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Gravel & Bikepacking Tech From The North American Handmade Bicycle Show | NAHBS 2019

Gravel & Bikepacking Tech From The North American Handmade Bicycle Show | NAHBS 2019

– Gravel and bike packing
tech, there’s a lot of it here, at NAHBS, so I think
it is a bit of a crime if we don’t check it out, right? Now we’ve been doing our best
detective work here at NAHBS. And on the Mavic stand
here we found a wheel set, which have yet to be released. There isn’t any information here, and despite our best effort,
we couldn’t find out anything apart from, they appear to be gravel specific carbon fiber wheel set, so we have to wait and see bit
more about those coming soon and I for one, am pretty excited. Bike racks are certainly
making a resurgence, especially if you’re going
bikepacking in more remote areas or if you want to carry loads of luggage. We’re here with Californian bike-builder turned rack specialist Pass and Stow, checking out the range that he makes here. Now this one really caught my eye, it gives you loads of space
for carrying extra water, so perfect if you’re crossing a desert or going into mountains where it’s scarce. And it even has internally
rooted dynamo cables, how swish is that? Now we’re here with on the stand with PRO, who’ve got some really exciting
new products to show us from their Discover range, really aimed at off-road and bikepacking. We’ve got four new bags in the range, including a seatpost bag, the
frame bag, the handlebar bag, and for you triathletes
out there, a top tube bag. Let’s start with the seatpost bag, it’s got a 15 liter capacity and it’s been specifically designed to
minimize the amount of sway that you get whilst riding. One of the ways that they do that, is through these little foam blocks, it goes just behind the
seatpost and really allows you to strap down tightly with a
double velcro system on there. Moving forward to the cockpit of the bike, the handlebar bag actually
comes in two parts, so there’s a strapping system
which permanently stays attached to the bike, and
then a sort of dry bag system, so that’s really neat
in that when you stop at your destination, you want to unpack or repack those bags, it’s super simple, you just undo two clips and you’re away. Another really cool thing
about this handlebar bag is that you’ve got these
foam blocks once again and this isn’t just to protect your bars but it actually allows your
hands to get between the bars and the bag, offering you
loads more hand positions which is something I’ve
definitely struggled with in the past. Now let’s take a look at the
last two bags in this range, they both share a really cool feature, which is an external port at the front. So whether you’re running
an external battery, and you want some cables to go through, or if you’ve got a water
supply in there with a hose, it’s really easy to integrate it, and another thing that I
haven’t actually mentioned yet, is that PRO’s also released two new bars in the Discover range,
now they’re both flared, either 12 degrees or 30 degrees, and these are most
definitely the 30 degrees. I mean, check out the flare on that. There are loads of different
bikes here at NAHBS with builds for very specific niches, but this one certainly isn’t. This is the Allroad from Allied, which takes road bike
geometry and transforms it into the gravel bike market, so there’s a single carbon fiber mold which can be used both
for road and gravel. This model has 35 mil tire clearance, so it’s really versatile, both for gravel and road applications. And really cool detail
on the down tube here is this faceplate which allows you to use a single carbon fiber design, both for mechanical and electronic. So in this case it’s electronic setup, that one goes on there,
but if you were to choose mechanical, it’s its different faceplate with two little holes there
for your cable routing. The last really cool
thing about Allied is that they do everything in
house, from their base in Little Rock, Arkansas,
right the way through from the carbon fiber tooling
to the paint job, which, as I am sure you’ll agree on this one, is absolutely stunning. And one really neat little
detail just to finish off, is this Made Here logo with
the full-stop pinpointing exactly where this bike
was designed and made. One bike set-up so
increasing in popularity for gravel, cross, and
bikepacking set-ups, but not all major group sets
are able to accommodate this. That’s where brands like
Wolf Tooth Components come in really handy,
cause they make chain rings both in standard and oval configuration for loads of different
brands, and then of course once you’ve chosen that, you
can choose your accessories to match, cause they got some really cool analyzed stuff here,
so follow me over here. You can choose from your
axles, to your headsets, streaming bolts, even
seatpost collars, all to match and from all of these, I definitely know which one I’d choose. If bikepacking is your bag,
you’re gonna wanna think about how you’re gonna carry your kit
whenever you’re on the road, whether that’s on your
bike, or on yourself. Yeah, you know what I’m
talking about, custom bum bags, and they brought them right here. Master Stitcher Andrea is
even on site here today, showing us how it’s done. Too brown, too dark, oh yeah, that’s the one. Now I can’t guarantee
that this is world first but I’ve certainly never
seen a gravel tandem before. This is come fresh out
of Santa Cruz, California from the guys at Rock Lobster
and it looks amazingly fun. It’s an aluminum welded frame
with a custom steel fork, it’s got a slightly longer wheel base than a conventional road tandem
and of course lower gearing, it’s got really interesting
suspension system on the back, for the stoker Now I wonder which of the GCN presenter I could get to come for
a ride on this with me. If you’ve ever lost a rear
derailleur on a ride or a race or if you’re used to
conditions anything like English winter ones, then
you might want to think about something different from a
conventional chain and rear derailleur set-up. That’s where this, the Gates Carbon Drive, really comes into its own. It’s composed of these nylon teeth, on a polyurethane backing,
with the carbon fiber strands running through the back there. If you’re a Harley Davidson type, then you’ll already be familiar with it. As you can’t run a rear
derailleur with this one, you’ve got two different options. You can either run something
like a pinion gearbox on the bottom bracket, or
you can use a hub base one, like this Rohloff. They’re said to last two
to three times longer than a normal chain, and after your ride, rather than having to
completely degrease and then re-lube it, you’ll only
have to wash it down, which of course saves a lot
of elbow grease as well. Gives a massive thumbs-up from me. Now as a true gravel geek, I
hope you’ve enjoyed this tech just as much as I have. Remember to give us a
big thumbs-up, check out the GCN shop for cool tees like this, and for more hottest tech here at NAHBS, click just down here. It’s got a 15 liter capacity
and it’s been specific… (she laughs) A monocle. How do you do it? Looking on the wrong side. Oh. That’s really hard. I don’t bend it that way. But they seem to be a ca… (she laughs) Hub base, hub base.

81 thoughts on “Gravel & Bikepacking Tech From The North American Handmade Bicycle Show | NAHBS 2019

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