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How to Fix a Hard(Stiff) Shifting Gear in a Motorcycle English CC[Hindi]

How to Fix a Hard(Stiff) Shifting Gear in a Motorcycle English CC[Hindi]

Hello Friends and Welcome to my channel. In this video how to solve gear stiff problem?
(Skip it to 1:03 for the video) So lets start the video. Before I start I want to say thank you so much for your awesome love and support. Because of that we reached this far We reached almost 17K subscribers. Today’s Friday and I was thinking to review a motorcycle but because of rain I am not able to shoot video of brand new motorcycle Now it took some stopped but mud and water still there on the road. So because of that I’m not able to do that. Talking about reviews I’m sorry for that Lets start the video So first when you bought new bike and when you’re going to shift the gear You will face the difficulties(hard) in shifting gears. Like mine is smooth for now but it was hard earlier. I was facing problem before shifting Because of that sometimes my leg was aching and I was not able to ride. Like on last Sunday as we talked on live session. I went to service center and I found the solution. That time I learned something about gear stiffness which I am going to show you now. Before you start investing in anything, do something really bad, buy something or sell your bike First check your clutch Inspect it properly, check it. If your clutch is hard and that’s why Clutch is not able to engage or disengage with your gear/engine then maybe because of that you’re facing an issue. One more thing I want to share with you guys If you don’t have setting to smooth clutch over here then you can do it from here You can tight or lose your clutch cable This thing is so hot because I travel through my motorcycle until here If you twist it then your clutch will lose or tight. Check according to your requirement. If it’s hard then you’ll face problem in shifting gear. Now How to know that your clutch cable is hard of smooth The main reason is when you’re going to shift your gear it’ll make some kind of noise like this. Clutch cable hard noise. Something like this

54 thoughts on “How to Fix a Hard(Stiff) Shifting Gear in a Motorcycle English CC[Hindi]

  1. Sir agar hamne koi nayi bike lo ho 110 cc ya 150,160 cc to usko highway par 80 to 100 km chalana thik rahega?

  2. i need some advice.
    So, I am riding my bike. I see a speed breaker. I reduce the speed and drop the gear to 2nd. Hold the clutch. The bike goes over the speedbreaker . Then I accelerate while leaving the clutch slowly and then everything is fine.

    But sometimes it happens that the bike suddenly stops right on top of the speedbreaker with a jerk. Then I have to start the bike again and repeat the whole process from 1st gear.

    Can you please make a video solely on going over speedbreakers? Especially the sharp ones which are high but not sloped enough.

  3. Sir mere hero hf deluxe ko 32 days ho chuke 18 liter petrol dala chuka hu numbar plate laga usi din speedomitar chalu hone ke bad 150 klmtr chala chuka numbar plate lagne se pahle odomitar bnd tha kitna chala ye pata nhi
    Mujhe first sarvice ke lie kab jana chahiye ?

  4. sir can u plz make video in balance..main problem comes in turning most of us turn with hand position bt those riders who are professional turn with body balance so can u plz teach us hw to turn with body balance

  5. What did you attach to safety guard in the front?To get protected from rain water?I so plz provide the link to buy

  6. I have a strange problem in my Pulsar 150 cc. Gear shifting becomes hard from 5th to 1st, especially from 3rd to 2nd and 1st. Local mechanic adviced to change shaft and even after changing the problem remains. I dont know wer the problem is its 2016 October model


  8. Bhai Mera bike Ka gear bas gya hai 2 gear per aakar fas chuka hai na hi neutral ho Raha hai aur na hi gear aage bad Raha hai kya karu

  9. bhai mere gixxer ka bhi n find karna toh challenge hai kabi kabi toh traffic me bhi n ma ho jata hai or muje pata hi nahi chlahta hai…. service center mein iska cost kitna lageka fix karne k liye. mera free service toh baki hai

  10. Video is so informative but bhai I have one doubt regarding this im also facing gear shifting problem ( fz16) while riding in higher speed or gear it's not able to shift down to 1st or 2 nd gear became very hard to shift down when emergency breaking or normal slowing! What to do??pls help

  11. Hey im also facing this problem… What can i do? I heard sound from gearbox while both up and down.. Let me know any solution

  12. Why would you use english in the title…if you're NOT going to be speaking ENGLISH. Thanks for wasting my time .

  13. Nothing personal but who the fuck cares about the things you talk non stop at the beginning just get to the business of what the title says…

  14. Sir i have glamour fi,when i shift from 1st to 2nd gear,i have to press hard on the gear to change while for 3rd & 4th gear it shifts smoothly!

  15. Sir mere pass fzs- v2 hai… jab bike on hoti tab first aur second gear mei shift hoti h aramse.. but neutral mei nai jaati bike jab bike on hoti.. but off hoti h toh neutral mei aramse shift ho jaati…

    Kya kru ?

  16. Hey when ever I shift the gear it makes a sound . It's makes a big tick sound… Just in 1st 2 gears rest all is fine bruv… What should I do bruv. That sound is so annoying

  17. I bought my Gixxer sf in December 2019..but sometimes it's gear shifting gets hard…is it normal or my clutch plates are gone?…. please help

  18. I bought a Yamaha Fzs 3months ago and I'm having problem with gear shifts (mostly while down shifting). The problem is, while shifting straight from top gear to the lowest after shifting down by one gear it sometime gets stuck and only after I release the clutch the gears lock in place ( i hear the 'click' sound while releasing the clutch) or sometime it stuck in the middle and by extra force it has to be changed… This happens most of the time.

    And while upshifting (happens some time) I have to give some extra force to move the lever. Here the shift is not smooth.

    What is the problem?? And what's the solution??

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