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How To Fuel Your Cycling Recovery | Emma’s Spinach Protein Pancakes

(soft jazz music) – Welcome to Oat Cuisine with GCN. This is a recipe for
savory spinach pancakes made of surprise, surprise, oats. Let’s get crackin’. So savory spinach pancakes. What do we need? We need some oats, two
eggs, 50 grams of spinach, baking powder, some lowfat
milk, squeeze of lemon juice. And then to layer the pancakes
we’re gonna need mushrooms. We’re gonna need a lowfat cheese, which I’ll talk about in a moment. And then to garnish, we’re
gonna need some cherry tomatoes and maybe a little bit of
balsamic and some salad. Now obviously, I’ve got a
little cheeky headstart here by pre-chopping 250 grams of mushrooms, weighing out 50 grams of spinach, weighing out my 150 grams of
oats and my 300 mils of milk. So pretty much ready to go. First thing you wanna do, is
start cooking your mushrooms. While the mushrooms are cooking is a great time to make your batter. So, weigh out 50 grams of spinach, add in the juice of half a lemon, which is about one to two tablespoonful. 150 grams of oats. Trying not to lose them, oh no. Let me chuck the rest in, which is 300 mils of milk, two eggs, one teaspoon of salt, and three
teaspoons of baking powder. So voila, easy peasy. Just bung the lid on and
blend the hell out of it. If you don’t have a cool blender like this then use a handheld blender or
if you have no blender at all, just use oatmeal flour. Great, now we wanna
blend the pancake batter until it’s smooth so that
there are no lumps of oats. Before you start frying your
gloriously green pancakes, it’s a good idea to line up the things you are gonna stack the pancakes
with so you’re ready to go. So you need two plates, you need your mushrooms
which are now cooked, and you need your cheese. Now I’m gonna use Quark. It’s a low fat cream cheese. Low fat and high protein. You could also use soft
goat’s cheese or cream cheese. But just be aware that, depending on which cheese you use, there might be more fat in the recipe. Great, so we’ve got pan up to temperature. Got one calorie cooking spray. I’m gonna cook each pancake is gonna be about two tablespoons. Two generous tablespoons, I would say, of the pancake batter. Cook it for about two to three
minutes on the first side. And about one minute on the second side. Cooking time of course will depend a bit on the temperature of your
hob and your frying pan, and everything else, but roughly look for when
it turns a little bit golden and it’s firm enough to flip over. They must be golden on both sides. Now, bear in mind that these pancakes are nice thick pancakes, they’re not skinny crepes, so don’t expect them
to spread out too much, and, in fact, don’t let
them spread out too much. They’re also a quite
glorious shade of green. Now we’re gonna stack these
pancakes up on two plates, so while each pancake is cooking, you wanna put the layers in between. So, on each pancake, gonna put about a teaspoonful
of your soft cheese, doesn’t have to be too neat because no one’s gonna see this bit, and a few cooked mushrooms. (soft jazz music) Number three. As the pancake stack gets higher, you need to be a little bit more careful so it doesn’t topple over. Number four. And my last one. Okie dokie. Whoa, last one. So with two generous tablespoons of batter for each pancake, you should end up with four or
five pancakes on each plate, or in this case, five and
four, but it’s alright. We’ll argue about who gets
the bigger portion later. Top off your pancake stack
with bit more cheese, spread it around, and the last of the mushrooms. Brilliant. So we’ve got our pancake stack, we’re gonna top it off with the very last bit of the cheese, yum, and then garnish time,
to make it look pretty. Little bit of rocket, or maybe some spinach if
you’ve got any left over, maybe a few sprigs on top. Did I mention that I love rocket? It is so delicious, mmmm. And a few cherry tomatoes, because cherry tomatoes
are also delicious, and also they look great
against the green and white of the pancakes and cheese. I would garnish this with
maybe a bit more salt, if you like a little salt, black pepper, chili flakes,
and a drizzle of balsamic. You could use balsamic glaze
if you like things sweet. Okie doke, here goes. This is gonna be one of the weirdest ways I have ever eaten porridge. (soft jazz music) Mmmmm. Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm. Mmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmmm. That was a win. You can make almost
infinite variations on this. You could use, for example,
tomatoes, slow-cooked tomatoes, mozzarella, cottage cheese. Basically, you can put
any flavors you like with these spinach pancakes. I think they’re pretty tasty. If you like the recipe,
give it a thumbs up. If you’d like to check
out some other recipes in this Oat Cuisine series, you could also check
out the sweeter version which is these lemon
and blueberry pancakes. Mmmm, I love rocket. Oh, (beep). It’s a good thing I’m
wearing this apron, eh? You can get this apron, by the way, in the GCN shop.

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