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Here’s to all the crashes we survived in 2019

Here’s to all the crashes we survived in 2019

2019 has been an eventful year to say the
least. We travelled to Sedona to ride the White Line. We spent three weeks in Whistler and rode
the famed Dirt Merchant Jump Trail. We also said goodbye to Berm Creek and introduced
Berm Peak, the new home of this channel. Amidst all this traveling and moving, I somehow
remained in one piece. Assuming we make it another two weeks, this
would be the first full year since 2012 that I didn’t admit myself to an emergency room—oh
yeah I got an x ray on my thumb, but that wasn’t technically an emergency room visit,
so today we celebrate. Here are all the times in 2019 that me or
someone else walked away from serious injury. you okay? are you alright, you sure? My left ankle hurts a little bit. Whoah what are you…what’s the matter with you?! I lost a pedal and looked down to place it
again. Seth’s about to hit the airbag for the first
time, I told him to go a moderate speed. are you okay? Is your bike okay? I’m sure your bike is fine. Oh hey there guys! God, that hurt. Oh my god. Dude, it’s so wild. Every time, I’m afraid. Are you alright? Let go of your brakes! Lay down, lay down buddy, lay down. Dude. Ahh! That was too steep. Yeah when I went off of there I knew I was
doing it crooked. Yeah, you get your ear? Yeah. it bleeding? I don’t know. Nah, you’re good. I did not expect that to happen so easily. We did not need a chainsaw
for that, that was dangerous. There’s a lot back there that you can’t see. That’s always part of the risk. You gotta be careful, buddy. uh… I think I just smashed my chainring again. Ripped my pants down! So, that’s 2019 in a nutshell. Hopefully in 2020 we can have even fewer close
calls, and focus more on building cool stuff to ride bikes on instead of healing. If you want to catch up on the most important
videos of 2019, check the playlist below, and of you’re looking for a gift for a Seth’s
Bike Hacks fan, check the description for a link to our new store where you’ll find
trail markers, sticker packs, shirts, hoodies, socks, and hats. Thanks having a laugh with me today, and I’ll
see you next time.

100 thoughts on “Here’s to all the crashes we survived in 2019

  1. I feel like I shouldn't be laughing so damned hard while watching this…bad karma?
    Note to self before visiting Seth: ensure adequate healthcare coverage and increase life insurance policy

  2. I wanna say thank you Seth, Single Track Sampler, Skills with Phil, BCPOV, Jordan Boostmaster and all the other awesome folks sharing their journeys, you guys inspired me and motivated me to get out there on the bike and enjoy the great out doors. I remember my first Seth video I watched, it was a Parktool interview and so the youtube rabbit hole began. I'm now way fitter, much more happier and got many more friends.

    Merry Christmas Seth, happy new year and may the new decade be full of many awesomes and no injuries 🤘

    This year:
    – I got back into cycling in general proper for first time in about 5-8 years
    – I got my first real hard tail mountain bike with actual air shocks
    – Ate shit for the first time on a berm and got my first gravel rash (thanks GCN for the medic tips on how to treat it, barely a scar :D)
    – Tore a chunk outa my leg, loading the bike on the car (turns out now, the biggest menance to me is not the trail but the carpark)
    – Cleaned Luge at Stromlo <3 (thnx Ro for all the encouragement and advice)
    – Did my first blue technical climb at stromlo and found my poison of choice, tech 😀
    – Did my first blue descent (and crashed because I did dumb dumb, I will get my redemption next year!)
    – Had my first sort-of over the bars… and rolled out of it, turns out I still remember my parkour ( I did it side ways :3 )

  3. I had a crash this monday car hit me and if i didnt knew how to fall a would have died. I spent 5 days in hospital today i came home beaten up still hardly walking so guys if you are driving learn how to fall its not all about driving👍

  4. I totally thought the mowing the lawn was going to be a good one 😂😂😂❤️ love it Seth! And wow video from back when Kevin sent it!

  5. Hey what happend to the Mission pro from diamond back im asking because I really liked it and don't see it anywhere.did you sell it?is it broken?(maybe you could do a giveaway I know it's allot but)

  6. Imagine if for Christmas you get a huge new airbag, want to check it out, you do, and in the process fund urself an ER visit lmao

  7. Took a mountain bike off a cliff in 2019 that broke my hip socket. 3 months later and some new titanium body parts and I’m finally walking again. Some crashes hit hard but good on ya for keeping at it.

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