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Going mountain biking in Syöte Finland? This is the cycling equipment you will find

Going mountain biking in Syöte Finland? This is the cycling equipment you will find

Pekka runs the bike rental service
here in Syöte. Let’s see what kind of gear
they have available. There are two kinds of bikes here: fatbikes and traditional mountain bikes
with full suspension. A mountain bike like this is good
for every situation. If you’re in a hurry, you can go fast,
but you can also take it slow. The bikes are well-equipped, and the
full suspension guarantees a smooth ride. Both the front and rear shocks
can be locked. The seatpost is stepless. A pump, and naturally a puncture repair kit
and tire tools for every bike. The other option is a fatbike. Riding a fatbike is particularly
nice and smooth. It’s like driving an old American car. Four-inch tires.
Tools are included. It can also be fitted with clipless pedals,
so take your own cycling shoes with you. You also get a helmet and gloves,
both very important for protection. The staff helps you choose a bike
of the right size – and adjusts it according to
your measures. You’re about 190 cm tall,
so let’s try the L size. Get on the saddle and
we’ll adjust the height. Grip the brake lever
and pedal backwards, – so we’ll see if the saddle
is at the right height. We could raise it just a bit. Just a bit.
There, now it’s straight. Try it again now. Looks pretty good. See if you can move your bottom
behind and under the saddle. Yes! Looks pretty good. Next, we’ll adjust the shocks. Sit on the bike normally. Let’s put some more air here. Now, let’s look at the front. Let’s open it up. You can get off the bike now. It could use some air.
It should sink a bit more under your weight. Right about there. Let’s put some more air
in the shocks, – because the previous cyclist was
clearly lighter. We need to adjust them according to
the cyclist’s weight. Same thing here. If needed, we can also adjust the handlebar
or saddle position, for example. But the bike is now pretty much
ready to ride.

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