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Heather’s Felt AR Advanced | GTN Presenter Pro Bike

Heather’s Felt AR Advanced | GTN Presenter Pro Bike

– This is a slightly
different pro bike today because it is one of GTN’s very own bikes and I’m delighted to say
that we have just had this new delivery, it is the Felt AR Advanced, their brand new road bike from Felt. (pleasant rhythmic music) I have to admit, I am pretty
excited to share this bike with you from our partners at Felt. It’s been six years in the
making and it was just released in February of this year. And they have spend a lot of
time with attention to detail when it comes to the
aerodynamics and you can probably see that from afar by
just looking at the frame. And talking of the frame,
before I go into more detail on those features, I
think I need to address this wonderful color scheme. Now it does actually come
in black and white as well but here we have the Aqua sphere blue and it is just sparkling in this sunshine. And you can still see some
nice little effects from Felt, that checker-board look which they have across all of their range. All right, it’s time to move
away from me just drooling over this beautiful
paintwork and have a little closer look at the frame. So it’s made of carbon tech
stream, it’s got internally routed cables so you’ll
notice there’s nothing really on show to help with
that overall slick look. But it’s actually the shape
of the frame that Felt has spent the last six years developing. There’s little features
such as the flat-back edge which you’ll notice here on
the seat tube and in other parts of the bike as well. And that’s been designed
to help with aerodynamics but also to apparently
increase the stiffness when it comes to the handling of the bike. You’ve also got the
fishtail cusps out here which you can see and they’ve allowed that to actually cope with 30 mil tires. (pleasant rhythmic music) Moving to the front of the
bike and you’ve probably noticed the rather deep
stem that we’ve got here. Well that has been designed
to improve the feedback coming back from the road
and Felt say it’s actually designed for the world’s
fastest sprinters. I think it might be slightly
wasted on me but it certainly looks good, it’s more
aerodynamic and it also allows for more space for all the
cables to be fitted in, out of the way. And even though it looks
nice and tidy, apparently it’s still very easy to
access and almost as easy as it would be to do so
with a standard stem setup. (pleasant rhythmic music) Well at the end of the stem
we’ve got the Devox aero carbon handlebars and you
might notice that they’re actually attached by a
more standard style clamp which allows the handlebars
to come off more easily if you’re traveling or if you
need to do any maintenance. And then if we move along, we come to this velvet gel bar tape,
that’s rather nice to touch I have to admit, and on
the end of that we’ve got the Ultegra DI2 shifters
and brake levers. (pleasant rhythmic music) Let’s have a look at the group
set of this Felt AR Advanced. So it comes with full
Shimano Ultegra DI2, got a 52-36 chain ring and this bike comes with 172.5 mil cranks and I’ve got my Shimano Ultegra
pedals on the end of those and it’s got an 11-30 cassette. Onto the wheels and the
brakes, and I have to admit, they’ve actually swapped out the wheels. So this bike, if you bought
it from Felt, would come with the Reynold’s AR 58s and I’ve swapped them
for these deep section ENVE Aero wheels from our brand
partner, and I have to admit, they compliment this bike rather well. Well onto the brakes, obviously
you’ve probably noticed by now it is a disc brake
bike and Felt have made all of their AR range purely
disc brake compatible, which makes me very happy
although Mark, probably less so. You might have noticed a few
little protests on his laptop in the show and he’s trying
to bring back the rim brake, well no luck here at all. We’ve got the added stiffness
from the through axle and I have to admit that I’ve actually, since I joined GTN about three
years ago, I’ve been riding road bikes with disc brakes
and I am a complete convert. So pretty excited that it comes with this. It’s got a 160 mil rotor on
the front and a 140 mil rotor on the back with these
Shimano hydraulic brakes. And to finish off, let’s have
a quick look at the saddle and the seat post. So this bike comes with the
Prologo Dimension T4.0 saddle and the most interesting part
though is these seat posts. This has been designed
by Felt for this AR, it’s a vary mount and it’s
actually got the tech stream carbon fiber again and it
is designed to absorb shock and make it more comfortable for riding whilst not loosing any
stiffness through the bike. So you’ve got a little silicon insert here which actually is disguising
the fact that the seat post is split into two parts to allow for that slight more comfort, but then
this silicon strips fits over to keep the aerodynamic factor there. And inside of here there’s
actually the battery holder, keeping it nice and discreet
and talking of the charging, you’ve actually got the charge
point on the left bar end making it very nice and tidy indeed. And before we finish up, this
frame, the 54 centimeter frame comes in at around 8.2 kilos. I expect you can tell I am
desperate to take this bike out for a ride, I really can’t wait. Well, if you like the look
of this bike as much as I do, give this video a like and
follow us on our social media channels, and if you
haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to GTN by
just clicking on the globe.

28 thoughts on “Heather’s Felt AR Advanced | GTN Presenter Pro Bike

  1. Jealous ! Lovely bike Heather, great colour scheme. Will Felt make some aerobars to fit those flat handlebars ?

  2. Looks quite a bit like my current AR, but I agree, discs are needed when you hit long downward hills or wet conditions, even with some of the greatest brake pads my carbon rims still really don't brake as well as I want them to even in the dry. ( Aluminum and rim brakes being great enough)

  3. Sorry all aero bike are all looking the same if you lay the frame design over each other each other and what's wrong with rim brakes

  4. I disliked this video not for its quality but because of some choices Felt have made. These choices are: A – no normal handlebar option so you can not add clip on bars and B – no rim brake version which means you have a heavier aero bike which is supposed to be ridden on flat and rolling terrain where you don't really need disk brakes.

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