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GT Bicycles – The Return of Linkage Tuned Suspension

GT Bicycles – The Return of Linkage Tuned Suspension

One of the features of the LTS line that
sets it apart from the crowd is that it’s a fully independent and active
suspension. Some say that we have to look in the past to see the future. 25 years
in the making this is our answer to no compromise suspension. Full Time Control. Bottomless Big Hit Performance. And small bump sensitivity. Active Suspension Minimized pedal feedback and Independent braking Freedom to choose. Flip Chip tunability and air or coil shock compatible. LTS. Easts up bumps and [email protected]#s out hero dirt.

15 thoughts on “GT Bicycles – The Return of Linkage Tuned Suspension

  1. Hate when companies lie just for the sake of a cool sounding sentence. No, its not "no compramise suspencion". Its just suspencion.

  2. "No compromise suspension…" Or in other words the licence on Horst link suspension devices ran out so we're using it rather than shonky single pivot/I drive. Other than that, looks like a decent bike for the money.

  3. Why did you do it? You had your own thing. Now just like everyone else. I hope you are ashamed of yourselves.

  4. The LTS was a four bar linkage inspired by Specialized but redesigned to have a floating shock. How is a horst link an LTS? The only thing that is has in common with the old LTS is that a horst link is technically a four bar linkage. I think the Trek Fuel is actually closer to being a modern LTS because it is a horst link with a floating shock. But the GT does have a strong looking frame and swingarm.

  5. every single brand is going that way, in what way is LTS unique? Older bikes have also had this same exact system.

  6. I ride GT bikes but I never get any promotion but it didn't stop me from riding GT bikes why?? Because GT bikes are the best

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