and extra grip when the roads are wet, like they are today. Now the type
of roads I’m choosing to ride on, aren’t big main roads, it’s the small
twisty, narrow country lanes and I’m also going to take some bike paths too. It’s
about enjoying the ride to work and getting there dry, relaxed and
ready for the job at hand. Of course, occassionally, I might
just give it a little bit of a nudge. – My cross bike is my best option
when I’m commuting to work. Yes it’s a bit of a pain when I arrive at
the office a bit muddy and wet. But, when it’s dry or frozen, it’s
brilliant. I can thrown in a few off road sections, have a bit of fun, and work
on my skills on my way to work. I’ve gone a four single, 42 chain ring on
my cross bike, which would leave me a little under gear if I want to go really
fast on the road but it’s just right going steady on the road, including a bit
of off road. I’ve also got some fat, sleek tires which means I’m
not too slow on the road. Finally, the best option for this, will be
commuting on a disc break bike, you’ll have a bit of a weight penalty when
you’re carrying a road sac anyway. – Dan’s taken the lead. And things are
getting tight because I’m stuck in traffic Matt isn’t that far behind now that he’s
on the bike path away from all the traffic And Lasty, well he’s up to his
ankles in mud. ♪ [music] ♪ – I guess this is probably the best
commuter bike, probably. Hi mate.
– Hello. – Matt’s not far away now but poor old
Lasty, he’s still up in the hills. – Look at him, clean as a whistle,
sharp as a fistle. – Humor.
– Good job, Dan. Let’s see the time you make.
– Well, third? – There’s actually not a
spot on you, is there? – We’re onto our second coffee, and
Lasty is still no where to be seen. – My wheels have stopped turning around. [inaudible] – So Dan, seriously man,
why didn’t you actually ride? – Well, I mean, first of all, I did ride.
I rode at least a kilometer to get to the train station and it was almost a
kilometer to this meeting point afterwards and second of all, I don’t want to ride on
the days that I go to work. I’ve got five other days to go on
decent rides, so I’ll do it then. – That is quite a relatively valid
point, but in all seriousness, what is the best bike to commute on it? – It’s got to be a cyclocross bike man.
Cyclocross bike with maybe 28 more slick tires gives you the option to throw a bit
of gravel or off road if the goings dry and if not it’s really versatile you throw
mud guards on it, great for all weathers. – How about you, Si? – Yeah truth actually, I’ve got to agree
with Lasty. As much as I love and would advocate having a fast
road bike, if I had to have only one, I would have a cross bike, just because
you know you don’t want to ride the same route to and from work. Actually having
the option to go off road is great and you can also stick mudguards on it, which
Lasty said and it’s just like kind of your bike but it could be a fast road bike too. – Fair enough. I mean, I could see the
point there but I’m a bit of a traditionalist. I think a nice comfortable
road bike, full mudguards set up, end up at work dry, clean. And also I
think when you do hop on to, you know, your road bike at the start of the racing
season, there’s that lovely contrast so you can enjoy the kind of relaxing
times and your other steeds, slightly heavy steed, more comfortable
steed and then you feel that difference when you jump onto the light road bike so
I’m going to stick with mudguard road bike – We’ve got some more great content to
help you with your commute. – Absolutely. If you click up there on
that video, then it’s all about lighting and clothing choices. – And if you click down here,
it’s all about locks. – And to suscribe to GCN, click on us. – What an appealing option, click on us! – Have you actually ever clicked on us? – No, I’ve already subsribed. – Fair enough.

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