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How to get your Bicycle & Warehouse Tutorial for Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

Completing your bicycle is one of the ultimate
goals in Dawn of Zombies: Survival, but in order to complete it, you will need to master
the Warehouse, which is the most difficult challenge in the game. I was able to complete my bicycle in less
than a week, so today Royal Ark has sponsored me to show you my approach to the Warehouse. You start out with a bike building station,
and filling these four slots are really easy. If you are having any trouble getting enough
rebar or twine make sure to check out my tips and tricks video for this game. I also mentioned in that video that I recommend
moving your bike station over to some level one floors so that you can utilize these level
two walls for upgrading your work benches. Filling these other four slots are not as
easy, mainly because the best place to find these items is the Warehouse. And, more importantly, the Warehouse is the
only place to find bolts, and it only gives you one or two each time you do it, which
makes bolts by far the most difficult slot to fill. The best time to do the Warehouse, in my opinion,
is before you hit Level 32, because you can do pretty much all of it with sharpened rebar,
some basic clothes and washed bandages. You will need one weapon that has over a thousand
attack to kill the Carnifex, but those aren’t that hard to find even at your level. If you are over level 32, then you should
have a lot of extra crowbars from trading with the trader, and then make sure to bring
one weapon that has over 1,200 attack to fight the Carnifex. If you are a skilled player, you can use crossbows
against the Carnifex, but it takes a little bit of extra time. If you’re over level 52, you will need almost
all your weapons to have around 1200 attack and your weapon for the Carnifex will need
to have around 1,500. You will also want to have around 1000 armor
and the stack of bandages or good food. And then if you’re over level 72, I’m not
there yet, but I’m sure it’s a similar pattern. When fighting the Carnifex, make sure to always
bring the battle over to the first room. That way if for some reason you die, it will
be easy to grab your stuff and fight him again or get out if you have run out of resources. The most important thing is to have a good
weapon to fight him. If you have a good weapon, but you don’t have
some of the other items I mentioned, you can use a Blood Groove, which will heal you 35%
of the damage that you do with your weapon. That can end up being a crazy amount of healing,
which can turn an impossible battle into one that is not that difficult. But even if you are using a Blood Groove,
do not let him hit you with his skill. If you do, there’s a good chance you will
not be able to recover. After you kill the Carnifex, he will drop
really amazing loot so you want to kill him, but after killing him four times, he starts
dropping rags and water. So when you’re doing the Warehouse, your goal
is to race to finish everything before you have fought your fourth carnifex. This means clearing everything in this wing,
and then everything through this path and both of these forks. Royal Ark is planning to expand the Warehouse,
but I am pretty sure the concept of racing to finish will still be a thing. When you kill your first few normal enemies,
one of them will drop a key. You only get one of these each time you do
the Warehouse so unless you save it, you will only be able to open one of these two cells. But if you save it, keep in mind that you
can only store one key in your digital assistant at a time so make sure to use it before you
try to pick up another key. Occasionally, you will run into the Stomper. He looks extremely scary and has a lot of
hit points, but he does not heal which makes him a lot easier than the Carnifex. I’ve never gotten hit by his skill, but I
have a feeling it does a lot of damage, so don’t get hit by it. After you kill him, make sure to loot his
box, because it has really good loot. Even if you don’t get the Stomper, there is
far more loot in the Warehouse than you can take in one load, so in order to get really
fast at doing the Warehouse, I stopped looting any boxes until after I had cleared every
room. My goal is to clear every room by the time
I have killed the second Carnifex. After that, I loot all of the boxes and stack
as many items as I can and then I go put stuff in the locker upstairs. This locker never resets, so I do like to
keep a few trade items in there, but other than that I try to keep it as empty as possible
so that I can unload a bunch of items and then go back into the Warehouse and get another
load. Usually, as I am finishing getting all of
the loot out of the Warehouse, the third Carnifex appears and then, unless something went wrong,
I usually have to wait for the fourth carnifex to spawn. And then, once I kill him, I am done with
the Warehouse. The Warehouse resets every eight hours and
you get one or two bolts each time you do it, so it is technically possible to finish
your bike in only four days. But you would have to be kind of crazy and
get pretty lucky. One week is a lot easier, especially if you
do most of your Warehouse runs before you hit Level 32. After you finish your bike, then you will
still need lots of resources to unlock the modification slots on it. This slot gives you extra storage, this light
gives you a really powerful buff, these two modification slots give you active skills
and these two slots don’t exist yet in the game. Once you have unlocked those slots, the best
place to get those modifications is the engineer, especially if you want high-level modifications. These modifications use durability just like
everything else, so you will want to try to collect as many high-level modifications as
you can. Fortunately, the devs did announce that in
the next update, we will be given the option to repair our modifications, so that will
help a ton. And then lastly, traveling with your bike
requires oil, which you can get pretty much anywhere in the game. But, trader crates are the best place to get
oil, especially the trader at the Warehouse. You can also save a lot of oil by never using
your bike to travel back to your house, because your bike has special conflagration properties
which makes it automatically show back up at your base if you leave it somewhere. Well. That’s it guys. Hope that helps. If you think of anything I missed, please
leave it in a comment below so that I can improve and others can see it. Also, this video was sponsored by Royal Ark. If you like it, please thank the devs for
hiring me to do it because sponsors are the main way this channel makes money. Alright guys, I’ll see you next time.

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