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Getting Gnarly In The Pacific NorthWest | Neil Rides Squamish’s Epic Mountain Bike Trails

♪ Yup, yup, yup ♪ ♪ Oh no ♪ (upbeat electronic music) ♪ Yo ♪ (electric buzz) – In southwest Canada, 60
kilometres north of Vancouver, halfway up the 99th, the
mountain bike Mecca of Whistler lies the town of Squamish. To the South you’ve got the sea
fjord called The Howe Sound, and then to the West, North and East, you’re surrounded by forest
and coastal mountains. Squamish is a small town
with about 20,000 population. It’s got a really thriving
mountain bike scene. Spread over five different
areas around town, there’s plenty of different riding. For a machine-built flow trails, to super steep gnarly rock slabs. The Squamish people are indigenous people, they’ve lived in this area
for thousands of years, the town’s popular with
adventure tourists. You can climb the Stawamus Chief, one of the largest granite
monolith rocks on the planet. There’s kite-surfing, white
water rafting, hiking, trail-running, and even
bald eagle spotting. It’s a town I’ve always driven through on the way to Whistler, so I’m
excited to actually be here and try the trails out,
but there’s so many, the network is massive, and I need to find the best ones to ride. So I’m going over to the GM on Instagram to ask for your advice. (transcendent music)
(talking all at once) Well I’ve had loads of good
recommendations, thanks! You’ve all been here by the signs of it. Right, so the Diamond Head Zones to begin with we are. We’re going to ride 19th Hole, followed by Angry Midget, to Half Nelson, up this fire road, to
Fred, Tinder, and Your Mom. I’ve been riding here for a couple of days so my legs are a bit tired, so I’m stoked at getting to
shuttle up with Shred Shuttle. (techno music) (rock guitar music) Yep, alright, first trail, 19th Hole. ♪ 19th Hole ♪ (rock music) (rocks crumble) (rock music) That was 19th Hole, which was great. It’s super steep, rooty, and wet. She’s very hard, to be fair. It’s been wet for the
last week here I think. Nice and sunny today, after
in here, you have to pedal up, there’s no ski runs, eh,
ski lifts should I say. Of course we got our lift
off the Shred Shuttle, but after now we need to pedal. So we got about a 10 minute pedal up to the top for the next trail. (electric guitar music) ♪ Angry Midget ♪ (rocks crumble) (upbeat techno music) ♪ Half Nelson ♪ (upbeat techno music) Second time in the Shred Shuttle done, we’re up by 900 metres of ascent so far, probably about 10 of it pedal, so pretty good. There’s people from Japan, Mexico, and Germany, and more Brits. So this is Upper Power Smart ♪ Power Smart ♪ (upbeat techno music) (bike skids) (upbeat techno music) ♪ Fred ♪ (mellow electronic music) ♪ Tinder ♪ (upbeat techno music) (air whooshes) ♪ Your Mom ♪ (upbeat techno music) We’ve made our way over to the
Alice Lake riding area now, sort of working our way up the
hill to ride Treasure Trail. I’ve just seen the
bottom of it, looks good, looks gnarly, rooty, plenty of
jumps and obstacles I think. Let’s get up there. (bike squeaks) The trails here are maintained by SORCA, it’s a volunteer driven
organisation, over 1700 members, and they are the primary advocates and maintainers of these trails. Look at the state of this climbing trails, amazingly well kept. You’ve probably seen these woods in loads of Man by Metre
and films over the years, and Hill Films are based here. So pink bike, a few mountain
bike companies as well, I’ve got Seven Mesh, Warner, Components, Commencal Canada are based here. (chill techno music) ♪ Treasure Trail ♪ (chill techno music) (bike rattles) (wheels whoosh) (bike squeaks) (chill techno music) (bike whooshes) (chill techno music) (pathway rattles) (pathway rattles) (pathway rattles) (breaks skid) (pathway rattles) I think I’m eligible for
a Canadian Passport now, nope! Nope! Ah! Literally my least favourite
thing in the world, okay! (chill techno music) (blows raspberry) That was pretty mental. One of the most technical
trails I think I’ve ever done. I think you only recommended that because you know I hate Skinnies. Just gnarly, especially
after a couple days of rain, something marred inbetween
the granite is gnarly. Think I want to ride
something a bit more mellow to finish off. (exhales) ♪ Boney Elbows ♪ Whoa! (bike squeaks) (chill techno music) (wind whooshes) (rocks crumble) ♪ In and Out Burger ♪ (chill techno music) (breaks skid) (breaks skid) Well that was certainly an epic ride, some of the best trails I’ve ridden, some of the best beers I’ve drunk as well. Click on the Backcountry
Brewing logo to subscribe, thumps up, over there for an
epic ride and fall with it.

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